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Parody or insanity?
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, June 07, 2007

You tell me. Read the article. The commenters seem to be taking it quite seriously.

I'm in the parody camp although parody has become increasingly hard to spot anymore with all the insanity out there. Why do I believe it to be a parody? These two paragraphs in particular:
On the surface, Islamic health doesn’t look good: the 2001 census showed that 24 per cent of Muslim women and 21 per cent of Muslim men suffered long-term illness and disability. But these are factors of social conditions rather than religion. In fact, Islam offers Londoners potential health benefits: the Muslim act of prayer is designed to keep worshippers fit, their joints supple and, at five times a day, their stomachs trim. The regular washing of the feet and hands required before prayers promotes public hygiene and would reduce the transmission of superbugs in London’s hospitals.

Alcohol is haram, or forbidden, to Muslims. As London is above the national average for alcohol-related deaths in males, with 17.6 per 100,000 people (Camden has 31.6 per 100,000 males), turning all the city’s pubs into juice bars would have a massive positive effect on public health. Forbid alcohol throughout the country, and you’d avoid many of the 22,000 alcohol-related deaths and the £7.3 billion national bill for alcohol-related crime and disorder each year.
Prayer will keep you trim and in good health? Pubs into juice bars?

And then the final paragraph on race relations:
Under Islam all ethnicities are equal. Once you have submitted to Allah you are a Muslim – it doesn’t matter what colour you are. End of story.
If it is a parody, the beginning is genius.
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I dunno about satire. This sounds like much of what real imams say about the benefits of Islam: everything Islam requires or forbids is exactly the best thing for both the individual and society, a panacea for all ills, and no allowance for alternate solutions being just as good.

Unless Time Out is known for satire. In which case, carry on...
Written By: dicentra
Its parody.

But but its based on some basic truths. And hopefully bursts a few myths that some commentors here like to attach themselves to. Extremism is extremism, and its not dependent on which deity you follow.

Multicultural cities like London tend to extract the benefits and thrive because of the diverse populations/cultures that they host. There’s been a long relationship in London with Muslim culture, along with many other cultures, and its been better off for it.

Its currently the regional districts where tension and separatism exists.

p.s. Alcohol related deaths in Camden would be improved, I’m sure, by a bit of traffic management on Camden Road outside the tube.
Written By: symptomless
URL: http://
Unfortunately, I’m not so sure that it is a parody.

I also Googled the writer’s name and came across the "Reagan Conservative" blogger by the same name as the article’s author, but a search of Time Out’s archives offers two revealing articles:

One, supposedly a rememberance of September 11th, quickly shifts into a lazy criticism of the Iraq war and the Israel-Hizbollah war.

Another "travel guide" to Damascus laments Syria’s "having experienced a century of Western betrayal and lies" and warns that the most dangerous thing about a visit to the place is "the threat of a visit from the Israeli or US air forces".

It’s pretty depressing to admit, but this article is no parody.
Written By: Sam
URL: http://
Under Islam all ethnicities are equal. Once you have submitted to Allah you are a Muslim - it doesn’t matter what colour you are. End of story
"And if you want equality for women? Oh brother, fuggedabadit...

No, really. For get about it. Won’t happen...

Woman, why ain’t you makin’ me a pie??"
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
Under Islam all ethnicities are equal. Once you have submitted to Allah you are a Muslim - it doesn’t matter what colour you are. End of story
Someone should tell the Fur, all they need to do is become Muslim - wait a sec...
The Islamic concept of halifa or trusteeship obliges Muslims to look after the natural world...
Compared with the real world where the production of Muslim nations contributes most to AGW.
Hindus and Sikhs manage to live alongside a large Muslim population in India, so why not here?
Or in Pakistan where Hindus and Sikhs are...

Got to be a parody.
Written By: unaha-closp
Well, if the writer is from the sinisphere then don’t bet on the parody part.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
I don’t know if the original is parody or not, but this certainly is.
Written By: Wacky Hermit

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