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A day of thanksgiving
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, November 23, 2006

Today I'm going to indulge myself in a mountain of calories, which, when you have a metabolism which has slowed to glacial speed, means much future abstinence. But Thanksgiving is a special day.

It is one of my favorite holidays because it involves family and, if taken seriously, causes one to pause and reflect (which, of course, you have the opportunity to do given the mild coma which is induced by the feast of the day).

Today I'll sacrifice not one, but two 14 pound turkeys to deep frying (if you've never tried it, don't knock it until you do. I began this 3 years ago and I've never had better. Of course it could be a stereotypical southern thing too ... if it moves, fry it). My wife and I will spend it with my son and his wife and my 4 grandsons and I will indeed, at some point, look over all the hubbub, noise, laughter and activity and realize how very lucky I really am.

We truly live in a remarkable time and in a remarkable place, even with all its faults. I lived about 12 years of my life in other countries. I know what true poverty looks like. I know what fear and oppression mean. I understand that we have a pretty darn good thing going on there. 200 plus years of peaceful changes of power - something few others in this world have seen. We may fight like cats and dogs politically, but in the end we all pretty much want the same thing ... even though we will never, ever, ever agree on how to get there or what "getting there" actually means.

So, on this light blogging and probably even lighter reading day, I'm off to enjoy family, food and freedom and to give thanks for all three. To all QandO readers, and I'm sure I speak for Jon and Dale as well, enjoy the day and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

We will renew the family squabble tomorrow, but today, just give thanks for the fact that we can throw our ideas around and not worry about suffering much more than a few snarky come-backs from our ideological foes. It is a true blessing.
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Ok, but tomorrow you’re going down bud! Seriously, thanks for the great weblog and podcast, Bruce. May you, Dale, John, and all your loved ones have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

God bless.
Written By: John
You really appreciate Thanksgiving when its a workday where you live...make sure to eat some turkey for me.

p.s. fried turkey an turducken...I need to get home more.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Thanks McQ - I’ll even offer up a quick word of thanks for QandO. Since I found you guys a few years ago, I have found an online place to call ’home’. And much like home, I like some of my on-line family more than I like others ;-)
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll second the deep fried turkey, and I’m not even from the South. The breast meat is even more moist and tender than dark meat on a roasted turkey.

We’re still trying to talk my folks into letting us deep-fry the Thanksgiving turkey though. They haven’t tried it so they just don’t understand. Maybe next year.
Written By: Wacky Hermit
Here’s a question for ya. Why are the conservatives and the MSM so concerned about Pelosi’s power struggles, ethics problems, and personal animus when they were virtually ignored under republican leadership?

Don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question.

Three examples come to mind right now:
1) The MSM ignored the story of the republicans voting for Boehner and Blunt, buisness as usual, over Pence and the other guy who were more ethical, less K-street driven. The republicans did pay attention to this story but now that the old ways still rule I don’t see much about it.

2) The election of Trent Lott to republican leadership. Ignored by the MSM and treated as buisness as usual by the republicans and White House which had previously opined that Lott was not fit to be leader.

3) Under Gingrich his choice to be majority leader was defeated and Delay won. We did not see all this hand-wringing about Gingrich’s failure by the MSM, the republicans or the democrats.

As for the fair weather libertarians, as you seem to see them, I will just speak for myself in saying that I am libertarian on some issues, conservative on some and liberal on others. I do not define myself into any label or category but that having been said your post seems pointless on this issue. You say Greenwald is defending Pelosi for engaging in the same kind of machine politics that were so reviled under Republican Congressional leadership yet that is all hyperbole. You have no examples of Pelosi engaging in said behavior and no examples of Glenn attacking republicans for doing what Pelosi is now doing. What you do have is an article painting a picture that Pelosi’s animus toward Harman may be personal and have something to do with something from California and bla bla who cares. It sounds like a gossip column. That just goes to Glenn’s point that the media are are going back to their old Clinton Freak Show style of reporting now that the Dems are back.

I would not be so quick to castigate people for not castigating the Dems enough yet. They are not even in power and CNN is asking if they are even fit to lead. You will get your fill of Dem bashing to be shure. Fox of course is off the radar on this. Win for Dems is win for terrorists. Dem win will destroy economy.

Once again back to the lbertarians. My libertarian streak is most concerned about the excesses of the Bush administration concerning civil liberties and constitutional erosion. To a civil libertarion this administration has been a nightmare of catastrophic proportions and the republican Congress has backed them up all the way. If you look at things through this lens you might then be able to understand why a libertarian that sees the Democrats as the last best chance to halt the Bush erosion of civil liberties is not getting as outraged as you over Pelosi’s power struggles and Murthas thirty year old ethics problems. But even there I think you will find you are wrong. I think the liberal/libertarian types like myself will be perfectly willing to critize Democrats when they deserve it. We just have to put things in perspective and stop the massive bleeding before we can worry about the infection.
Written By: Paul XQ
URL: http://
Think you posted in the wrong place, Paul. You meant to post under "Feeding the Machine" by Jon Henke.
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
The above comment was for the Feeding the Machine thread above. Sorry, I’m new here.
Written By: Paul XQ
URL: http://
We truly live in a remarkable time and in a remarkable place, even with all its faults. I lived about 12 years of my life in other countries. I know what true poverty looks like. I know what fear and oppression mean. I understand that we have a pretty darn good thing going on there. 200 plus years of peaceful changes of power - something few others in this world have seen.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, hear hear.

In the spirit of Q and O - 200 plus years of peaceful transition of power eh? I don’t think so! Civil War, sucker! Not to mention the Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton duel! Aaaand the 1972 Democratic Party National Convention!
Written By: glasnost
URL: http://

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