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Supporting the troops
Posted by: mcq on Saturday, May 05, 2007

Last panel. Gateway Pundit has a great roundup.
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Ready for a laugh? The WaPo has added a carefully worded “correction” to its article on Democratic concessions:

”A May 3 …article…said. The Democrats…offered the first …concession by dropping their demand that the bill … include a deadline…While Democrats are no longer pushing a firm date for troop withdrawals…party leaders did not specifically make that concession during a Wednesday meeting with Bush…”
Let me see now. In the real world “Democrats are no longer pushing a firm date for troop withdrawals” clearly means that they have made a concession.
But, you see, the WaPo has taken great care to make it perfectly clear that the Dems haven’t actually made a concession, they are just no longer pushing a firm date. I guess it is not an actual concession until it is printed by a U.S. Government printing office and signed by the appropriate parties and duly delivered to President Bush and filed in the Library of Congress. That is probably when an actual concession is made and that has definitely, clearly not been done here. No longer pushing for something should, I guess, never be considered making a concession. Democrats will never make a concession on this point, never. No, not ever. They will, of course, continue no longer pushing for a firm date. Got that?

No, I didn’t, so like a good liberal sheeple I went to a good liberal site Hullabaloo to learn the real truth. Hullabaloo says:
”In other words, the premise and headline of WaPo’s front-page story were essentially false. While it does seem likely that the withdrawal timetables will be gone from whatever final compromise emerges, this concession to the White House simply never happened.”
Nothing like getting the straight poop from a trustworthy liberal source. The story, premise, headline and all, was false. Another example of those damned rightwingnoisemachine guys lying.

So, why did the Democrats spend their political capital to get such a toothless "correction" printed? Easy. So Hullabaloo and other liberals can say tomorrorow:

"This (current negative story about Democrats) is a case like the recent false story in the WaPo, for which they apologized with a correction admitting that it was false."

And another chapter in the LN is written.
Written By: notherbob2/robert fulton
URL: http://

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