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Ford: Obama can’t win
Posted by: mcq on Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Is he saying what I think he's saying?
Two key black political leaders in South Carolina who backed John Edwards in 2004 said Tuesday they are supporting Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

State Sens. Robert Ford and Darrell Jackson told The Associated Press they believe Clinton is the only Democrat who can win the presidency. Both said they had been courted by Illinois Sen. Barack Obama; Ford said Obama winning the primary would drag down the rest of the party.

"Then everybody else on the ballot is doomed," Ford said. "Every Democratic candidate running on that ticket would lose because he's black and he's at the top of the ticket — we'd lose the House, the Senate and the governors and everything."

"I'm a gambling man. I love Obama," Ford said. "But I'm not going to kill myself."
Is Rep. Ford saying a black man can't win because he's black? He reminds me of those who are against the surge because they don't think the surge will work. Of course if you don't give it a chance, its a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Speaking of Obama, I think Camille Paglia's description is perfect:
I love the way Barack Obama has nimbly upstaged the ponderous Hillary machine. It's a Bette Davis/Joan Crawford bitch fest! But Obama's effusive gusts of generalities irritate me; it's all sizzle and no steak right now. He needs seasoning: 2012 may be his year.
Note to Camille ... a 2012 race would mean a Republican in the White House in '08. Sure you want to make that his year? Heh ...

BTW, glad to see Paglia writing a monthly column for Salon again. We may not agree on a lot of stuff, but I love her style.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Note to Camille ... a 2012 race would mean a Republican in the White House in ’08.
Not necessarily. It could just mean that President Hillary is as unpopular as Johnson was in ’68 and doesn’t even bother seeking a second term. Or it could mean she pisses of the nutroots so much they pull a Lamont.
Written By: Xrlq
Not necessarily. It could just mean that President Hillary is as unpopular as Johnson was in ’68 and doesn’t even bother seeking a second term.
Apparently you know a different Hillary than I’ve come to know.
Written By: McQ
Anyone catch the Obama speech the other day where he went on about ’3,000+ WASTED American lives’??? I heard snipits of the speech, and that part really got my goat. Agree or disagree with the war, but if you believe those people died in vain, if you believe members of the American military ’wasted’ their lives in this war, then I question whether you have what it takes to be Commander in Chief.
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
Meagain, are you sure you know exactly what he means? He did not mean that those American soldiers’ lives were wasted in of themselves. They obviously were talented, productive members of society. He meant that they were wasted and sacrificed, if you will, because we went into a war based on the fact that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction when it did not and so they did indeed die for a false reason - and in vain. Now, if that isn’t horrible, then I don’t know what is.
Written By: Christina
URL: http://
Also, if you are going to pick on a potential Presidential candidate not based on his overall message, but upon his choice of words/semantics in one of his speeches, I sure as heck hope you didn’t vote for Bush, we mixes up continents with countries and exhibits other such embarrassments on a recurring basis.
Written By: Christina
URL: http://

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