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Is Edwards out? (update)
Posted by: mcq on Thursday, March 22, 2007

This is pure speculation, obviously, but you have to wonder:
Former senator John Edwards (D-N.C.) and his wife, Elizabeth, have scheduled a news conference for noon today in their home state of North Carolina, in what aides described as a major development in his 2008 presidential bid.

Advisers declined to discuss the details of the hastily arranged announcement ahead of time. "He's talking tomorrow," said Jonathan Prince, Edwards's deputy campaign manager, last night. "Listen to what he says tomorrow."

The appearance comes on the heels of a last-minute decision by Edwards this week to cancel an event in Iowa to accompany his wife to a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Elizabeth Edwards was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of her husband's unsuccessful 2004 campaign as the Democratic vice presidential nominee. She subsequently underwent extensive treatment.

Her husband has repeatedly said he would put his wife's well-being first; he announced that he would mount a second bid for the presidency after she was given a clean bill of health.


On Wednesday night, Edwards's advisers declined to discuss his wife's health, saying she would speak for herself on Thursday. But they did not play down the seriousness of the announcement.
Look, I'm not an Edwards fan and I think an Edwards presidency would have up pining for GW Bush, but that said, I certainly hope his wife's health is not a problem or a factor. My best to her. If he pulls out I hope it because he sees the political handwriting on the wall.

If he is gone, where do his supporters go? Obama or Clinton? Or someone else?

UPDATE: Edwards will continue his campaign:
Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said Thursday his wife's cancer has returned but his bid for the White House will go on.

"The campaign goes on," John Edwards said at a news conference outside the couple's home, contradicting earlier media reports to the contrary.

John Edwards said tests this week had shown his wife, Elizabeth, had cancer in a rib on her right side. He said the cancer is treatable but not curable.

"We are very optimistic about this," he said, noting that the tumor is small in size and has a "relatively minimal presence."
It's apparently bone cancer, which is bad news, but according to reports, it's in a rib, which isn't as bad if that's the extent of its presence. Our best to Elizabeth Edwards.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I agree. I hope she’s OK.

Unfortunately whenever I hear her name all I can think about is what she said in my home town days before the 2004 election.

Supporter: Kerry’s going to take PA.

Liz Edwards: I know that.

Supporter: I’m just worried there’s going to be riots afterwards.

Liz Edwards: Uh…..well…not if we win.
Written By: Zedzded
URL: http://
but that said, I certainly hope his wife’s health is not a problem or a factor. My best to her.
His wife is one of the nutroots you know.

I’m pretty sure that the sentiment wouldn’t be returned by her if your positions were reversed...
Written By: shark
URL: http://
I see Hillary getting almost none of Edwards’s leftovers. His camp was made up of party apparatchiks who were in the anyone-but-Her crowd and signed on before Obamapalooza started up.
Written By: SaveFarris
URL: http://

That fact not withstanding, it is no reason for us to hope she is in good health. As I’ve said on other blogs, I hated Clinton as PotUS, but if the nation learned at the exact same time that he’d been attacked, I’d be in the first 10 people calling for the attacker’s head on a pike.

Not liking someone (even loathing someone) doesn’t preclude the hope they are, at the least, healthy.

As for where Edward’s supporters will go: I’m sure they’ll both find good homes...
Written By: Scott
URL: http://
I agree with McQ: I think an Edwards Presidency would be bad for the country, but I do draw a line where politics stops. I wouldn’t wish breast cancer on anyone.

With that out of the way, here is a Machiavellian thought: Maybe the Clinton machine has blackmailed Edwards out of the race, and Edwards will use his wife’s former health issue as a pretext for bowing out.
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
Whatever I think of Edwards as a presidential candidate (which isn’t much), I have to respect a guy that puts his wife’s well-being in front of his political ambitions. There are slews of politicians who don’t.

God speed, Mrs. Edwards.
Written By: MichaelW
Is it wrong that the head line of this post made me flashback to Ann Coulter?
Written By: ChrisB
URL: http://
Not liking someone (even loathing someone) doesn’t preclude the hope they are, at the least, healthy.
Even Bin Laden :)

Not to compare the two- heavens no!- but just to be a punk and find the flaw in the statement.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Oh no... There is no flaw. I want Bin Laden very healthy, so that when he’s caught he can be properly tried, convicted, and sentenced...

Granted, I would like that sentence to be death, but I want him convicted.

And there is the difference of "Mrs Edwards hasn’t planned and organized attacks on americans".

Well, that I know of. Anything’s possible, I suppose, but I doubt she has.
Written By: Scott
URL: http://
Does it matter if he’s in or out?

I see Edwards providing some level of entertainment, that’s about it.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
WIth this news, all I can say is that I hope she’s able to beat it. If it’s in a rib, I would suppose it could be removed (depending on the rib).

It’s a shame it isn’t cureable. My best thoughts go out to her and teh Edwards family...
Written By: Scott
URL: http://
Personally, I find the contortions that Andrew Sullivan going through; to first praise Edwards for heroism for dropping out then praise him yet again for staying; quite amusing.
Written By: cap joe
URL: http://
"My wife has cancer again, so I’m gonna run for president anyway."

Written By: Josh
URL: http://
For now the blogosphere has treated Mrs. Edwards condition very respectfully.


The first time that John "Two Americas" Edwards uses his wife’s medical crisis to pitch national health-care, all bets are off.

I expect her condition will be crassly exploited by Edwards’ campaign, just as Christopher Reeves’ and Micheal J. Fox’s have been, for political purposes.

Edwards will have media middle-men do the dirty work, though, to make sure no mud gets in his hair.
Written By: steveaz
URL: http://
well, nice to see that people here are better behaved that those on the left.

Tony Snow is going in for surgery and huffpo is full of hope he dies.

Glasnost, Erb, commentary on that?
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Wow... Color me shocked...

No, really... I’m amazed... Honest...

Ok, I’m lying there. You got me.

Yeah, I don’t like John E, but that’s not his wife’s fault, and cancer in the bone? That’s horrible beyond my shpere of experiance, and I truly hope for a miracle for her, and a sudden 100% cureing of her disease.

This whole thing shines a very bright light on the difference between "us" and "them". We’re possessed of civil tougne, and common human decency. They are not. They know only hate. No matter the name they call it by, that’s what it is.

And they claim to be the source of all compassion. That they are kind and caring and understanding.

I hope Mr Snow recovers quickly, and publicly lays waste to the left for this. They deserve a public calling-out for this.

But he won’t do it. He’s far too classy an individual to do so. Unlike the left.
Written By: Scott
URL: http://

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