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Posted by: McQ on Saturday, December 23, 2006

Acrobatics in a helicopter?

Check out this video.


Saw my first "Stop Global Warming" advertisement on TV the other day. Definitely doomsday material. Followed by? A KIA commercial, of course.


George Will is another, among many talking heads, not particularly impressed with blogs. He's even less impressed with TIME and it's "Person of the Year" award:
Time's issue includes an unenthralled essay by NBC's Brian Williams, who believes that raptures over the Web's egalitarianism arise from the same impulse that causes today's youth soccer programs to award trophies — "entire bedrooms full" — to any child who shows up: "The danger just might be that we miss the next great book or the next great idea, or that we will fail to meet the next great challenge . . . because we are too busy celebrating ourselves and listening to the same tune we already know by heart."

The fact that [Richard] Stengel [Time's managing editor] included Williams's essay proves that Stengel's Time has what 99.9 percent of the Web's content lacks: seriousness.
Williams has a point, and so does Will, but as with most critiques I've seen, I'm not impressed by the depth of knowledge on the subject displayed by most critics. Of course that's never stopped the chattering class before and I see no reason why this subject should be any different.


Meanwile in Iraq:
Under a new plan, Iraqis will have the ability to launch security operations without a multinational OK, the Iraqi government said Thursday.

The security plan for war-torn Baghdad would ostensibly place Iraqi troops in the lead and coalition forces in a supporting role.

The plan emerged during talks among officials from the Iraqi Defense and Interior ministries as well as the Multi-National Forces in Iraq — and during the visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates in Baghdad.

The plan, which "will see the light of day soon," according to Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf, would create a system with "swifter mobilization and decision-making."
File this one under "I'll believe it when I see it". There's been a whole lot of talk out of the Iraqi government. Sure would like to see more action.


Spinning the spin, referencing the Swift Meat Packing Plant immigration raids, George Bush said:
"It just reminded me that the system we have in place has caused people to rely upon smugglers and forgers in order to do work Americans aren't doing," Mr. Bush said.
It's your system, George. Why isn't it working? After all:
So it's also worth noting that since 1997 Swift has voluntarily participated in a government program for vetting new hires known as Basic Pilot. Under this system, the names and Social Security numbers of all job applicants are checked against a federal database. Which is to say that the presence of illegal workers at Swift is not the result of a company's indifference to the rule of law. It's the result of a flawed government system for determining who's eligible to work here. A few years ago Swift's management attempted to go even further than Basic Pilot to screen job applicants, only to be sued by the Justice Department for employment discrimination in 2001.
And why should we have to put up with this:
In Tuesday's raids, workers were arrested for immigration violations and, in some cases, existing criminal arrest warrants. Additional criminal charges of aggravated identity theft may be brought later.
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It’s "his" system, and "ours" too, but I suspect that the INS bureacracy is like a cow on rollerskates in terms of changing direction. These are the same people who managed to have one of the 9/11 hijackers visas be approved 6 months after 9/11.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
And of course neither Bush nor WSJ is close to honest enough to admit that when the illegal serfs were cleared out, Americans who won’t do the work were lined up around the f*ck*ng block to take the jobs. Dishonest b*st*rds!
Written By: SDN
URL: http://

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