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Why is this sort of thing taken seriously on the left?
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's phenomenal, frankly. Writing at The Politico, Matt Stoller of MyDD talks about the netroots success in denying Fox News the now canceled debate among Democratic Presidential candidates.

The reasoning behind for throwing the baby out with the bathwater?
First, we argued that Fox News is not a news channel, but a propaganda outlet that regularly distorts, spins, and falsifies information. Second, Fox News is heavily influenced or even controlled by the Republican Party itself. As such, we believe that Fox News on the whole functions as a surrogate operation for the GOP. Treating Fox as a legitimate news channel extends the Republican Party’s ability to swift-boat and discredit our candidates. In other words, Fox News is a direct pipeline of misinformation from the GOP leadership into the traditional press.
Ye gods. And this is taken as gospel by the extreme left. They believe this. And, of course, CNN, CBS, and MSNBC are the souls of balance and credibility.

Stoller goes on:
Thankfully, Fox News immediately proved our point with a press release after the debate cancellation that made the following remarkable claim: "News organizations will want to think twice before getting involved in the Nevada Democratic caucus which appears to be controlled by radical, fringe, out-of-state interest groups, not the Nevada Democratic Party."
Thankfully? As I see it, hammer, nail, direct hit.

Net result, no debate. Who gains from that?

Further nonsense:
Falsifying information that is favorable to Republicans and problematic for Democrats is a regular tactic of Fox News. Specific examples are breathtakingly dishonest, including the Obama Madrassa smear, Carl Cameron's false claims that John Kerry referred to himself as a “metrosexual” and “news anchor” Brit Hume repeating the false canard that the public does not trust the Democratic Party on national defense.
Now I'm not here to justify these things if they even need justification, but I will note that if this is all it takes to label Fox News as a propaganda outfit and allege that it controlled by the Republican Party, what could be said about CNN, CBS and MSNBC using the same sort of "standard?"

If ever there was a propaganda effort it is the one Stoller and the netroots crowd have launched against Fox.
As one prominent activist wrote me, “As liberal activists, we cannot stop FOX from operating, nor can we insist they provide fair programming. But as the activists and rank and file of this party we can insist that our presidential primary candidates not legitimize them by debating on their airwaves.”
Amazingly short-sighted activism for activism's sake as far as I can tell. Throw a tantrum and deny your candidates access to an audience which, for the most part, would never bother to tune them in. And do in all in the name of fighting prejudice.


There goes my irony meter pegging out for the umpteenth time while monitoring the extreme left.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

"There goes my irony meter pegging out for the umpteenth time while monitoring the extreme left."

Unfortunately, McQ, it isn’t just the "extreme left" that believes Fox News is a Republican Propaganda machine. I will even go so far as to say the average Democrat believes this. After 6 years of BDS from even the most moderate of Democrats, you have to believe the bile has rubbed off and affected the rank and file.
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
That’s okay SShiell - it just makes them more ’fringy’, which is where we want them. They’ve got two types of recruits -

People who don’t think for themselves.
People who think they ought to think for & control others.

I’d say it’s a match made in heaven, but isn’t as much of the country as they need to be mainstream.

So when the next election rolls around, and they get their a**es handed to them, they can go non-linear and further out into the weeds. Eventually they’ll self destruct out there.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
It’s looker’s second category that answers the question in the article’s title: they take this seriously because any forum that allows views contradictory to their own is a threat to them. If no one is given a forum for discussing other views, their views are the only ones in play, and thus they win every debate by being the only side debating. Prior to the advent of talk radio and then Fox News, that was the norm.
Written By: Jeff Medcalf
For moonbats like Stoller this is all about power: flexing their muscles and showing the world that they are controlling the Democratic party now.

The "principle" behind the move is almost an afterthought, basically boiling down to "We hate Fox."
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
They adhere to the Stalinist a-hole philosophy.
Written By: d
URL: http://

All this makes a lot more sense, if you take into account the Liberal Democrat tendency to delousionally place themselves at the political center.
Written By: Bithead
URL: http://
Stoller for commissar!
Written By: Mark
URL: http://
You want to hear something really IRONIC...

I can almost hear the gasps, and thunks, as jaws drop, now…

But, but, but, they aren’t a “real” news channel.
Former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. has joined FOX News as a political contributor to the network’s news programming, announced Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of FOX News. He will be under contract with FOX News to provide political commentary and analysis on international events and the 2008 election.
Reality has a funny way of biting back…
Written By: Keith_Indy
I assume this is a rhetorical question, but the answer is pretty clear — stamping out dissent. Read Camille Paglia on this today:

Hence my unhappy surprise when Edwards, who has an attractively comprehensive social policy and strong oratorical skills, was the first to pull out of the scheduled August debate moderated by Fox News. What is this morbid obsession that liberals have with Fox? It’s as if Democrats, pampered and spoiled by so many decades of the mainstream media trumpeting the liberal agenda, are so shaky in their convictions that they cannot risk an encounter with opposing views. Democrats have ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the New York Times, Newsweek, Time and 98 percent of American humanities professors to do their bidding. But no, that’s not enough — every spark of dissent has to be extinguished with buckets of bile.
Written By: Sean
...Edwards, who has an attractively comprehensive social policy...
An attractive what?
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
As liberal activists, we cannot stop FOX from operating
But they sure will try!
Written By: shark
URL: http://
I am hereby inviting all Democratic Presidential candidates who were muzzled by the blogosphere to enter their favorite sound bites as comments to this post.
Written By: Ontario Emperor
Net result, no debate. Who gains from that?
Matt Stoller for one. Kos also. And Moveon and any of the other nutroots that get to flex their muscle and act all big and important.

And John Edwards gains a little for being the fastest to pander to them.

Do the Dems as a national party, or the group of Dem candidates as a whole gain anything from this? Absolutely not! But then again, that’s the point. Stoller and Kos and Moveon don’t care about their (ostensible) party. It’s all about the power they can accumulate by making their herds of sheep roar for short periods of time.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Why is this sort of thing taken seriously on the left?
It’s the narrative they have to set forth to counter the non-approved narratives that point out flaws in both their means and methods...

But of course, yours was a rhetorical question.
Written By: bains
URL: http://
This is made all that more interesting if what O’Reilly said tonight is true; that independents and liberals outnumber his conservative viewers. If true I would imagine that FOX and FNC have viewers that the Democrats should want to reach. Their loss, the Republican’s gain.
Written By: AMR
URL: http://
I just have one thing to say to all the anti fox moonbats. I will answer you the same way you answered me all those years when we complained of bias in the news media. "Its all in your head!, There is no bias!"
Written By: kyleN
Stoller is a "thought leader." Evidently some people need one.

Written By: MarkD
URL: http://
Written By: consolidation loan

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