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Bolton resigns
Posted by: McQ on Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm not sure why this is breaking as such a big story in the blogosphere (or elsewhere frankly), since it was a dead issue as soon as the Democrats won the Senate and Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island said he wouldn't support his permanent appointment.

Suffice it to say, I'm disappointed because I think John Bolton was able, in the short time he was there, to tweak the UN in ways it needs to be tweaked. Sometimes the best way to combat the absurdity of an institution is to just stand up and point it out for what it is. Bolton did that very effectively, and it's a pity he'll be gone from there during a critical time in our and the UN's history.
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Bolton did that very effectively, and it’s a pity he’ll be gone from there during a critical time in our and the UN’s history

Too bad....resubmitting Bolton would’ve been the perfect 1st fight for the Pres. and the Repubs to pick with the Dems.

Thank god Chafee is gone though. He’s the perfect case against the "big tent" theory
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Bolton has groupies in the blogosphere. They like someone who talks tough about that pathetic body.

I think some are getting carried away. Just like Jean Kirkpatrick didn’t win the Cold War at the U.N. John Bolton wasn’t going to win our current Long War. In the big scheme of things the U.N. Ambassador is not that important.
Written By: Sean Hackbarth
Part of me thinks I should let you shed your tears of regret in peace.
The other part of me just can’t keep from expressing my relief that Bolton has resigned.

It’s clear why Pres. Bush likes Bolton: they are so much alike. Both are arrogant and oblivious to the effect they have on others.

When Blair appraoched Bush in public during a meal, Bush didn’t even show the courtesy to stop chewing or to turn to look at Blair. Bush threw his remarks at him over his shoulder, as if speaking to a menial.

After the North Korea resolution, Bolton threw a tamper tantrum when the NK delegate walked out.
NK had just been shamed, their culture demanded that they do something theatrical in order to appear to save their honor. It was just a gesture on NK’s part, and Bolton’s show of temper was the equivalent of spanking a child a second time because he dared to cry at the first spanking.

Surely Pres. Bush can find someone for the job who embraces his goals without resorting to abrasive and bullying tactics.
An ambassador should be a diplomat, after all. That involves paying attention to how he expresss himself, in addition to what he is expressing, and being able to understand those with whome he is speaking

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