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Ah, this again ...
Posted by: McQ on Friday, December 22, 2006

Apparently Ollie is upset that not enough in what he calls "the Land Of Double Standards" have condemned Congressman Virgil Goode's anti-muslim statement.

You know Ollie, sometimes what is said speaks for itself and doesn't need any amplification or condemnation. Like David Duke speaking at a holocaust denial symposium. Goode falls into that category with his nonsense.

And, of course, unless you want to be called on every failure to condemn stupid things those on the left say in the future, you'd be advised to drop this while you still can and pursue other topics which have a lot more importance ... like why Harry Reid teamed up with others in Congress to stop some guy in California from selling milk below market because powerful corporate lobbying groups were upset that he was eroding their market?
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I seem to remember that the left mocked those who called for a response to a perceived outrage. I guess it all depends on the political alignment. I think that is called hypocrisy.

Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
I’d love to read the milk story, but the link is no good.
Written By: Davebo
URL: http://
i actually agree with what was said but for other reasons. What is our culture? it includes many things which are not at all Muslim culture. Muslim culture is Sharia law, and despotism, and strict control, and no freedom for women, and no human rights, and violence and intimidation against religious and ethnic minorities.

We don’t need to import anymore people who share that culture.
Written By: kyle N
I’d love to read the milk story, but the link is no good.
Thanks for the heads-up - fixed.
Written By: McQ

Quite right.... you’ve hit this one out of the park... This is not about religion, as some have suggested; this is about culture.

What Goode brings up is certainly DRIVEN by religion, but at a secondary level. Where the problem really lies is the cultural morality and values and emanate from the religions in each culture values and morality is which can majority have adherence at all levels of each culture even those who aren’t particularly religious.

We are foolish, if we ignore the relationship between these two; we do so at our peril.

It is in fact those cultural values, those moralities, which made us the success we are as a nation, and as a people. Whereas, it’s THEIR cultural values their morality, have held THEM in the fourteenth century.

A look at great Britain, France, and more recently Canada, gives us are rather eerie peek into our own future, if we carry on down this road.

For my part, I think Goode could have made a more cohesive argument, but I’ll give him credit for speaking up.

Written By: Bithead
URL: http://
Another angle;

We’re allowed, and properly so, to ask if Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, and the values that emanate from it, will run afoul of our American values.

Can someone explain to me why that’s OK, and asking the same questions about Ellison is out of bounds?

This question becomes particularly potent when one considers we’ve not seen any evidence of bands of desperate Mormons blowing themselves up, or flying planes into buidlings, just to kill non-Mormons.

Written By: Bithead
URL: http://
Friends of mine said Joe Lieberman should not be elected president because he is a Jew, and that would upset people in the Middle East. What can you do?
Written By: Harun
URL: http://

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