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22% of Fox Poll hope surge fails (UPDATED)
Posted by: McQ on Friday, January 19, 2007

I found the answer to this question in a newly released Fox poll (pdf) to be astonishing:
Do you personally want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed?

16-17 Jan 07
———————————-Yes—No-(Don’t know)
22% (34% of self-identified Democrats) don't want the plan to succeed? 11% of self-identified Republicans? 15% "don't know" if they want it to succeed? How do you not know?

That's a lot different than thinking it may not succeed. Why in the world would you hope for failure regardless of your feelings about whether we should have gone to war or not?

Some other interesting numbers. In answer to who the respondents think should mostly influence US decision on Iraq, 53% think a great deal of influence should be given to the opinion of U.S. military leaders in Iraq while only 43% think that the desire of the majority of US citizens should be given a great deal of influence and, surprisingly, 29% thought that the opinion of Congress should have a great deal of influence.

Another indicator and something I've been talking about for a while, 55% think Americans are "too impatient" for resolution to "tolerate a long-term fight against terrorism". How quickly 9/11 is fading.

As to investigations on the Iraq war, only 35% of those polled thought the "hearings would be necessary to oversee the administration and uncover important information" while 43% thought the "hearings would be purely partisan and
intended to hurt Republicans before the next election."

A lot more there. Take a look.

UPDATED: Read Michael Wade's post at A Second Hand Conjecture on the subject.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Of course a large number of people hope for the surge’s failure. Despite angry denials of this by some, I have always noticed lines of argument that led me to believe it was so.
Written By: Lance
I sat trying to figure out why people would want this to fail, and beyond the obvious, and sad, desire for people to see a President they don’t like fail, the only remotely rational reason I could come up with is a desire to discourage future adventurism of this sort.

Either way it’s disheartening. I would much rather have been wrong about a my opinions as to how this war would go and have an Iraq that was stable and US forces that were long done with this campaign, than to have been right and have the situation we have today.

I felt the same way about Bill Clinton, though the stakes were never as high. I never voted for Clinton, and believed he would be a disaster, but when he won the election I just hoped that he wouldn’t screw anything up and was pleased in the end to see that he did pretty good.

It is mind boggling to think that people are unhappy with Bush because he getting our soldiers killed in a war that was poorly conceived (sensible part of the equation), and are wishing for more troops to be killed because they are unhappy with him (nutty part of the equation)


Written By: Captin Sarcastic
URL: http://
Other than the (hopefully few) that want the surge to fail out of spite/political gain, I think it reflects it reflects something that no politician will admit, but anyone who has ever seen Leno’s ’Jaywalking’ segments knows to be true:
There are a lot of voters out there that just aren’t that swift.
Written By: Ted
URL: http://
There are a lot of voters out there that just aren’t that swift.
True but to me, I see it simply as a reflection of the anti-war movement- they simply see this as trying to deal a defeat to Bush. They don’t realize it’s about a wee bit more than that at this point. It’s a myopic laser focus that is the utterly wrong way to look at this.

Written By: shark
URL: http://
Could be that they view the failure of the mission the quickest way to bring the troops home.
Written By: Ugh
URL: http://
Could be that they view the failure of the mission the quickest way to bring the troops home.

In the same sense that an absolute disaster on D-Day 1944 would probably brought the troops-the surviving troops-home from "Mr. Roosevelt’s War".....
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
The last question in the Fox Poll sparked my curiosity. It asked how voters thought of themselves, with results for the past year being pretty consistent: 40% Democrat, 35% Republican, 25% Independant. That led me to the long term numbers from the Harris Polls,which also show a consistent edge for the Democrats.
That’s a significant contrast to the popular vote for President since 1970*, with Reps averaging 50.4% to the Dems 45.5% and 4.1% Ind.
Why do the Republicans (apparently) get such a high percentage of the independant vote?

*The first election since the Harris poll started. Raw data taken from Information Please Almanac. Republicans have gotten 51%+ of the popular vote four times in the last seven elections, Lyndon Johnson was the only Democrat to do so since Roosevelt.
Written By: Ted
URL: http://
Does anyone really think that it is possible for Iraq to become a liberal democracy and bulwark of moderation in the region because we add another 20,000 troops? At this point the goal posts have moved enough that "success" is now defined as a stable Shiite dominated state. In the ’90s, Iran imposing a Shiite dominated state was the definition of failure, which is why there are all those pictures of Rumsfeld and Hussein hugging each other. Bush has managed to redefine "victory" to mean defeat and is still losing the war. How bad is that?
No wonder the military doesn’t support him.

It all depends upon what you call success. The best outcome can only be a pyrrhic victory and reputation saver for Bush at best. It is already undeserving of the term success.

Written By: cindyb
URL: http://
cindyb, outside of all kinds of issues with your comment, what does that have to do with wanting it to fail?
Written By: Lance
2% (34% of self-identified Democrats) don’t want the plan to succeed? 11% of self-identified Republicans? 15% "don’t know" if they want it to succeed? How do you not know?

That’s a lot different than thinking it may not succeed. Why in the world would you hope for failure regardless of your feelings about whether we should have gone to war or not?
You’re not questioning their patriotism, are you?

Written By: Bithead
URL: http://
This is shocking!
I can’t help but wonder if the pollees just gave quick answers without thinking through what they were saying.
Though ill will towards Bush runs high, my guess is that a wish to see an imminent end to the war took precedence over a spite position. A successful surge might signal a longer commitment in Iraq.

I’m also sceptical about polls, in general.
They present the sort of dilemma a witnees faces, when only a yes/no answer is allowed. If you flesh out the question and/or the answers, you might get a totally different picture.

Then again, when I listen to folks who call in to C-Span, almost anything is possible.
Written By: Laime
URL: http://
I hope the surge is a success because I am here now and on my second tour in Iraq.

To hope it would fail dooms the 54 Soldiers from my brigade that gave their lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom 3.

Remember there are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters here now wanting success because for us it is our ticket home.

Most of us here don’t want to be here or up and leave because regardless how it’s changed in the last years we have a job to get done.

While leaving seems like the most viable idea there is so much at stake.

I have recently though volunteering to return was the wrong idea after viewing what has been going on in the news BUT I’m glad I am here because with all the bad there is some good that comes out of this long, drawn out conflict.

As I write this now I am in Kuwait awaiting my time before I get the call to move out in the net few days to Ramadi (where my brother was hurt recently from an IED) keep us in your prayers and hope for our success.

Spc. Ricardo Branch
Written By: Ricardo Branch
URL: http://
You got it Ricardo. My brother will be joining you there soon. Good luck, god speed and get home safe.
Written By: Lance

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