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The Imus Thing
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus, supposed king of the morning drive-time "talk shock" jocks, managed to say some stupid things and get himself suspended for a couple of weeks:
Radio host Don Imus, suspended for two weeks for calling the Rutgers female basketball players “nappy-headed hos,” called the punishment appropriate Tuesday but stressed, “I am not a racist.”

“What I did was make a stupid, idiotic mistake in a comedy context,” Imus said on his show Tuesday morning, the final week before his suspension starts.

Asked by “TODAY” host Matt Lauer if he could clean up his act as he promised on Monday, he said, “Well, perhaps I can’t.” But he added, “I have a history of keeping my word.”
Imus claims he was caught up in the bit and it seemed appropriate at the time. Yeah, I can see that, but then I also understand that anyone who's been in public broadcasting for more than 10 minutes should also understand that it wouldn't fly ... not for a minute.

My guess is Imus thought he could get away with it and at worst, should there be a stink, but he could apologize and get on with it. However, given the topic, he must have known every "civil rights leader" looking for a microphone would be all over this.

And they were. The circus was a predictable as sunrise. In this case, it didn't quite work out as I'm sure Imus figured it would. Gone for two weeks. But he knows, in the end, it'll probably be a net positive for the ratings.

Yeah, that's cynical me "just sayin'".

As an aside, no I'm not impressed by the argument which says that a black talk show host would have been able to get away with this with no problem. Uh, so? The charge here is about someone making a racist remark.

Racist remarks, as it has come to be defined, are remarks made by someone of one race which denigrates another race. My guess is it would be hard to pin that sorts of intentions on a black talk show host, even by inference. The best you could do is claim he or she would be perpetuating inappropriate language or reinforcing racial stereotypes. And in the world of racial politics, that's a much lesser offense.

But racism? Don't think so (and I'm not arguing that Imus is a racist or that his intent was to speak like a racist, I have no idea whether or not he's what Jackson and Sharpton are claiming), at least not as the term has evolved over the years. I'm saying that in today's cultural and racial climate, right or wrong, it is the white guy who is going to be nailed as a an automatic racist when he says something as stupid and insensitive as Imus did and the black guy is going to pretty well skate. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton aren't going to roll the circus out to go after a black talk show host. At least not in public. Racial Politics 101.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I have a whole mess of thoughts on this idiocy:

1)HAHAHAHA! I love it when the left eats their own. If they tried to destroy Limbaugh over non-racial comments (Donovan McNabb) then let Imus suffer also.

2) Maybe Imus is a racist, I don’t know. I do know that the comments he made were more stupid than racist. But in this day and age, being stupid and offending someone seems actionable. How long until those poor widdle college girls sue? This is all a manufactured bruhaha. I’d tell everyone weighing in to f**k off.

3)Exactly why does every high profile white man who transgresses speech codes for protected minority classes have to go on a national groveling tour?

4) In a million years, I’d never EVER debase myself and grovel to Al Sharpton (Tawana Brawley hoax, incitement of the fatal Freddy’s Fashion Mart arson) or Jesse Jackson (Hymietown). That’s probably the biggest disgrace of this whole thing. If Imus was 1/2 of what he like to pretend he is, he’d have flat out called Sharpton on that.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
See a tongue-in-cheek visual of Imus and his newfound buddy, Michael Richards, hanging out and counting

Written By: thoughttheater
I have heard Imus’s "comedy context" before, and I think he is a pig. His mistake was he forgot who he was. The only other white man who could have gotten away with saying something like that is Michael Jackson. When I saw him on Sharpton’s radio show I was too amazed to even laugh. Abasing himself before that phony race-baiting demagogue. Not only is Imus less funny than Jerry Lewis, he is not very bright either. Sharpton chiding Imus for his racial insensitivity, and no one is laughing. Un-freakin-believable.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
1)HAHAHAHA! I love it when the left eats their own.
Actually, I think Imus has openly backed McCain. Could explain why there such overkill.

IMHO, Imus was huge jerk before this lesson in stupidity. Nothing’s changed on that account. That being said, I must admit that it doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me that Chris Rock could have said the same thing and won an award.
Written By: MichaelW
see i would be conflicted, id feel bad about offending the girls, but i would give anything to offend al sharpton and get a chance to get on TV and tell him to ...well...
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
That being said, I must admit that it doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me that Chris Rock could have said the same thing and won an award.
And it never will makes sense, but it is political reality. Here we are dealing with what has evolved as racial politics for today. However, if you’ve paid attention to Bill Cosby and Juan Williams, it is something with which the black community is beginning wrestle.
Written By: McQ
This is a perfect example of the Liberal parenting style: when its their kid who’s naughty he gets a stern "time-out."

Imus will get two-weeks to think about his nappy-headed comments (and to ski Steamboat Spring’s new foot of powder). And MSNBC’ll say, "See, social justice IS blind.

Trent Lott could not be reached for comment. And, remember, Bush IS Hitler. Now, be good, run along and vote the right way.

Written By: steveaz
URL: http://
" if you’ve paid attention to Bill Cosby and Juan Williams"

Yeah, Juan Williams. The times, they are definitely a’changin’.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
I don’t listen to Imus, but isn’t he considered a "shock jock" like Howard Stearns? I mean don’t they build up their audience share by making offensive statements? What’s the big deal? It’s not like Imus made the comment while anchoring NBC’s evening news. It sounds to me like a bunch of manufactured outrage.
Written By: Bob
URL: http://
"...but then I also understand that anyone who’s been in public broadcasting for more than 10 minutes should also understand that it wouldn’t fly ... not for a minute."
That, Bruce, is the whole lunacy in this whole mess. This is what he does. Richard Pryor made a living at stuff like this, too.

Look; go see my remarks at my place, where there is language that is — in the immortal words of Frank Zappa — "not suitable for children or Republicans".

Anybody who takes Imus seriously on stuff like this is an idiot.

Look around you. The culture is up-to-here with ’em.
Written By: Billy Beck
URL: http://www.two—
...Imus has openly backed McCain.
When ones political world view is derived from festering hate filled bile deep within, anybody who spews similar crap is embraced, irrespective of where that person actually stands on the issues. My sis-in-law is actually closer to a libertarian, yet her entire up bring, including family values professes to be progressive. She has a consuming visceral hatred of Bush, but likes and respects McCain simply because in her reality, McCain speaks truth to power (meaning Bush).

So rather than supporting McCain in 2000 (Imus supported Kerry in 2004) I think a good part of the reaction comes from listeners grown tired of his belligerence and often times contemptible shtick.

While I wont deny that cases can be made that Imus’ comments were both racist and sexist, what got me was just the pure meanness in trying to make fun of college girls who had just competed in the pinnacle sporting event of their athletic career.
Written By: bains
URL: http://
Imus will get two-weeks... to ski Steamboat Spring’s new foot of powder.
Where do you get that info Steve?
Written By: bains
URL: http://
We are living in a hypersensitive Country. It has become that way because of racial politics fostered by the likes of Al “Twanna Brawley” Sharpton and Jessie “Hymetown” Jackson. Let’s face it, America has been divided into two classes of citizens. The ‘Protected’ class and White Males. The White Male Elite.

The protected can say or do anything. They are the ‘victims’ of the dominant white male power structure. That gives them the right to engage in speech and activities that would get white males tarred, feathered and run out of town. Imus status as part of the White Male Elite, trumps his liberal credentials, so out he goes.

We were a nation that believes in freedom of speech for everyone, everyone that is except white males, who have no freedom of speech at all.
Written By: James E. Fish
I gotta say one other thing.....after the press conferences today, the Rutgers officials and team are behaving absolutely disgracefully.

First of all, they are all wallowing in this victimhood like a pig in a mudhole. But that sickening display of "I’m a VICTIM, sanctify me!!" aside, the coach spoke for 20 minutes and you’d think that Imus and his sidekick came along and lynched her father back in the day. Now I’m sure she’s coming from a cultural place I don’t fully know but sheesh. A little perspective please, m’kay?

As for the players, you want to be public atheletes in the publci eye, it comes with the territory, good or bad, justified or not. Grow a thin skin goddammit. Having your feelings hurt is going to happen PLENTY once you leave the shelter of University. How great would it have been if the players had responded along the lines of "stupid comments by a stupid man?". Not only would Imus have been put in his place, but the whole thing would’ve been handled with some class to boot.

These girls put the lie to the whole "tough" girl image they want to convey, not if a stupid insult can make them suffer so.

Contrast to the Duke LaCrosse team, which really "suffered" unjustly, and did it with more class and dignity than Rutgers Girls.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
I didn’t even know who won the women’s basketball final until this news cycle came up.
Written By: steverino

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