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The Duke Rape Accusation v5.0
Posted by: Dale Franks on Friday, January 12, 2007

The woman who claims to have been raped by three Duke lacrosse players has changed her story again. This time she was raped by two players, saying that Reade Seligmann didn't assault her.
Among other changed [sic] in her account, the accuser now says the alleged assault happened earlier in the evening, a time frame preceding the documented alibi — based on ATM receipts and cell phone records — of Seligmann. The defense points out that Seligmann was on the cell phone with his girlfriend during the time the accuser now says the attack took place.

The accuser also said Seligmann only watched the alleged assault. While he was repeatedly urged to take part in it, she recalled, he said he could not participate because he was getting married.

Lawyers have said Seligmann, 20, has a girlfriend, but there has been no indication that he was engaged or married.

The News & Observer in North Carolina notes that:

"The woman now claims the attack ended at midnight, whereas in previous accounts, she said it ended shortly before she left in the car driven by Roberts. Roberts called 911 as she was driving away at 12:53 a.m., according to police records. Photos show the two women dancing between 12:00 and 12:04 a.m. in the living room of the house where the party took place.

"The woman now says she arrived at the party at 11:10 p.m. on March 13 and that the rape began at 11:40 p.m. but her cell-phone records show that she was on phone with her father and others up to one minute before the rape allegedly started. Records also show Seligmann received a call on his cell phone during that period, the defense said.

"The woman now says her alleged assailants used multiple names and that there were only two assailants. She previously claimed she was assaulted by three men named "Adam," "Brett" and "Matt." She has in the past given conflicting descriptions of the three men and contradictory accounts of how they assaulted her.

"Time-stamped photos and records of a 911 call made by the second dancer also indicate the women did not leave the party until shortly before 1 a.m., nearly an hour after the alleged attack ended under the new timeline. In an April written statement, the accuser said she and the second dancer left the party immediately after the alleged assault."

She is also recanting her April statement that Seligmann was the man who stood in front of her and made her commit a sex act. Now she says Evans was that person and that Seligmann didn't have a part in any assault.
Wow. Just wow.

How can Mr. Nifong believe any jury can be impaneled that will convict the defendants of anything at this point?
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“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice...” well you know the rest.

Crystal (i.e. lying prostitute) has to not only remember what she said, she has to rely on a memory that was clouded by booze. She has to remember several versions of what seems like separate stories while worrying not to say anything that could get DA Nifong a chance to dump this whole mess right back on her.

Nifong has to work with no evidence that supports his wild claims of a rape, while trying to exit this case without ending up in prison or loosing his shirt in civil court.

They would have to be geniuses to weave their way out of this web of lies; thus far neither has shown to be any kind of genius.
Written By: Anon
URL: http://
"How can Mr. Nifong believe any jury can be impaneled that will convict the defendants of anything at this point?"

Through the beauty of racial politics.
Written By: Sean
How can Mr. Nifong believe any jury can be impaneled that will convict the defendants of anything at this point?
Well, I’ve been told that Nifong’s thinking is just over our heads, because we’re not lawyers.

I’ll give our resident brilliant lawyer mk one partial point, though. He claimed we would wet our pants if we had to stand up in court the way Nifong does. I’m don’t think that’s true, because I speak to audiences of over a thousand on complex subjects several times a year. But if I were Nifong, looking at firing, disbarment, and possible civil and criminal cases on my role as an investigator (he only has immunity for his role as a prosecutor, according to some legal experts), then I probably would be wetting my pants.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
He claimed we would wet our pants if we had to stand up in court the way Nifong does
MK, the local brilliant lawyer, must have a bladder control problem if that’s all it takes to set him off.

Written By: looker
URL: http://
If he works with Crystal to change their story to fit the evidence that could be spun into a crime, could these boys still go to prison and have to register in the sex-offense regetry to rest of their lives.
Written By: Anon
URL: http://
Yes. If he can get any kind of conviction these kids are hosed.

We’re talking not just not getting jobs, we’re talking being forbidden to live near or be found near certain places in many towns. In my locality for example, there’s about a half mile area where sex offenders can actually buy housing, the rest is pretty much off limits by virtue of proximity to parks, schools, etc. We’re talking being forbidden to purchase property for residence here.

As it is they’re hosed for now just for being implicated, but that might go away eventually. I think the arrest still shows up, regardless of conviction, which may be sufficent to keep them from getting jobs at places that don’t care about the sordid details after a background search flags them.

Sometimes the internet isn’t such a wonderful thing.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
An article I read says this new version came from an interview in Dec., the first time anyone from the DA’s office had talked to her. I suppose I can understand the logic of Nifong himself not personally talking to her, but NOONE from the DA’s office talking to her? What kind of brilliant strategery is that?
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Guess what: now Nifong wants off the case.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
It doesn’t take a conviction to hurt these boys. They’re faces are already fixed as the faces of Duke Rapists. They’ve already been denied continuing their education last fall, and when an application asks if they have even been arrested before, they’re going to have to relive this over and over again.

I can understand why Nifong didn’t talk to her, if he did, I’m sure we would have had more than just five differrent versions of the Nifong Rape Case. This way, there’s only five, and Nifong’s office could still spin the evidence to create a crime.

Nifong has fallen so far so fast, I’m sure he’s nt through yet.
Written By: Anon
URL: http://
“Conspiracy” is such a hot button, but the Nifong Rape case does fit that word. The stripper isn’t the head of the conspiracy, she only made up the lie to get out of being arrested..again.

Mike Nifong certainly didn’t plan a conspiracy. He went down that road totally ignorant. He saw an opportunity to grand stand a crime he “hoped” really occurred so he could use to grab the media lime light to further his career. Many sexist and racist groups descended unto Durham to grab a piece of the media pie to further their political agendas, But even before the DNA evidence came back, Nifong claimed a “blue wall of silence” even though the boys voluntarily submitted DNA samples and submitted themselves to police interviews lasting over six hours without any lawyers. When the parents recognized the DA wanting to railroad these boys, that’s when the expensive lawyers were called in, but they weren’t called in to defend these boys against the accuser, these lawyers were called in to protect the bys against a rogue DA who had the power of the state of NC behind him.

When the DNA evidence came back not matching anyone on the lacrosse team, this is when Nifong should have tried to calm things, but it was difficult because he had granted of 70 interviews proclaiming the entire Duke Lacrosse team’s guilt and conspiracy to cover heinous crimes. Instead, he further “spun” any information into something that could possibly be plausible, but in order for people to believe his “far-reaching-plausibilities”, he had to hide other evidence. Including ignoring the exculpatory evidence that solidly proves the “prostitute” was lying. At this point weather Nifong’s actions rose to the level of “conspiracy” is questionable, but when he involved Mr. Meehan – manager of the DNA Lab – to break his own lab’s policy to hide exculpatory evidence, this reached the definition of conspiracy.

Nifong seemed to be slipping further down a slippery slope. If he wasn’t forced to recuse himself from the case, it’s not hard to believe that he wouldn’t have correlated the accuser’s story to fit the evidence remaining to create a plausible crime that could possibly be sold to an ignorant jury. The latest version of the “accuser’s” claim explained many holes in Nifong’s case (mustache, ATM pictures, etc…), but it changed the time line so bad that it contradicted statement given by neighbors that night.
Written By: Anon
URL: http://

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