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"Fatherland, socialism or death! "
Posted by: mcq on Thursday, February 01, 2007

I wonder if she knows how to say that in German as it sure has echoes of a very dark but recent past.

The words quoted are from Venezuelan National Assembly President Cilia Flores as she essentially declared Hugo Chavez dictator of Venezuela. Four articles of law, passed by the rubber stamp legislature, in a huge media show, gave Chavez the power to legislate by decree.

I call that an authoritarian dictatorship, regardless of how the power was derived. I'm sure defenders of this thug will indulge us in the proper spin though.

And no, I don't believe democracy is all it's cracked up to be because of exactly what you're seeing in Venezuela. Democracy as a concept is, or has become, synonymous with "freedom and liberty". Democracy as a process, without the institutions which guard and protect freedom or liberty, yields exactly what Venezuela has now. As Dale said recently:
Democracy ... is well-suited for determining what a majority of the voters in a polity want. It does very little, however, to ensure that what they want is the right thing, or even in their best interests.
And if they yield enough of their power, as they have to Hugo Chavez, it all becomes moot anyway. Now, in Venezuela, the majority has no say whatsoever, whether they support Chavez or not. Instead, a single man will fashion his version of the perfect society without their input.
"The people of Venezuela, not just the National Assembly, are giving this enabling power to the president of the republic," congresswoman Iris Varela told the crowd.
No they're not, Ms. Varela, and anyone who understands how this power grab was engineered knows that. But as a good socialist, she knows the rhetoric as well as anyone. That is certainly how she wants this establishment of a dictatorship to appear to the rest of the world.
The law also allows Chávez to dictate unspecified measures to transform state institutions; overhaul banking, tax, insurance and financial regulations; decide on security and defense matters such as gun regulations and military organization; and adapt legislation to ensure "the equal distribution of wealth" as part of a new "social and economic model."
You see, apparently Chavez has somehow found the magic formula which has eluded all those who've tried versions of socialism in the past. His, he promises, will work. Yet, as he consolidates his power and makes his intent more and more clear, it sounds like the same old song with a new sounding title.

I mean, listen to this tripe:
"What kind of a dictatorship is this?" [Vice President Jorge]Rodriguez asked the crowd, saying the law "only serves to sow democracy and peace."

"Dictatorship is what there used to be," Rodriguez said. "We want to impose the dictatorship of a true democracy."
Slogans and nonsense which, unfortunately, are going to eventually destroy a country. Radical egalitarianism rises its ugly head for one more attempt at the impossible:
Chávez supporters said the law will help align the government and economy for a swift move toward a more egalitarian society.

"That law is going to allow the president to accelerate the process so that government becomes more efficient," said Ruperta Garcia, 52, a university professor in the crowd.
Little surprise that a university professor would be at the forefront of claiming government and socialism are the answer.

Not everyone is fooled, even though there is little they can do about it:
Some said the law dangerously concentrates power in the hands of a single man. "If you have all the power, why do you need more power?" said Luis Gonzalez, a high school teacher in the plaza. He called the legislative session a "media show" intended to give legitimacy to a repugnant move. "We're headed toward a dictatorship, disguised as a democracy," he said.
Indeed. Not to mention the irony - the high school teacher gets it, the college professor doesn't. But Gonzalez is right. Democracy is a veneer that provides the means to impose a failed system on yet another country.

"Fatherland, socialism or death!"

I thought we'd moved beyond that. My guess is, before this is over, there'll be a lot of the latter in Venezuela.
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Not everyone is fooled, not that they can do anything about it:
Well, as Michael pointed out at our place (I think he got it from Liberty Papers originally) many are leaving.

Of course, as extremely valuable human capital flees we will probably see that avenue stopped eventually. It is amazing how the pattern repeats itself over and over.
Written By: Lance
The good Dr. Erb will no doubt take a break from tsk-tsking us to stop being so sensitive concerning William Arkin’s screed and show his own sensitivity regarding El Caudillo.
Written By: cjd
URL: http://
"Fatherland, socialism or death! "
How national socialist.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
I thought we’d moved beyond that. My guess is, before this is over, there’ll be a lot of the latter in Venezuela.
Probably starting with that High School teacher who was quoted...
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Yes, that is true bravery and true "speaking truth to power".

I wish him luck.
Written By: Jeremy Bowers

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