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This might be interesting...
Posted by: Dale Franks on Saturday, February 24, 2007

While clearing out my junk email box today, I came across a truly piteous story. This lovely Russian girl, Ekaterina, wrote me about how she had met an American man over the Internet, fell in love, and got a visa to come to the US. Now, just 7 days before obtaining her visa, Mark has told her he's gotten back with his ex-wife. Now, the poor, poor girl has a visa, and no one to come to the US to meet. Her full story can be seen in the hidden excerpt: Show/Hide

So, Katy still wants to come to the US, if only she can find a good man.

Alas, I am not that man. I responded to Katy with the following message:
Dear Ekaterina;

Your story makes me very sad. I know very well the pain of lost love. If there was anything I could do to help you, I certainly would.

Unfortunately, I suffer from a medical condition known as "satyriasis", which gives me an abnormally strong sex drive. I have long given up hope of ever having a stable relationship with any single woman, since my constant need for sex quickly becomes a terrible burden on my partner. While I am the owner of a successful software and web design company, my personal life is empty, due to the overpowering need I have for sex on an almost constant basis. Many women have tried to have a relationship with me, only to leave once the enormity of my needs have tired them.

So, while I feel terrible about your plight, I am afraid that you must find some other man, with whom you can have a normal relationship.
Now, the really interesting question is if "Ekaterina" will respond. And, if so, what will "she" say?

I have never really made an attempt to screw around with a spammer, but I'm curious to see if I can drag this out.
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JOM blocked everybody with the bad email address comment thing again.

Not that it was done on purpose and there’s tanks and spies.
Written By: OTCF2
URL: http://
Written By: Dale Franks
Lucky dog. All I get are the help-me-move-my-money and give-me-your-information-or-we-will-close-your-account messages. Maybe she will write back and say she has a sister who will be glad to help out!

Written By: timactual
URL: http://
My husband used to read me his spam (it annoyed the crap out of me). So one day we’re sitting there and he starts reading me this message, it says "I work in a motorcycle shop. I moved in with this girlfriend. Her daughter just turned 18 and joined the Marines, and we had a party to celebrate her graduating basic training..." But just when I thought we were in for some three-way motorcycle Marine webcam action, I realized this was a letter from an old friend of ours he was reading to me.

Written By: Wacky Hermit
I have never really made an attempt to screw around with a spammer, but I’m curious to see if I can drag this out
Oh yeah, you can drag it out. I f**ked around with someone trying the nigerian money scheme with me, I had him agree to leave my cut in a brown suitcase (stacks of $1 and $5 dollar bills wrapped with 3 green rubber bands) to be left at a certain streetcorner at 2:23Am by a man in a fedora if that was what it took for me to send in my bank info.
Written By: shark
URL: http://


Where does one get this "satyriasis"?

Written By: peter jackson
get ready for a spam-a-thon! if you were getting tons before you responded you’re in for tens of tons now.
Written By: FireFireFire
URL: http://
Learn from a master.
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://
Uhh.. I received this same email buddy.. Think it is either a scam or spam.
Written By: Craig
URL: http://

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