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Things that make you go "hmmmm..."
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, February 18, 2007

Such as the controversy over this T-Mobile tower:
T-Mobile Central is suing the city of Olathe to allow a 60-foot tower to be built next to a church.

The Gathering Place Pentecostal Holiness Church agreed to allow the cell phone company to erect the pole, as long as T-Mobile added a beam that made the tower look like a cross.

But city planners objected to the plan on the grounds that it represents a sign not allowed in a residential area.

The city says the lawsuit has not been served and declined to comment.

T-Mobile says the city is violating the 1996 Telecommunications Act by unreasonably delaying or impeding its right to build a personal wireless network.

Camouflaging cell phone towers is becoming more common across the country. They can often be found converted into flag poles, synthetic brick chimneys, fake trees and church crosses or steeples.
Did you catch this sentence?

"But city planners objected to the plan on the grounds that it represents a sign not allowed in a residential area."

So, er, what "sign" does the Gathering Place Pentecostal Holiness Church have on its steeple and why is it allowed in a 'residential area'?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I love this, as a uneducated person. Now we can get rid of + signs in math ,those pesky lower case t, and any stop signal that looks like a cross.
Written By: SkyWatch
URL: http://
Funny, my folks live in Olathe, and I’m moving back there soon. The city obviously doesn’t take issue with Garmin Corporation’s headquarters and signs being all over the place.
Written By: cjd
URL: http://
I’d say Olathe is being stoopit, yet smart....
Stoopit in that they are probably going aginst FEDERAL law on Cell Towers AND a Religious Tolerance Law, something akin to a Right to Farm Law?

But SMART in that it will be up to them Born’agin Mouth-Breathers to force the issue and THEN Olathe can say, "Yo, any of you Liberal/Progressives doan vote ’ginst me, it was the FED’s and their courts an’ them CRAZEE Xstians."

Bottom-Line: you shove the possibly unpleasant decision onto someone else’s plate.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://

Last time I checked my folks (or anyone else in Olathe) didn’t talk like that. We tawk like dis. And I breathe just fine through my mouth, thank you very much;)
Written By: cjd
URL: http://
It could be that the "sign" itself is allowed in a residential area, but the height of the sign is what the city objects to. 60’ is pretty tall for a residential area.
Written By: steverino
Maybe the city think they intend to put the cross beam at the top of the tower - a 60’ high capital "T" erected by "T"-Mobile.
Written By: unaha-closp
Skywatch: You were probably being facetious but your comment is omniscient. But the Islamist influence on the politically correct reach into areas heretofore unheard of. Today is, by the way, the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year—the year of the pig. But Burger King and Nike have also fallen victim to political correctness.
It would appear that the officials of Olathe have a role model to emulate.
Written By: tom scott
URL: http://
60’ cell phone tower = okay.

60’ cell phone tower + horizontal addition = not okay.

Written By: Ronnie Gipper

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