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Bill Arkin doesn’t do irony
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, February 08, 2007

He also doesn't understand "The First Law of Holes". His latest whine:
Instead, I'm trying to make sense of the worldview of those who have responded. For the critics, I have become the enemy and have been demonized. In that process, I have ceased being a person, an individual, or a human being, all essential to justify the campaign to annihilate me. I'm not trying to offer myself up as victim here, nor do I expect the critics to change their view. I'm merely pointing out the process and the implications of the dehumanization.

You mean like referring to members of the United States Military as "mercenaries"?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Wow, he’s as victimized as those 2 poor Edwards bloggers who were censored by the right wing noise machine!

Boo fricking hoo...
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Is the WaPo actually gaining something by letting this thread go on? While this infantile "he hit me back first" tirade is generating attention and hits it cannot be terribly good.
Written By: D
URL: http://
On the advice of my editors, this is the last column I will post for awhile on this subject.
Thanks heavens. You are right McQ, what an insufferable whiner:
I also see that I cannot continue to write about humanity and difficult questions if indeed what I wish is to vanquish those who attack me.
Oh, the humanity! You can’t make stuff like that up. Who needs satire?

He spends the entire time complaining about being simplified and reduced to a cardboard archetype while systematically doing the same thing to his critics. Attack him? Has he read his own columns over the years? He is so picked on. A total lack of irony.
Written By: Lance
Arkin is genuinely puzzled that anyone would take offense at his vitriolic attack on members of the American military. So puzzled, in fact, that he has devoted a whole column to exploring the deep psychological problems that are motivating his critics.

This is completely in line with Doctor Erb’s response in the comments here, [my paraphrase]: Why are they being so touchy? He was only QUESTIONING THE GOVERNMENT!

I have the utmost respect for those who really are questioning government policy, in the sense of raising serious concerns or making thought-out critiques. There is an idea on the Left, though, that anyone who vents against Bush or the Iraq war in any manner is engaged in a sacred form of communication called "questioning the government," that cannot be judged by normal standards.

Sorry, but if you are spewing illogic or ludicrous conspiracy theories, or if you are mindlessly regurgitating propaganda slogans, you are going to be called out even if you are QUESTIONING THE GOVERNMENT. And, no, that is not silencing your dissent.

Flaming is an inherent part of communicating in the medium, but I think we all expect it to arise out of, and be employed in the service of, some larger point about policy. The thing that bugs us about Arkin is that he seems to have come out of the blue with a personal attack on soldiers that was nothing more than venting irritation with them for expressing an opinion he doesn’t like.

Psycho-analyze that.
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
Incidentally, notice that Arkin trots out that old war-horse, the Disturbed Vietnam Veteran:
I can see, in the military blogs and in the comments of those who have written about my posts last week, that those who refer to themselves as Vietnam veterans still yearn for the recognition and thanks that they believe they haven’t received. There is no question that Vietnam is still an open wound for them...
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://

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