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Edwards, his bloggers and the Christian left
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, February 10, 2007

Interesting fallout from the Marcotte/McEwan kerfuffle at the Edwards campaign:
As the flap over alleged anti-Catholic writings by two John Edwards campaign bloggers devolves into a shouting match between conservative religious voices and liberal bloggers, some members of the "religious left" say they feel – again – shoved to the margins of the Democratic Party.

"We're completely invisible to this debate," said Eduardo Penalver, a Cornell University law professor who writes for the liberal Catholic journal Commonweal. He said he was dissatisfied with the Edwards campaign's response. "As a constituency, the Christian left isn't taken all that seriously," Penalver said.
Like many constituencies for both parties, this one has been taken for granted. And, as is obvious, they're not happy about it. But since they didn't speak up and the netroots gang did, the old squeaky wheel got the grease, er, girls.
"We have gone so far to rebuild that coalition [between Democrats and religious Christians] and something like this sets it back," said Brian O'Dwyer, a New York lawyer and Irish-American leader who chairs the National Democratic Ethnic Leadership Council, a Democratic Party group. O'Dwyer said Edwards should have fired the bloggers. "It's not only wrong morally – it's stupid politically."

O'Dwyer e-mailed a statement to reporters saying: "Senator Edwards is condoning bigotry by keeping the two bloggers on his staff. Playing to the cheap seats with anti-Catholic bigotry has no place in the Democratic Party."
Here's an idea, why not put Marcotte and McEwan in charge of outreach to the religious left. Then they will have the opportunity to truly prove that they have "deep respect for diverse beliefs" and in reality, like they claim, it was never their intention to "offend anyone for his or her personal beliefs".

Works for me.
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Kerfuffle. Good word, McQ!

From this distance the whole kerfuffle (h/t) has been very amusing. Edwards strikes me as a rich, smarmy lawyer who has gotten ahead politically through a combination of his Robert Kennedy haircut and his cheap rhetoric about the divide between the rich and poor, despite the fact that he lives in a vulgar 28,000-square-foot mansion and has never done much in his personal affairs to help the poor. Reportedly, there is no evidence that he has even done the pro bono legal work that is required by his state bar.

So, it hardly surprises me that his first move as a Presidential candidate was to hire a vulgar blogger whose defense against the controversy stirred by her rhetoric is to claim that she wasn’t really serious about what she wrote. It was just like Edwards’ anti-poverty rhetoric, I guess: all gas.

I don’t really care what happens to the Moonbatettes. If I had to express a preference I would agree with Dale that the more prominence they have in Edwards’ campaign the better, from an anti-Edwards perspective.

The debate over whether or not the bloggers are anti-Catholic bigots is really a red herring. Edwards supporters should be more concerned that, instead of hiring a respected blogger who is known for an ability to clearly express complex and nuanced opinions (such as Jon Henke, imo), the campaign hired a couple of shrill ideologues.

Written By: Aldo
URL: http://

You must go read his last two posts about this subject.

I figure that Edwards is already done, he’s just playing a losing hand with the only hope of maybe getting a VP node. (He won’t).

Obama? Should save his own skin while he can, enjoy whatever it is that reps enjoy and be happy. some day he might can get a nod for VP, but after 08, such will become a distant long shot as well.

Hillary is not about to allow him anywhere near the podium during convention.

Written By: TC
URL: http://
despite the fact that he lives in a vulgar 28,000-square-foot mansion
Any reason to think the mansion is vulgar? I mean, besides the ambulance chaser who lives in it?
Written By: Don
URL: http://

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