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Big Green Big Blue
Posted by: Dale Franks on Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kiss the green Army Service Uniform goodbye. This is the year that the Army goes back to being "Big Blue".
Introduction in the Army Military Clothing Sales Stores should begin in fourth quarter of fiscal year 2007. Introduction in the Clothing Bag should begin first quarter 2009. The Mandatory Possession Date is expected to be fourth quarter fiscal year 2011.
The white dress uniform is on the way out, too.
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I agree with Gen. Schoolmaker about the variations on the uniform. I’ve always felt it defeated the purpose of having a uniform. I don’t know why blue over green, but it’s not horrible.
Written By: Wulf
Thank goodness. The formerly "dress blue" uniform is a much more attractive uniform than that awful green thing and it has much more tradition behind it.
Written By: McQ
All things old are new again
We’ve not much longer here to stay,
For in a month or two
We’ll bid farewell to Kaydet Gray,
And don the Army Blue.

Army Blue, Army Blue,
Hurrah for the Army Blue,
We’ll bid farewell to Kaydet Gray,
And don the Army Blue.

With pipe and song we’ll jog along,
Till this short time is through,
And all among our jovial throng
Have donned the Army Blue.

’Twas the song we sang in old plebe camp,
When first our Gray was new.
The song we sang on summer nights,
That song of Army Blue.

Now, fellows, we must say good-bye,
We’ve stuck our four years through,
Our future is a cloudless sky,
We’ll don the Army Blue.

To the men and women of the Corps
Who’ve seen their four years thru
The work was hard, they did their part
and all for Army Blue.
Listen Here
Written By: Richard
Sorry link here
Written By: Richard
The formerly "dress blue" uniform is a much more attractive uniform than that awful green thing and it has much more tradition behind it.
I spent almost all of my time in either fatigues (pre 1982) or BDUs (post 1982).

So much for "the Big Green Machine". That’ll also increase the odds of being mistaken for a zoomie. (Although one civilian thought I was in the Navy when he saw my "Old Ironsides" patch when I was on TDY.)
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://
I was always a sucker for the shoulder boards on the blues (which make it much less likely that someone would mistake Army for Air Force) complete with different colors for the different branches within the army. And I thought that big gold stripe on the trousers was pretty cool too. But, interestingly, I never owned a hat for the blues (because we were simply never required to wear one to any of the social function to which that uniform was worn).

I do remember, though, when with the 82nd, having to sew two brass buttons near the collar (on each side) for the infantry chord and the Belgian thingamajiggie (that’s a technical term for a foreign word I don’t know how to spell).
Written By: McQ
the Belgian thingamajiggie
Fourragere :-)

I knew the pronunciation but couldn’t spell it either. (My first unit, 1-35th Armor, was authorized to wear it.) I found it in AR 670-1.
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://
It was a sad day when the Army went to green and black for its uniform colors. Hopefully, the insipid green Class B uniform will be the next to go.
Written By: BrianOfAtlanta
URL: http://

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