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WNBC reports on foiled plot to bomb JFK airport (update)
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, June 02, 2007

Seems 4 have been charged in a foiled bomb plot on JFK airport in New York:
According to NewsChannel4's Jonathan Dienst, sources said federal investigators have made arrests in an alleged terror plot on Kennedy Airport.

Four people have been charged. One is in custody in New York. Three suspects are thought to be overseas.

Sources said one suspect is thought to be a former parliament or government official in Guyana.
The plot involved a plan to blow up a jet-fuel pipeline. There is speculation that one of those involved in the plot was a former airport employee.

UPDATE: CBS is on it:
The suspects did not have any known ties to al Qaeda, the law enforcement source tells Hendin. He said the suspects appeared to be "homegrown" plotters, similar to the six suspects who were recently arrested for plotting an attack on New Jersey's Fort Dix.

They were under surveillance for some time and did not have a target date selected, the law enforcement source said, and the men were not that close to pulling off the attack.
Hmmm ... more "home grown" terrorists? How about the first report of the parliamentarian from Guyana?
The men had been doing surveillance on the airport target, the source said.

The FBI said in a statement, "There is no threat to air safety or the public related to this plot."

The plot, which never got past the planning stages, did not involve airplanes or passenger terminals, according to the two officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because details of the arrests had not yet been announced.
CNN is on it as well:
Three suspects have been arrested in an alleged terror plot targeting New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, a law enforcement official told CNN.

A former JFK Airport employee was among those arrested, the official said.
Apparently it is a plot that's been in the works for a while.

AP adds a bit:
The official said investigators first found out about the plot in January 2006. After that, an informant infiltrated the group.
More from ABC:
The plotters had "indirect" links to overseas terror elements and the plot had links to Guyana, Trinidad and possibly Germany, a source said.

The former cargo worker, originally from Guyana, had been under surveillance and allegedly met with a radical group in Trinidad, sources say.


Additional arrests have been made in Trinidad, sources said.
Hmmm ... seems a little early to be ruling out links to al Qaeda then.

Additional info from ABC concerning a possible al Qaeda connection:
FBI agents feared but never confirmed the three men accused of plotting to attack John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York were linked to one of the most wanted al Qaeda leaders, Adnan Shukrijumah, known to have operated out of Guyana and Trinidad.

Officials tell the Blotter on that they heard repeated references to "Adnan" during the extensive wiretaps conducted on the suspects' telephone conversations, including calls to Guyana and Trinidad.

There is a $5 million reward for information on Shukrijumah, who officials consider extremely dangerous because of the years he spent living in the Miami area and his known ties to al Qaeda. Some of the 9/ll hijackers attended a south Florida mosque run by Shukrijumah's now deceased father.

Shukrijumah left the United States just a few months before September 2001.
UPDATE II: From CBS the names of the three arrested and details about the plot:
Russell "Mohammed" Defreitas, a U.S. citizen and native of Guyana, was arrested Friday night in Brooklyn, New York. Defreitas, 63, worked in the 1990s as a cargo handler for Evergreen Airlines at JFK, law enforcement officials said. He appeared for arraignment before a U.S. judge in Brooklyn on Saturday.

Federal officials said the others involved in the plot were: Abdul Kadir, a citizen of Guyana who has served as a member of the Guyanese Parliament; Guyanese citizen Abdel Nur; and Trinidadian citizen Kareem Ibrahim.
Interesting side-note, I've flown Evergreen Airlines. It runs or at least did run quite a few charters for the US military.

Oh ... and again, why shouldn't we be profiling?
Beginning in January 2006, the four conspired to kill thousands of people and trigger an economic catastrophe by blowing up a jet fuel artery that runs through residential neighborhoods near the airport, officials said.

The conspirators used Defreitas's knowledge and contacts to try to carry out this plot, law enforcement officials said.

Muslim extremists dispatched him from Guyana to New York to do video and photographic surveillance of JFK in January 2007, which he did on four occasions, according to the criminal complaint filed against them.

Officials said that in conversations recorded by the FBI, Defreitas predicted that the attacks would result in the destruction of "the whole of Kennedy” airport and that only a few people would survive. Because of the location of the fuel pipeline, part of Queens would explode, he believed.

On another occasion, Defreitas said in an FBI recording that "Anytime you hit Kennedy, it is the most hurtful thing to the United States. To hit John F. Kennedy, wow .... They love John F. Kennedy like he’s the man .... If you hit that, this whole country will be in mourning. It’s like you can kill the man twice," according to the criminal complaint.

In another FBI-recorded conversation, in regards to the planned attack, Defreitas said, "Even the Twin Towers can't touch it," adding "this can destroy the economy of America for some time."

Authorities said they were motivated by a pattern of hatred toward the U.S., Israel and the West.
The actual complaint can be read here (pdf).
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Previous Comments to this Post 

The FBI said in a statement, "There is no threat to air safety or the public related to this plot."
Although people may not have been the target. How would blowing up a jet-fuel pipeline be safe? I mean at a minimum it would draw firefighters and bring some risk to them.

I don’t blame the FBI for not moving immediately, but to blunt the threat to explain away their delay is just dumb.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
The media reports are conflicting at best.

Interestingly, the early reports I read said the plot was uncovered when the conspirators unwittingly tried to recruit the informant.

They also apparently had no means to make their plan operational, and whether it was even a feasible scenario seems to be in question.

I’m predicting this will be another one-cycle wonder that ultimately will be widely viewed as just another White House attempt to generate some positive PR.
Written By: Libby Spencer
See, this is precisely why we shouldn’t be occupying countries. The U.S. occupation of North America is drawing terrorists here now too.

U.S. out of the U.S.!!!!

[remove tongue from cheek]
Written By: Wacky Hermit
"There is no threat to air safety or the public related to this plot."

Unsaid part: "As long as we catch them before they pull it off."

Don’t you just love it?
Written By: Firehand
U.S. out of the U.S.!!!!
Why do we hate us?
Written By: shark
URL: http://
"Russell "Mohammed" Defreitas, a U.S. citizen"
"Authorities said they were motivated by a pattern of hatred toward the U.S., Israel and the West."

Now can somebody explain to me why we need to open up our borders to everyone in the world who wants to be here?
I know, they were only in search of a better life for themselves and their families-especially the children. Unfortunately, their idea of a better life seems to include the destruction of the US.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Here is another example of AP “truth” speaking.

Ah yes, the AP has such a duty to speak “truth”, doesn’t it? Liberal Narrative truth, that is.
Written By: Robert Fulton
URL: http://
This story reads like a hoax written for consumption by those opposing the hysteria over GW. The punch line is that, even given the vast sums that have been wasted, few carbons have been reduced. No surprise whatsoever. GW wackos reading this article...

Well, they should be ashamed. They have been patsies. So, what’s new?
Written By: Robert Fulton
URL: http://
Perhaps it would be best if the terrorists actually pulled off their plot. The prospect of an eminent hanging clears ones mind and a successful attack in America might shut up the "useful idiots" defending the terrorists.
Written By: James E. Fish
Just sittin’ around doing nothin’ on a Sunday, when it came to me. The Democratic think tanks have examined the current situation in Iraq as only they have the time and money to do. Judging solely by the changes in the LN, they are reporting to their contributors that, regardless of casualties (Iraqi or US), if progress is being made in September, any attempt to limit the President’s ability to win is DOA. And that bodes ill for the chances of any Democratic candidate in 2008.

Therefore, although there is a chance that their efforts to sap the will of America will still bear fruit, it is necessary to start setting up an alternate strategy. Those Republican @#$%&* may actually succeed in Iraq, despite the best efforts of Democrats to make them fail. So, time to lead the sheeple minions in a new direction. One that can capitalize on success in Iraq, but still leave the opportunity to crow at a defeat. Not a small challenge.

Probably, and I use the term advisedly, the only way to go is to de-emphasize Iraq altogether and attempt to move Presidential issues to the economy, immigration or “moral values”; whatever. However, saving the opportunity to make Iraq Number One if things fall apart.

If there is one issue that appeals to Independents it is pork. Because of prior commitments, Democrats (and some Republicans) have had no choice but to deliver the earmarks. Unfortunately, they have been unable to disguise their payoff efforts. To quote Senator Thompson (who seems to have excellent advisors) “we came to Washington to drain the swamp and we made a partnership with the alligators”.

The “we” is instructive. No doubt some consultant insisted on it. The only way for a politician to get some cred on reform is to claim that he is “born again” and sees the error of his ways. Of course, they don’t or they wouldn’t still be politicians, but...

Anyway, it is ironic that the very thing that Democrats thought would insure their victory: the Liberal Narrative; by its very nature is telegraphing their strategy and could well be the instrument of their undoing.

Or, just more Sunday dreaming.
Written By: Robert Fulton
URL: http://
Why is it so important for some poeple to find a link to Al Qaida? It’s as though any plot whose intent is to kill hundreds of Americans cannot be taken seriously unless it’s an Al Qaida plot. Death is always deadly no matter who the killer is.
Written By: Doug Purdie
URL: http://
Why is it so important for some poeple to find a link to Al Qaida? It’s as though any plot whose intent is to kill hundreds of Americans cannot be taken seriously unless it’s an Al Qaida plot. Death is always deadly no matter who the killer is.
I agree ... but that wasn’t the point. I was interested in why, immediately, at least one news organization seemed eager to dismiss AQ as a possible player.
Written By: McQ
There always seems to be a bunch of twits (and some reporters) who think that jet fuel is highly explosive. Frankly, it takes a whole hell of a lot of air mixed with the fuel to make it do anything other than just burn.

I can imagine this thing causes a handful of fairly big fires, but worse than 9/11 .. hardly.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://

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