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You know, he’s right
Posted by: mcq on Thursday, February 01, 2007

Keith from Indy, blogging at A Second Hand Conjecture, has a great idea in his post entitled "Benchmark This":
I think we, as semi-disenfranchised, Americans have a prime opportunity in the current debate over the perceived need for further benchmarks for our efforts in Iraq.

What is desired in this debate from some quarters are, timelines, goals, and the consequences of missing those goals.

I think that is an excellent idea, and we should start with the many programs enacted in our own country.

Where are the benchmarks for the War on Poverty?

Where are the benchmarks for the War on Drugs?

Where are the benchmarks to say we are doing well, or that current legislation needs to be altered or dropped?

This is a meme we can use to our advantage.
Hey, let's not stop there:

Where are the benchmarks for balancing the budget?

Where are the benchmarks for cutting spending?

Where are the benchmarks for real tax relief?

Where are the benchmarks for real education achievement, or lacking those, for returning education to the state and local authorities?

We should benchmark the government to death given they think this is such a good idea?

Speaking of ideas, what else can we benchmark?
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Well of course we’ll need benchmarks on this benchmarking system to make sure it’s working too.
Written By: ChrisB
URL: http://
Benchmarks are a way of measuring how the progress a particular approach is making towards accomplishing a goal. If there is no goal or there is no agreement on the approach to use in working towards that goal, then there’s nothing to benchmark.
Written By: steve
URL: http://
How about Benchmarks for the Benchmarks?
If benchmarks are not met for the benchmarks to be sure the benchmarks are being reached or achieved,then new benchmarks need to be set for removing or impeaching the elected official responsible for suggesting the benchmark in the first place.
However, if the benchmark is achieved (i.e. turning power over to an Iraqi interim authority,holding elections for an Iraqi constitution,holding elections for Iraqi government leaders,turning responsibility for security of a province over to an Iraqi security forces battalion, etc.)then the benchmark decider should acknowledge on the evening News for seven straight days that his benchmark has been met by whoever it was that had a becnhmark to be reached.
Furthermore, if an elected official decides that a benchmark is needed for a particular benchmark or situation and the benchmark turns out to be frivilous, that official should be required to resign his or her position for flagrant misuse of the benchmark doctrine.
It is to be understood that benchmarks are not to be considered to be the same as "Goal Posts" which may be moved at any time by the political party not currently in the Majority except by the Democrats who may move "Goal Posts" at any time and for any reason.

Written By: FireFireFire
URL: http://
We should even "Benchmark’ the benchmarkers! Put benchmarks on the performance of the new Speaker. Put them on all members of Congress, their staffs and that would include the entire Bush administration. It should even include the entire federal government.

And to oversee this effort we should create a secratariate for the purpose designated The Dapartment of Benchmarks. They would establish the standards and measures for the effort.

And with the jobs thus created, it would reduce unemployment and therefore be a boon to the economy. And with this success behind us, we can create other Departments, each one with huge staffs and infrastructure, virtually wiping out unemployment.

Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
Where are the benchmarks for preserving liberty? Where are the benchmarks for ensuring fair markets? Where are the benchmarks for preventing environmental (or any other) catastrophe that hasn’t happened yet?

This game’s fun. Pointless, but fun.
Written By: Platypus
All kidding aside, this Keith and McQ make a good point: we as a nation are spending money to accomplish many things. We need to find some way to measure how effective the money spent has been. Any good business does this.

We spend money on education. Apparently, we don’t spend enough money, because we’re constantly told we need to spend more. Whenever I’m told this by someone in the field of education, I ask the following questions:

1. What are you doing with the money we’re giving you now? Show me your entire budget.

2. How will more money help you? Show me exactly what the money is intended to do, and how this makes children more educated as a result.

3. How much is "enough"? What’s the number beyond which you won’t demand more? Will less money than what you’re requesting accomplish almost as much?

and 4. How do we measure whether the money you’ll spend has been effective?

Until all those questions are answered, I’m not inclined to give them any more money. The thing is, ALL government spending — from the military on down to the most obscure office of the Department of the Interior — should be looked at this way.

If we are going to spend money, we need to figure out how to measure the effectiveness of it once spent. If we can’t measure the effectiveness, then we can’t honestly say that the money must be spent.
Written By: steverino
Where are the benchmarks for preserving liberty? Where are the benchmarks for ensuring fair markets? Where are the benchmarks for preventing environmental (or any other) catastrophe that hasn’t happened yet?
Liberty? Markets? Thats just crazy talk. Next you will be telling me we should have individual responsibility.
Written By: kyle N
It’ll never fly. Asking bureaucrats to chart their own progress towards a specifically stated and achievable goal?

Why, that’s un-American! (sarcasm)
Written By: Ronnie Gipper
I’d love to hear the "benchmarks" and "timetables" prior to pumping untold billions into embryotic stem cell research. If the left believes this research is so promising, lets see them commit to specific findings and cures.
Written By: gary v
URL: http://
Yes, all kidding aside.
Using the Benchmark doctrine for all things that the govenment does with all the programs they insist we the taxpayer pay for should be required to meet the benchmarks for the goals the programs intend to accomplish.
If they fail to meet those benchmarks,the funding gets cut.
If the Dems think it’ll work on the war on terror..then it should be good enough for every program they come up with in the future.
America, of the people,by the people, for the people.
So long as the Benchmarks are met.
Written By: FireFireFire
URL: http://
Every program should have benchmarks and if they do not meet those, then the program is terminated. Put some fire under the bureaucrats butts to at work harder or at least fudge their numbers like we do in the private sector. ;)

I have another suggestion:

For some spending programs, we should provide two levels of support:

Type 1 is funded by general taxes and designed to be the bare bones.
Type 2 is funded by voluntary contributions to top up the program.


Healthcare provided to people at the federal poverty level - state funds it.
Anything above that depends on the generosity of the contributions. The Democrats being such caring people will make sure those are overflowing at all times.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Why the obssession for vandalising lawn furniture?
Written By: unaha-closp

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