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Starbuck the Wonder Dog Goes for a Ride
Posted by: Dale Franks on Sunday, March 18, 2007

This, my friends, is a happy dog.

A Very Happy Puppy

Maybe she's happy because she's on Phenobarb 30 twice a day, which has prevented her from having any more frightening epileptic seizures. I know I would be.

Anyway,she's just over 30 pounds now and 17 weeks old, and she loves to go for rides. It gives her so much mental stimulation that, when we get home, she curls up and drops right off to sleep.

As far as her problem from last week, it seems that puppies sometimes have "ideopathic" (a nice medical word for "we don't have a clue") juvenile epilepsy. It usually goes away when they're about 1 year old. Occasionally, it remains a life-long condition.

Right now, as I said, we're on PB30 twice a day. After a month, we'll drop that to once a day, and see how she does. The ultimate goal is to either get her off the meds, or, failing that, give her the tiniest daily PB dose possible to stop the seizures.

Fortunately, a month's supply of PB for dogs is about $10 bucks, so, no matter what the outcome, it won't be a financial ordeal, just a minor inconvenience.

The really bad thing is that, in case she does have a seizure, we have a syringe with no needle and 5cc's of liquid diazapam that has to be squirted into her while she's having a seizure, to stop it and knock her out for a while.

"How," you're no doubt asking, "can you possibly administer 5cc's of diazapam to a dog that's having an epileptic seizure? Why, She'd snap your fingers right off when her teeth clenched from a spasm! And she probably wouldn't be able to swallow it anyway!" And you'd be right if that was the end you were supposed to squirt it in. isn't.

I'll just leave you with that mental picture hanging in your mind.
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Good to hear Starbuck’s okay, but is this going to be a life-long condition?
Written By: Bryan Pick
Good for Starbuck, dogs are mans best friend, cats will flip you the bird, turn tail and strut off. Dogs will remain at your side. The possible loss of a friend is like a knife to the heart. I’m glad your friend is doing better, you must be relieved.
Written By: James E. Fish
URL: http://
The simple answer, Bryan, is that we don’t know.
Written By: Dale Franks
Something tells me veterinarians are a happy crowd.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
I’ll just leave you with that mental picture hanging in your mind.
Gee, thanks.

I’ve got a purebred Siamese cat that went into an epileptic seizure while I was watching her. It’s pretty d*mmn*d scary to watch, so you have my sympathy.
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://
jpm100 -
Something tells me veterinarians are a happy crowd.
Most of the time, they are. (My brother’s girlfriend is a vet.) But remember, they also have to put animals to sleep and watch them do a lot of suffering. Hard to do when you love animals that much, no doubt.
Hm, I thought I posted a response to Dale’s update.
Anyway, thanks for the update. Here’s hoping...
Written By: Bryan Pick

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Lea Go
No Bark Collar

Written By: Lea Go

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