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Never mess with a Marine ... even a retired one.
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Joe Tobacco over at Cadillac Tight did this story a few days ago, but I never got around to it for some reason. But it is a pretty interesting story about a bunch of senior citizens on tour in Costa Rica of which a a bunch of armed young thugs thought they could take advantage. Note the last line of the story:
A retired 70-year-old Marine killed a mugger with his bare hands after a tour bus of U.S. senior citizens was held up in the Costa Rican city of Limon, authorities said yesterday.

The retiree squeezed the 20-year-old mugger in a headlock, broke his clavicle and choked him, police said.

The thief's two accomplices, who were armed, fled as other retirees on the bus started defending themselves. The group then drove the unconscious mugger to a local Red Cross clinic, where he was declared dead.

Local police named the former Marine as Allan Clady, but could not say where in the United States he resides.

The 12 tourists involved in the incident on Wednesday were on a stopover from the Carnival Cruise ship Liberty.

Local Police Chief Luis Hernandez said no one would be charged in the incident.

"They were in their right to defend themselves," he said.
The only objection I'd have to the story is the reference to Allan Clady as a "former Marine". As any Marine will tell you, once a Marine, always a Marine. And you just don't mess with Marines ... even old ones.

(Thankfully Joe T. can save his appetite for something other than paper ;))
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Speaking of Marines, I can’t get this picture out of my head.

America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war; America is at the mall.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Neo: I can’t get over the jerk at the "Moderate" Voice taking credit for it.
Written By: Joe Tobacco
"Former Marine" is the correct terminology according to my "former Marine" son-in-law. It’s when they call them ex-Marines, like the headline for the story, that really ticks him off. There is only one way to become an ex-Marine and that is to be kicked out of the Corps.
Written By: Jay Evans
URL: http://
Ugh - I just linked a few times to some of the sites and ended up at - I’m reading the discussion there about support for the troops and such and someone makes a comment -
There is a LOT that can be done (and needs to be done) in the way of direct citizen support for our troops. One example I came across recently is a nonprofit that finds foster homes for pets of servicemen and women who are deployed (
To which the moderator (someone calling themself Gray) has this gem - (emphasis mine)
Hmm, I’m not so sure, CS. As you said, there are many who already support the troops by real action. But there’s a large group who sees those stickers and cords as a way to show their patriotism, without living up to the goal. Imho, the simple question: ‘What have you really done for the troops recently?’ will shame many of those into finally doing something.

And one other point: Charity organisations are a great tool for providing services that the government can’t or won’t offer. But, let’s face it, it’s humiliating for the troops to have to be the object of others’ generosity, as if they haven’t earned the right to receive this care as part of teir service. Most soldiers are proud people, they do a dangerous and demanding job, and they shouldn’t have to beg for help from strangers. The government has an obligation to provide the care for military personel, it simply can’t get rid of that resposnsibility because private organisations are willing to step in. Soldiers deserve fair treatment, they shouldn’t be degraded to beggars! Simply supporting charity organisations, without actively demanding Congress to make provisions for a fair treatment of the troops, is doing only half the job.
That entire statement irks me. First, saying anyone who takes or needs assistance from a charity is a ’beggar’, but someone who takes or needs assistance from the government is not??? I believe there are people in both camps who just need help at that point in time. Why does Gray make one a beggar and one something else? And since when did supporting something through charity relive the government of any responsibility of anything?

I’m a little steamed and may not be making my point, and I would had posted at ’the moderate voice’ but they require a registration (how moderate is that???). So I came back home and b!tched. My apologies in advance.
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
Actually, in this case ’former Marine doesn’t apply, either - this gentleman is a - retired - Marine; he is still allowed to use his rank and to wear the uniform on appropriate occasions, unlike us actual fromer marines who did a few years and then left the Corps, often to serve in other Services. And Gunny Clady (I have no idea of his actual rank, but Gunnery Sergeant is a good guess) - good for you!
Written By: Trenton
URL: http://

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