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DiFi investigation: What investigation?
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We've touched on this a couple of times and the result has been the chirping of crickets. The Hill brings it up again today:
Anyone who knows much about real power in Congress knows that almost every member of the House and Senate lusts after a seat on the Appropriations Committee and hopes one day to achieve the status of Cardinal. The Cardinals, of course, are the folks who chair the various Appropriations Committee subcommittees and literally control the billions of dollars that pass through their hands.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) chairs the Senate Rules Committee, but she’s also a Cardinal. She is currently chairwoman of the Interior, Environment and Related Agencies subcommittee, but until last year was for six years the top Democrat on the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies (or “Milcon”) sub-committee, where she may have directed more than $1 billion to companies controlled by her husband.

If the inferences finally coming out about what she did while on Milcon prove true, she may be on the way to morphing from a respected senior Democrat into another poster child for congressional corruption.
But as of yet, nada. The crickets are still chirping. Read the whole article and, you can review more info here and here.

Bottom line?
In spite of the blatant appearance of corruption, no major publication has picked up on the story, the Senate Ethics Committee has reportedly let her slip by, and she is now chairing the Senate Rules Committee, which puts her in charge of making sure her colleagues act ethically and avoid the sorts of conflicts of interest with which she is personally and so obviously familiar.
Chirp, chirp, chirp.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I’d like to congratulate every gutless Republican in that body for allowing this to fly under the wire. Stop being so concerned with being collegial you fricking pansies. You know how it works in the reverse.

Written By: shark
URL: http://
I fully expect Glasnost and Erb to take the challenge and remind the Democrats of their pledge to end the corruption. I fully expect them to put their actions where their mouth was when the republicans were in charge and now take DiFi to task for her obvious corruption.

Hahahaha, boy, I just can’t keep a straight face saying all that.
Written By: cap joe
URL: http://
One oddity: Congressional Record shows DiFi was ranking member on the subcommittee through November, 2006, not 2005 as Mr. Keene’s (and Peter Byrne’s) article states. While I’m all for investigating Senator Feinstein, and I wish her a happy retirement as soon as the next election can provide it, the implication that she resigned from the subcommittee under some sort of cloud is not yet well supported.
Written By: JohnS
URL: http://
Chirp, chirp, chirp.
Well, it looks like it’s up to you, then. Let’s get the ball rolling on this. Peddle your influence, man.

Show the old media, just what the new media can do.

You can have ASHC, Captain’s Quarters, and a whole host of others chatting about this for days. Then it may be picked up by Drudge…. And then it has to be recognized.

Or perhaps this is a job best left for Jon Henke. What with him being the new blogger for the Republican… what was he going to do again? I honestly can’t remember.

And where is Jon anyway?

It’s been months since we last read one of Mr. Henke’s signature pragmatic but with principles post.

I miss Jon, he was always quite reasonable.

Written By: PogueMahone
URL: http://
I miss Jon, he was always quite reasonable.
He sends you a kiss, Pogue ... a pragmatic and reasonable one of course (no tongues).

Written By: McQ
He sends you a kiss, Pogue ... a pragmatic and reasonable one of course (no tongues).
No tongue!?

What a gip.
Can’t win any converts without giving a little action.
Written By: PogueMahone
URL: http://
He sends you a kiss, Pogue ... a pragmatic and reasonable one of course (no tongues).
Now where’s my bottle of mental bleach....oh there it is...
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://
Brain Lysol, stat!!!
Written By: SDN
URL: http://
Regarding DiFi, from The Hill:
Melanie Sloan, the executive director of Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington, or CREW, usually focuses on the ethical lapses of Republicans and conservatives, but even she is appalled at the way Sen. Feinstein has abused her position. Sloan told a California reporter earlier this month that while”there are a number of members of Congress with conflicts of interest … because of the amount of money involved, Feinstein’s conflict of interest is an order of magnitude greater than those conflicts.”

And the director of the Project on Government Oversight who examined the evidence of wrongdoing assembled by California writer Peter Byrne told him that “the paper trail showing Senator Feinstein’s conflict of interest is irrefutable.”
h/t to MM where I first saw this...

For the record, looking at PoGO’s site, I sense "slight" leanings to the left...

As an example, I give thee:
Jennifer Gore, a spokeswoman for the non partisan Project on Government Oversight, argued that the new Congress "has been a lot more active than several Congresses before it " in pursuing allegations of government misconduct and mismanagement. Gore’s group is among the best-known government "watchdogs," privately financed groups that look for wasteful spending and corruption in federal agencies. The Republicans who ran Congress last year were receptive to results of the group’s investigations, she said, but often didn’t follow up on those findings. Under the Democrats, "what’s done with our input has changed," Gore said.
Written By: Scott
URL: http://

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