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If only Amanda Marcotte had been there
Posted by: Billy Hollis on Saturday, April 21, 2007

Found via Bill Quick, an article about the presidential candidate with the nicest hair (including Hillary):
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It’s rare that a presidential candidate — a Democrat, no less — tugs his glasses off and says, “Let’s pray." It's rarer still that the candidate concludes, “In Christ’s name.”
Gosh, if only Amanda Marcotte, the woman he hired as blogging coordinator a while back, could have been there.

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Gosh, if only Amanda Marcotte, the woman he hired as blogging coordinator a while back, could have been there.
Her head would have exploded... Your point? :)
Written By: Scott
URL: http://
My BS detector is going off.

The article makes a big deal about how this was supposedly a spontaneous and unscripted moment, yet it also mentions that it was the idea of Edwards’ "strategist for reconnecting with the long-lost Reagan Democrats."

So: Suppose (shudder) you are John Edwards. Your campaign famously insulted Christians by hiring an anti-Christian bigot to represent you on the internet. You now realize that conservative voters will be crucial to you, so crucial that you now have a paid operative whose entire job is finding out how to connect with them. This operative patiently explains to you that you ought to cancel your political rally because "Now is a time for prayer." So, you pray.

That is an unscripted moment?
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
This headline caught my eye so I read the post on the decidedly liberal “Obsidian Wings” site. Instead of taking the topic seriously and reading the pro and con while checking the links as is my usual wont, for some reason I was moved to read the post as if I were the typical liberal. No time to click on any of the links, no detailed matching up of points made by either side, just cruise through, viewing the issues through the liberal bias prism.. First, I would forgive the author for not doing his homework (Hey, we‘re all busy, aren‘t we?):
“Initially, I was mad enough that I composed a fairly detailed refutation of Lewis’ points. (Not hard.) But then I cleverly closed the browser window in which I was composing, and lost it all. That’s probably just as well. The bottom line is: this is a department that is not "a wonder world of PC weirdness", “
No problem. Detailed refutations are pretty boring and time consuming anyway. This is my kind of writer: just give me your opinion and I will judge the facts from that. The author fulfills my desire:
“I couldn’t get anywhere near half the faculty with interests in "nihilism, moral and sexual boundary breaking, and fantasies of Marxist revolutionary violence", even when I decided to substitute "serious interests in anything having to do with gender, race, class, or postmodern theory" for "nihilism, etc.", and even when I counted not-exactly-PoMo projects like this (it sounds quite interesting to me):…”
Uh-oh, “anywhere near half” could be 35%, couldn’t it? A finding of 35% by an admittedly biased investigator would be a confirmation of the gist of the original author’s argument on the other side… Oh well, probably just a slip of the, er… keyboard. Ah, next there is a reassuring quote. Back on track and nevermind.

The author then takes the worst example he can find from all the web sites available and pokes holes in it to very good effect. Great stuff! All the other websites that inspired the original author must be similarly suspect, wouldn‘t one say?. The author then takes flight from the original issue and creates a paen to the English Department which is “suffering enormously”. Well, that does it. Anyone who would criticize a suffering department…

Must be lower than dirt. QED Another brilliant refutation of the rightwingnoisemachine. Yessiree. And I only needed a few minutes to reinforce my beliefs. Great post.

No wait! Let me check the usual sources (that “less than half comment still bothers me a little). Let’s try Hullabaloo
“Hilzoy dispatches those lies —- and they are lies. Of course. But honestly, it’s cognitively dissonant these days to hear these wingnuts lecture anyone about values such as respecting others, admiring the good things about this country, and discipline. Are we supposed to believe that Limbaugh is respectful, disciplined and admiring of the good things about this country —- like the constitution, for instance? Please.”
Ahhhhhhh. Confirmation. And a good shot at Limbaugh too. As a liberal, I am content.

Finally, I went here for a more carefully reasoned opinion (to me)- backed by a meaningful quote. The liberal has long gone on to other topics.
Written By: notherbob2
URL: http://
That is an unscripted moment?
Anyone who can take such as Marcotte seriously as an advisor is not going to be taking matter of religion seriously as a start. One can only assume such as this to be a cynical attempt to overcome that electoral handicap, by, in short, Pandering.

And so in the end what we have here is another Democrat Lie.
Big shock, huh?
Written By: Bithead
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It’s rare that a presidential candidate — a Democrat, no less — tugs his glasses off and says, "Let’s pray." It’s rarer still that the candidate concludes, "In Christ’s name."



Written By: shark
URL: http://
Shark, you missed my favorite...

Written By: Scott
URL: http://

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