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Reintroducing "fellow traveler"
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If you're too young to remember when people understood what the term "fellow traveler" meant during the Cold War, this article by George Galloway will help you do so. For those of you who've forgotten, it will help refresh your memory. Btw, note how contends that Mexico's election was 'rigged' but Venezuela's were all democratic.
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...contends that Mexico’s election was ’rigged’ but Venezuela’s were all democratic...
It’s simply a matter of definition. We’ve already seen how "swift-boating" now means telling inconvenient truths, but is nevertheless a heinous act, and "lies" are things the left doesn’t want to hear, irrespective of truth. Here we see that elections that come out the way the left wants are "fair", but those that are won by the non-leftist are "rigged".

It isn’t even new. We saw some of that right here, in 2000 and 2004.

Seriously, this is one of the most distressing things to me about political debate today. Words have meanings. If the left takes upon themselves the right to constantly redefine terms to their liking, then it becomes literally impossible to have any coherent debate with them.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
The important thing to remember when evaluating the article in the Guardian is that Galloway is an unmitigated arse.

Regardless of his leftist credentials the man is a demigogue who plays on people’s fears to manipulate them while at the same time always keeping an eye on the main chance to benefit himself. The biggest problem his opponents (on either side of the political aisle) face is that he does have a bizarre charisma and can speak exceptionally eloquently at times. I have not forgiven the American congress for giving him a platform when hauling him up to face charges without the necessary evidence to do anything to him. They came out looking like chumps and he just preened away. The man is an arse of the highest order.
Written By: Kav
The important thing to remember when evaluating the article in the Guardian is that Galloway is an unmitigated arse.
That’s a given, Kav, although I appreciate you reminding everyone. But then, most "fellow travelers" are since they’re always reduced to arguments such as you see in Galloway’s piece.
Written By: McQ

I hear you about the meaning of words... I’m on a quest to steal the word "liberal" back from the left. They’re not liberal at all. They’re democratic socialists. If you look over to Europe, you see that they’ve retained the old definition of the word "liberal" in politics.

Liberal is a good word, meaning a belief largely in freedom, both economically and socially. I don’t want to have to call myself "libertarian" or "classical liberal" when the word "liberal" is a better description anyway.

But it seems like they’ve soiled the word enough that they’ve moved on to "progressive". So perhaps we can take the word back.
Written By: Brad Warbiany
So perhaps we can take the word back.

That will take lots and lots of disinfectant.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
The biggest problem his opponents (on either side of the political aisle) face is that he does have a bizarre charisma and can speak exceptionally eloquently at times.
And that is one of the great gifts that the British people, as a whole, have enjoyed over their multi-thousand year history. Mastery of the English language and a certain natural charisma (yes, even the old East End BBC cockney has its charms). Americans are, by definition, unsophisticated. This is both one of our greatest assets and one of our greatest liabilities. We’re known, globally, as inherently obnoxious people, but at the same time inherently honest and optimistic (sometimes, naively so). Our cultural and language failures (which are ever on the rise) are dealt with nicely by one of John McWhorter’s books.

Brits, on the other hand, project the image of sophistication and charm. Charisma seems to come naturally to them. At the same time, Brits are well known masters of guile and intrigue (from Walsingham forward to Winston Churchill). Although certainly not applicable to all Britishers (Rowan Atkinson comes to mind, as does Lord Cromer), the twin traits of charisma and guile are frequently paired in many.

Galloway, despite the fact that he is a blackguard of the worst sort, is, as you point out, a person possessed of the charisma and guile of ten men. I find Christopher Hitchens to be an admirable opponent to Galloway and I understand that the two of them have crossed swords on more than one occassion. My only regret is that no member of the United States Congress appears to possess anything resembling the rapier wit of either Hitchens or Galloway (or heck, even Tony Blair).

Regarding the fellow travellers, I submit the perfect case in point : Whittaker Chambers (overweight, bespectacled, lacking in any physical grace or charm) v. Alger Hiss (smooth, handsome, sophisticated and graceful in movement and speech). I should dearly hope that one day our present Mr. Hiss (Galloway) meets an appropriate Chambers.
Written By: The Poet Omar

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