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Why Coulter and Moore are alike
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, March 04, 2007

There's been a little bit of disagreement about my characterization of Ann Coulter as the "Michael Moore of the right". My characterization is based on the opinion that both are "bomb throwers" who stretch things, fudge things and twist things to fit their agenda. The fact that they throw their bombs differently, Coulter in books and speeches and Moore in "documentaries", doesn't change that basic "bomb throwing" fact or purpose.

Each is a publicity whore and each is not above outrageous hyperbole to achieve it. Coulter has been taken to task numerous times about her "facts" as has Moore. They're both ideologues and propagandists and both have been pilloried by rival ideologues (and recently, at least for Moore, by some who thought they shared his ideology but found his fact fudging inexcusable). In fact, there's a segment on the left, who by the way are the very same ones upset with Coulter's recent remarks, who've been claiming for years that Coulter is a man (it's all about an adam's apple). Moore, of course is all "tripes and tillibubs".

Bottom line, they are alike in their purpose and their goals. They simply use different means to get there. And, frankly, both should be simply shunned and ignored by serious people who are interested in a bit more decorum in politics and a lot less in the hyperventilating wing-nuts (one who managed to get himself banned here last night)found on both ends of the political spectrum, and who Coulter and Moore represent.

If we ever really want to cut down on the feces flinging and have real substantive debate then it is in the best interest of all to say "no more" to both of these people and those of their ilk.
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McQ, I think is comparison is inapt.

Lest I be unclear, I generally consider Moore to be a baffoon. But he and Coulter are just not comparable. First, Moore is a complete wild card, not an institutional partisan. He’s just as likely to attack the Democratic party Nader-style than try to help it (he was a big Nader supporter in 2000). Coulter, on the other hand, is an instutional partisan, like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. She’s very much invested in the success of the Republican party, and though she’ll criticize Republicans on occassion, she’s a diehard partisan when election season rolls around.

Second, the last time Moore appeared with a Democratic candidate (Wesley Clark in 2004), it caused all sorts of problems for Clark. Moore made a remark that was considered offensive (though it was nowhere near Coulter-esque levels) and Clark was forced to disavow it publicy after irate conservatives (and his fellow Democratic candidates!) flipped out. Coulter has been saying outrageous things for years—at major Republican events like CPAC—and this is the first time I ever remember Republicans being forced to distance themselves from her comments.

Finally, while Moore has made a number of offensive statements, he has made nowhere near as many as Coulter and his MO is totally different. Moore is a not-so-bright guy who sincerely believes what he says and tries to expose what he sees as corruption and lies. In doing so, he often says dumb, offensive, and inaccurate things.

Coulter, on the other hand, is very intelligent. She’s a clever liar and provocateur who tries as hard as she can to be offensive and intentionally dishonest.
Written By: Anonymous Liberal
McQ, I think is comparison is inapt...
Heh ... What a surprise. ;)
Written By: McQ

Yes they are different, and your characterization of them ain’t bad. Still, everyone is different, they are alike in the ways McQ says, bomb throwers who shouldn’t be taken seriously, yet many people take them both very seriously.
Written By: Lance
However I might disagree in either details or degrees on the matter of equivalence between them, I concur too well with the concluding resolution that both should be ignored to quarrel on the matter. Any attention lavished upon Moore or Coulter diminishes the quality of public discourse in greater quantity.
Written By: Paludicola
Finally, while Moore has made a number of offensive statements, he has made nowhere near as many as Coulter
Shouldn’t it be pointed out, I wonder, that what liberals find offensive and what conservatives by offensive are rather different.
Written By: Bithead
URL: http://
AL ... your entire argument one of degree.
Written By: McQ

I want to address something that may have been misunderstood from my previous comments, please. indeed my comment above, may have been too cryptic.

I have not at any point in this discussion, defended Coulter’s comments per se’.
(so much for the image of the frosting right Winger leaping to the defense of one of the leaders of the group that so many would have attached to those comments)

In a different political context, I would be far more uncomfortable with them, however...(And, I suppose more vocal.) The context I’m speaking of, is the context in which she herself was attacked as a sex change operation gone horribly wrong. (And yes, I see you’ve pointed that out, correctly.)

My comments have been intended to question the double standard being applied to Coulter by people who just a few months back were wondering how she keeps the mustache hidden and does Coulter wear boxers or briefs...

With that in mind, I guess I’m not all that worried about her comments... annoyed, perhaps, but not worried... the earth was already scorched... and that was not her doing. Indeed, I say again, the democrats have nobody to blame on this one but themselves.

Understand; The fact that the other side started it, doesn’t make the situation more excusable, but it does tend to make it more understandable, and thereby less worrisome.

I find myself agreeing with much of what you say here, in a general sense , however I’m somewhat less than convinced, that their purposes, she and Michael Moore, are exactly identical. I would be convinced of such when I see her in one of the VIP boxes at the next RNC....
Written By: Bithead
URL: http://
It’s always a good idea to “Follow the Money” and in today’s highly charged political atmosphere the best way to make a lot of money is to be outrageous. Moore, Coulter, and a host of other “Bomb Throwers” are raking in a lot of dough playing to their unthinking fans. The reality is, it’s not about the politics, it’s about making big bucks.
Written By: James E. Fish
URL: http://
Mullah Cimoc say this example how woman of ameriki become filthy and dirty and not having the baby and this woman she having so big adam’s apple.

This process for making the ameriki man to be like homosexual and passive for woman command all usa man. calling it the training of pavlov dog.

me not knowing why this happen but knowing this sign of collapse the great empire like roman time but now so fast in computer communication time. not the 500 years.
Written By: Mullah Cimoc
URL: http://
Somebody’s doing a Borat riff. Interesting.
Written By: Bryan Pick
a man? I think shes kinda hot...

But really i dont care what either have to say. Ashame she didnt make it into "Team America" with Moore. A well put articulate argument devoid of hate charged BS will always make me more respectful or the resulting opinion. Unless its from Obama, than remove the articulate part, dont want to offend.
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
More on leftist hate speech:
”This post puts the lie to Greenwald’s ridiculous assertion.
”But to find such sentiments outside of right-wing circles, one must go where right-wing bloggers went today — digging into anonymous blog comments (or e-mails allegedly received). That difference is so obvious — and so meaningful — that it all ought to go without saying.”
Below I have listed more than 20 examples of hate speech by prominent leftist figures, such as politicians, journalists writing for major newspapers or radio networks, television and movie industry personalities, and the like.
Written By: notherbob2/robert fulton
URL: http://
Moore is a not-so-bright guy who sincerely believes what he says and tries to expose what he sees as corruption and lies.
I’m not going to go out on a limb and call him "bright", but I doubt he is stupid enough to believe all of what he says. One example: the "Weatherby / bank" scene in Bowling for Columbine was essentially a lie, created by Moore’s editing, which made it appear he went into the bank with a deposit and walked out with a Weatherby which is not what really happened . . .

Written By: Don
URL: http://
Ann Coulter is cute.
Michael Moore is funny.

Anyone who takes either of them seriously is an idiot.
Written By: Jeff Medcalf
Coulter is an idiot,when comfronted by anyone with a brain she pees in her panties.
Written By: David
URL: http://

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