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The strange case of the Ft. Dix terrorists
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Apparently they've been under surveillance for a while:
Officials would not comment beyond the brief statement. But two law enforcement sources said the men had conducted surveillance of the Army base and were caught allegedly attempting to purchase AK-47s to carry out their plan.

The bust came after several of them were lured to a meeting with an arms-seller who turned out to be a secret FBI informant, said both sources, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the arrests.
No names have been released but some were illegally in the country and all are natives of other countries.
Four are ethnic Albanians, one was born in Turkey, and a sixth was born in Jordan, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.
I have to wonder if the ethnic Albanians weren't a part of it because of their ability to "pass" as someone other than the stereotypical "middle easterner". The purchase, or attempted purchase, of AK 47s seems to be a desire to have something with which they're familiar. That could mean training overseas at some point in the past.

But it also makes you consider the possibility that this was an independent operation. I mean, if you have connections to a larger terrorist organization, what in the world would be any easier than smuggling in a few AK 47s? Their attempt to purchase them seems to indicate the possiblity of no such connection.
They had been under FBI surveillance for months, practiced by shooting paintball guns and real weapons in a rural area of the Poconos, one source said. They also allegedly watched jihadist videos in which Osama bin Laden urged them toward martyrdom.

"They were prepared to die," said the law enforcement source. "We became increasingly convinced this was for real and these guys were ready to roll."
I'd love to know their ages. I'm not suggesting they weren't sincere in their desire to do what the FBI is alleging they planned, but I would guess, when released, we're going to find their ages in the 20s.
The FBI had the group under surveillance for more than a year, the source said. The men had scouted out Dover Air Force Base and Fort Monmouth before settling on Fort Dix, a base that is used to mobilize troops to Iraq, said the source.
Now the first reaction to something like this is "how dumb can that be"? I mean, attacking soldiers? But the reality is few soldiers would be armed on a military base beside the military police. And if timed properly such an operation could have been initiated when large groups of unarmed soldiers were present and vulnerable (I recall a shooting incident at Ft. Bragg where the soldier who did it waited until early morning PT formations where soldiers are dressed for physical training and certainly not armed nor had arms available). So this is not a threat to be downplayed. It could have been very serious had they actually gotten the arms and ammunition they were seeking.

The men - several of whom were in the same family - had videotaped their practice sessions in the Poconos, the source said. That videotape, in which they railed against America, led to their arrests.

The men made the mistake of bringing it to a retail store, seeking to get a copy burned to a DVD, according to one of the sources. A store employee who later watched the tape called the FBI who began immediately investigating.
Not too bright. In fact, amateurish to the extreme. My guess is, when all is said and done, this will be a group of young men engaged on an independent operation much like those we've seen do such things in the UK. The difference in this case, it seems, is some of them, at least, were here illegally and aren't 2nd generation Americans like those on 7/7 who were 2nd gen. disaffected Brits.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Amateurish indeed, and I question the timing, Chimpy ShrubHitler McHalliburton has low opinion ratings and the Sheeple are finally wising up to the corporate boondoggle in Iraq that serves only to enrich the Lucky 1% of Dick Cheney’s Oil Buddies but slaughters America’s sons and daughters, whilst simultaneously murdering 20,000 Iraqi’s a MONTH, all in the name of Rapacious Neo-Con Greed and now THIS, alleged terror incident! I think it’s all a little too convenient for my taste...

The Truth Is Out There! Be Blind If You Want To.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
For the sake of myself and other reasonable liberals, I really hope that Joe is kidding.
Written By: Mithras
For the sake of myself and other reasonable liberals, I really hope that Joe is kidding.

Written By: Mithras
Dude that boat SAILED a long time ago, the time to have saved yourself was in 2000, you ought to have repudiated Selected not Elected. Now 61% of Democrats are either Sure that Dubya knew of 9/11(LIHIP/MIHOP) or are unsure of that position...on about 4 in 10 know that Dubya did not have anything to do with or any knowledge OF 9/11. The Left in this country has been in a sad way for a while, and Mithras it’s a little late to notice now that it’s gone off the deep end.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
I understand they wanted to attack Fort Dix, but thank goodness Fort Nuts is safe.

—Cue eye rolls and groans
Written By: shark
URL: http://
I thought Clinton handled Kosovo and Yugoslavia so well that those people would forever love us and have NO connection to AQ or Terrorism. Where did we go wrong?
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
As for possible reasons for this particular target:

I’d suggest that being a lower level target, it is also a SOFTER target and thereby more likely to suffer casualties…. and given it’s proximity to NYC, casualties at such a target would generate serious headlines, which is always the target of any terrorist attack.

A major story around NYC or Chicago, or Boston, for example, will always generate more headlines nationally than one compartively in the sticks.

Postulate two tragedy stores... one in New York City.... Queens for example... and another in WayWest Iowa. In each case, 8 memebrs of one family die in a fire.

Which event is more likely to be covered fully, and be reported on a national scale?

This suggests a good understanding of how our press really works, in this country, and a cold, calulating attitude needed for taking maximum advantage of that understanding.

Written By: Bithead
URL: http://
Names are now available.
Written By: unaha-closp
A major story around NYC or Chicago, or Boston, for example, will always generate more headlines nationally than one compartively in the sticks.
Than the Navy’s RTC near Gurnee is a god damn gold mine...

Unless they have REALLY beefed it up, it’s a sitting duck. It would be 100% brutal. Not only are most not armed, most have 100% no access to a firearm at all. Maybe a couple hundred marines in all, plus the issued side arms for chiefs and officers...

Very not pretty. Someone should probably, you know, remind the militaryt about that...

Then again, if Petty Officer Mixon is still training recruits, an attack would A) be a mercy to the recruits (he was BRUTAL), and be freaking suicide for the attackers...

Former college football player who blew out his knee, went into the navy, and was bitter as hell...
Written By: Scott
URL: http://

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