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Dog bites man
Posted by: mcq on Thursday, April 05, 2007

Someone, anyone, why is this news?
More than 200 demonstrators held a quiet rally Wednesday at Brigham Young University to protest Vice President Dick Cheney's upcoming commencement speech, while his supporters staged a counter-protest.
Name someplace public where Cheney (or Rove, or Bush) has appeared where there weren't protests. Now that would be news.
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The news is that they’re not tossing cream pies, or salad dressing, or otherwise abridging Cheney’s free speech. Call it progress!
Written By: Eric Lindholm
I want to go protest at the "undisclosed location"... Where can I find it?
Written By: Brad Warbiany
I’m guessing people think that it’s news because BYU is in Provo, UT, the heart of Republican country. Utah is usually one of the most, if not THE most Republican/conservative states in the union. Of course, you get on to a college campus, all bets are off. I went to BYU, and then to a law school in a fairly Republican state and both campuses had more than their share of liberal/Democratic constituencies. In fact, in class, I didn’t hear the conservative viewpoint brought up all that often (except in religion classes).
Written By: Jinnmabe
URL: http://
Conflict is the heart fo the news business. Hold a demonstration and you can be sure the cameras will show up. Years ago, during the brouhaha over stationing missiles in Europe, I was sent to cover a demonstration at Kirkland AFB. Only 5 Adults and their rug rats showed up. I called the Assignment Editor and convinced him to kill the story because it would make for lousy video.
Written By: James E. Fish
200 hundred anti- Buish/Cheney/GOP protsters are news, but the giant annual pro-life rally held in DC isn’t.

Maybe you ought to be asking about THAT?
Written By: shark
URL: http://

I’m guessing people think that it’s news because BYU is in Provo, UT, the heart of Republican country
That makes the assumption that the students doing the protesting are from there. That wouldn’t be true about most colleges, and is particularly untrue about BYU.
Written By: Bithead
My first thought was the same as Mr. Lindholm’s: the news is that this was a QUIET demonstration. Perhaps the Mormon influence at work: if you must demonstrate, do so politely :)

Bithead: my one experience as a college demonstrator was directly contrary to the suggestion you make. Only real students showed up; we were protesting the fact that Jimmy Carter was, well, that he was Jimmy Carter. (This was in 1979/80.) As a demonstration, it was pathetically ineffective, given the long term results: this was at Emory, and not many years later he set up his Center for Feeling Good (or whatever it is called) roughly three stone throws away from the site of our demonsration.
Written By: jeffrey smith
URL: http://
my one experience as a college demonstrator was directly contrary to the suggestion you make. Only real students showed up;
You made an understandable error; it’s my fault. I wasn’t clear enough. I wasn’t talking about the school, per se, but the students hometown. I wasn’t speaking of the school person a

What I was suggesting, was that the major schools would have a tendency to have a larger percentage of the student population that was from out of town, and was there simply attending school. The schools such as BYU, for example, has people from all over the country as a matter of routine. These are not locals, by and large. So, the suggestion that Salt Lake City, is a conservative area, having any bearing whatsoever on the type of protest being reported, is certainly untrue.

(Chuckle) Unless, that is, the person making that suggestion is also going to aver that the residents of Woodstock liked rock concerts, for example...

Written By: Bithead

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