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More about the Iranian General
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, March 08, 2007

Apparently he could be an intelligence gold-mine. Of course no one is sure who or how he was turned, but it appears he is most likely in US custody. Various theories as to who is responsible (Mossad, CIA, etc) are making the rounds, but as I mentioned yesterday, the fact that his family was also spirited away indicates a defection and not a kidnapping.

Some interesting information about what the guy may know is beginning to surface.
Asgari's background suggests that he would have deep knowledge of Iran's national security infrastructure, conventional weapons arsenal and ties to Hezbollah in south Lebanon.
Of course Iran is trying to discount his worth by noting that he's been "out of the loop" for 4 or 5 years. But like any retired general in any armed force, he'd have his sources and he'd most likely keep up with what was going on.

They're also claiming he knows little about Iran's nuclear program and, of course, a US source is claiming he's not really being questioned about that. If you believe that ... etc, etc.

So what would he probably know about that would be of value?
"He held a very, very senior position for many long years in Lebanon. He was in effect commander of the Revolutionary Guards" there.

Ram Igra, a former Mossad officer, said Asgari spent much of the 1980s and 1990s overseeing Iran's efforts to support, finance, arm and train Hezbollah. The State Department lists the Shiite Lebanese group as a terrorist organization.

"He lived in Lebanon and, in effect, was the man who built, promoted and founded Hezbollah in those years," Igra told Israeli state radio. "If he has something to give the West, it is in this context of terrorism and Hezbollah's network in Lebanon."
That information and those connections would be pure gold in terms of fighting the GWoT. Because, as I'm sure they'll find, much of what is going on in terms of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism most likely has its nexus in Iran.

And, as we know, Hezbollah has been expanding it's presence in South America and is known to have cells in the US:
In a January briefing to Congress, then-Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte described Hezbollah as a growing threat to U.S. interests. "As a result of last summer's hostilities, Hezbollah's self-confidence and hostility toward the United States as a supporter of Israel could cause the group to increase its contingency planning against United States interests," Negroponte said.
Understanding the organization, its financial connections, its contacts, its method of operation and recruitment would be invaluable in fighting and defeating its influence.

And, as a bonus, Asgari should be able to give us valuable insight to the motivation, strategy and goals of Iranian leadership in Iraq and in its pursuit of nuclear energy/weapons.
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I doubt it would happen anytime soon but I wouldn’t be suprised if Iran/Hezballah tried to whack this guy. For the coming months he will be held in complete secracy and heavy security as I would assume with this guy’s long past with Hezballah, it might take months to debrief him.

But at some point he will settle back into society but who knows where? Maybe not even in this country. But inserting your whole family into society w/o notice is difficult.
Written By: civdiv
URL: http://
I have been following thais and I think he is a false defector.

Too good to be true.

His family left Iran before he did. He comes packing a bunch of documents.

A Set Up
Written By: M. Simon

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