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Supporting the troops San Francisco style
Posted by: McQ on Friday, June 08, 2007

Horror of horrors, the "Blue Angels" will be flying in San Francisco and the anti-military factions there can't stand it:
The annual aerial show by the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels — a San Francisco tradition dating back to 1981 that pumps millions into the local economy — is running into opposition from three local peace advocacy groups that are calling for a permanent halt to the popular Fleet Week flyover.

CodePink, Global Exchange and Veterans for Peace, Chapter 69, are working with Supervisor Chris Daly on a Board of Supervisors resolution to address concerns over the Blue Angels.

Daly acknowledged he is considering a call to halt the flyovers because, he said, “they seem dangerous and unnecessary.” Daly said he plans on introducing the resolution as early as Tuesday, but is still drafting the language. A resolution is not legally binding, but states a board position.
Dangerous and unnecessary? Why yes ... this is all for your own good, San Francisco, can't you see that (well that and preventing the recruiting efforts which, methinks, is the real "danger" these groups feel are "unnecessary")?:
Veterans for Peace takes issue with the pro-military message and the recruiting efforts that come along with the annual visit as well as what it refers to as the “noise pollution.” The group calls the event a public safety risk, pointing to the April crash of a Blue Angels plane during an air show in Beaufort, S.C.

Just a slight miscalculation or a mechanical failure can cause a plane to “go barreling into the Golden Gate Bridge or a high-rise and cause a significant amount of damage,” said Paul Cox, a Vietnam veteran and member of the Veterans for Peace.
Of course. No mention of the fact that those driving to work that day will be in much more danger than anyone at the air show.
CodePink has launched an online petition, signed by more than 500 people to date, calling on leaders to end the flyovers for reasons of public safety, air pollution and fuel waste.

Cox said the resolution would establish that city leaders and the public are not in support of having the Blue Angels.

“We can then take the next steps we have to legally stop them,” he said.
Public safety, air pollution and fuel waste. Well heck, those sound like perfect reasons to shut down the airport there. Heck one of those big old fuel wasting air polluters could fall out of the sky and hit a CodePink demonstration being held for some other inane and stupid reason.

Wouldn't want that would we?

(HT: ST)
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Public safety, air pollution and fuel waste. Well heck, those sound like perfect reasons to shut down the airport there.
I should think that would include all public and private mechanical transportation.
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://
Look I really can’t blame anyone for wanting to shut down Fleet Week and/or the Blue Angels. Representing, as they do, the bloated arm of the Fascistic Military Industrial Complex and as the outward symbols of rapacious American Imperialsim, I believe that and support the efforts of these true patriots to end this gaudy, dangerous, Gaia-damaging Phallicentric Show of Force.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://

Written By: josh b
URL: http://
Oh, please. In San Francisco, you can get 500 signatures on a Draft Cthulhu For Mayor ballot.
Written By: steverino
Draft Cthulhu For Mayor ballot.
Man where can I sign up? Because when the "Old Ones" return I want to be last in line for torment, madness and death....
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Only in San Francisco. :(
Written By: Mike
URL: http://
Joe, :-)

And a second smile for "Phallicentric." ;-)

It’s just the truth, after all.
Written By: Synova
Video here of another San Francisco supervisor suggesting that we get rid of the military (except the Coast Guard) altogether.
Written By: Hoystory

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