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What we face ...
Posted by: McQ on Monday, May 28, 2007

It is important to know the extent to which those who call us the "Great Satan" will go to make war against us and our allies. it's also instructive to understand that what you will see is enabled, and in fact encouraged, by a religion. There is no violence or graphic scenes in the video linked here. Instead, at its completion, you will find yourself saddened beyond measure. Nothing could better illustrate the depth of this evil movement than this video.
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Ah, memories. This reminds me of those little Thanksgiving plays we used to do in grade school, where we celebrated the extermination of the Indians. We used exploding turkeys rather than exploding children, though. Catchy tune; do they have a CD out?
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Yeah but it’s Bushnazi’s fault, somehow. Or maybe its Israevils fault. Or something. But I’m sure someone else is to blame for it, as well as all the evils in the world.

Written By: shark
URL: http://
The bloody hands were a particularly nice touch.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
Ah, they’re so cute.

I expect more apologists than non-apologists to comment on this one. Sort of like the Mickey that was taken off the air, but really wasn’t.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
It’s not a matter if you apologize for this or not. The girls were going through a choreographed play and seems to be having fun. They way they held the AK-47’s looked like they were golfing a Barbie doll. Of course the adults are trying to ‘make a point’: the girls looked like they were just having fun.

When I was in grade school; in the late 40’ and 50’s we played the same kind of games and staged pageants celebrating "Manefist Destiny" They were written, staged and produced by the teachers and designed to teach was it was to be a ‘good’ American. My entire generation idolized Fess Parker, wore Coonskin hats, and wanted to die gallantly at the Alamo.

I would expect the same happens in every country. I wave no idea of what it’s lyrics said—-I can say the same about many American lyrics—however it was easy listening, had a good beat and you could dance it it,"I’ll give it 78, Dick" I assume the lyrics were saying "Death" to somebody. This phrase is being chanted so often it seems to be tasking on the same meaning as "How you doin?" in English.

It is sad, adults are using children for propaganda. The film was produced for a specific audience, not the children preforming. They are just dancing girls, proud to be in the spot light.

Written By: James E. Fish
The bloody hands were a particularly nice touch.
I saw this video on LGF yesterday. The red hands were explained as representative of the lynching of Israeli’s. The photo LGF had was this one.
Written By: tom scott
URL: http://
Don’t worry, when John Edwards becomes president in 2008, He will work to reduce the gap between haves and have-nots, so that when these poor, dark skinned denizens of third world nations in turmoil acquire equal wealth and power of Americans and Jews via UN-mediated socialist wealth distribution programs, they will naturally abandon their ’opiate of the masses’ and become proper secular liberals, like Tim Robbins and Ken Livingstone. All global conflicts will subsiquently just go away. Only 18 more months to world peace!
Written By: Jimmy the Dhimmi
"When I was in grade school; in the late 40’ and 50’s we played the same kind of games and staged pageants celebrating "Manefist Destiny"

You played games about killing women and children and cutting off peoples heads? What school system were you in?

"The film was produced for a specific audience, not the children preforming. They are just dancing girls, proud to be in the spot light"

The film was probably dome by someone other than whoever staged the performance. In either case, the audience was the people who raise those children. And you seriously do not think the children learn anything from such performances? What did you just say about " designed to teach was it was to be a ‘good’ American."? What makes you think Palestinian parents do not do such things to teach their children to be ’good’ Palestinians?
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
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