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Dear Ms. Pelosi
Posted by: McQ on Monday, April 09, 2007

Senate Republicans have sent the following letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi urging her to cut the House recess short and return to pass the war supplemental bill:
Dear Speaker Pelosi:

We are writing to urge you to call the House back into session immediately so that Congress can finish its work on the emergency legislation to fund the Global War on Terrorism. This funding request has been pending since February 5, but your leadership team chose to leave town for more than two weeks rather than completing this bill. As a result, our troops have been put at risk.

We are especially troubled by the House's failure to appoint conferees. The Senate appointed conferees on March 29, moments after passing its bill, but the House never did so despite passing the bill a week earlier. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told the Senate that he hoped the House-Senate conference would begin on March 30. That hoped-for progress has been thwarted by your failure to act.

It should go without saying that our military leaders are in the best position to know the needs of our troops, and they have left no doubt that this funding is needed urgently. General Peter Schoomaker, United States Army Chief of Staff, has written that, "without approval of the supplemental funds in April, we will be forced to take increasingly draconian measures which will impact Army readiness and impose hardships on our Soldiers and their families." Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has also emphasized the dangers of delay: "This kind of disruption to key programs will have a genuinely adverse effect on the readiness of the Army and the quality of life for soldiers and their families."

Our troops need this funding, and they need it soon. The Senate is in session and ready to work. We respectfully request that you cancel the remainder of your break, call the House back into session, appoint conferees promptly, and work in good faith to pass a clean supplemental funding bill that the President can sign as soon as possible. Every day we don't fund our troops is a day their ability to fight this war is weakened.
I've covered the probable impact that delaying funding will have if the Army has to shift funding from other areas into its warfighting funding. It could end up being a very serious problem for our soldiers as the impact of delays and stoppages in critical components of the Army supply system and depot maintenance would, as some point, impact the fight.

What is unconscionable in this case is what I've highlighted in the letter. Let's be very honest, conference committees which meet to work out the differences normally have the grunt work done by staffers, with the members stepping in near the end to finalize everything. So while the Senate was on recess, having named members to the conference committee, staffers were able, during the members recess, to begin the groundwork necessary to prepare for the negotiations.

On the House side, which passed the bill prior to the Senate, no such conference committee apppointments have been made, even though they had much more time in which to make them. You can't help that this is just another in a series of deliberate attempts to slow down the process and drag it out. Said another way, it's politics. And it's politics by a group which promised the public that it intended to do the "work of the American people" and work "5 days a week".

There is no excuse for the House not to have appointed members to the committee, even before the Senate voted. The fact that they didn't simply points to their decision to use politics to slow-bleed the troops while continuing to proclaim their support for them.

Even if Pelosi won't recall the House this week, the least she could do is direct the members of the House conference committee for this bill be identified. And she should do that today.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

The Speaker is busy "factfinding" in the Middle East, or is it "just meeting and talking".

At the end of the day when Hezbollah says "ya done a good job" you know, it’s Miller time, especially if you’re third in line of succession for the job of President of the United States. The Speaker would probably like to rest on the laurels laid out for her by various Islmaic terror cults before she gets back to running the war into the ground on their behalf.

These Republicans should just stop demanding things, Speaker Pelosi has more important things to do. Mayhap she has some thoughtful messages to deliver to Kim Jong Il before she completes here whirlwind tour of Carteresque diplomacy.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Even if Pelosi won’t recall the House this week, the least she could do is direct the members of the House conference committee for this bill be identified. And she should do that today.

That would disrupt the Democrats ongoing coup against the Bush administration. Pelosi et all are trying to replace the President and the executive branch with a congressionally lead shadow government. The Speaker has appointed herself Secretary of State, undercutting the Bush policy in the Middle East. A horde of Democrats are vying for the position of Secretary of Defense, tripping over each other to see who can cut and run the fastest in Iraq.

When it comes down to the nut cutting, the choice between what’s best for the Country and what’s best for the Democratic Party, you can be assured the Pelosi crowd will choose their own self interest.
Written By: James E. Fish

President Bush has the power to call congress into session. I don’t expect him to do his job at this point so Pelosi’s response is a canard at best!
Pelosi’s violation of the Volstead Act is another matter. This is more about the incompetence of our Commander and Chief, failing to protect our nation from this nation’s domestic enemies, and then it is anything about a developmentally disabled House leader. Since Bush has utterly failed to do his job in this regard, Pelosi should be able to skate. However, she, Reed, and almost half the sitting Democrats are peeling the already thin ice. It is one thing to be considered disloyal to us, the voters, and actively un-American in your perspectives toward the nation. It is quite another to fly it in our faces, and survive the memories of we the electorate. See you guys, some sunny election day!
Written By: Thomas S. Stein
URL: http://
Pelosi’s violation of the Volstead Act is another matter
Pelosi violated the “Volstead Act” I didn’t know booze was allowed in Islamic countries.

The Volstead Act is the popular name for the National Prohibition Act (1919). It enabled Federal enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which had banned the "manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors" in the United States. The Volstead Act also provided enabling legislation for the amendment, treating such matters as the definition of "intoxicating liquors", medicinal use, and criminal penalties. Wikipedia
Written By: James E. Fish
Wouldn’t we be all a bit better off if she stayed in Syria?

If we slipped Assad enough $$$, maybe he could be persuaded to add her to his harem. It would be like retirement, really, since you can bet she wouldn’t be called upon to render service . . .
Written By: Don
URL: http://

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