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How about a little context in the Hilton Case?
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, June 09, 2007

I have to say I am amazed at the number of those out there that are now arguing that Paris Hilton was unfairly treated because of the length of her sentence.

One in particular is Gerry Rivers (er, Geraldo Rivera) who is all over the place claiming it was only a DWI and no one is put in jail for a DWI unless they injure someone.

Well it wasn't just for a DWI. Or just for driving on a suspended license. Let's get this straight once and for all:
Let's not forget why Paris Hilton went to jail. Last January, Hilton got convicted of driving drunk. ... Hilton didn't have to serve a day in jail for it, either. She got 36 months probation and had her license suspended (in November 2006). She was also ordered into an alcohol education program.

Within a month, she had been arrested twice for driving without a license, and still had not entered the program as ordered. The city prosecuted her for violating her probation and the court order, and convicted her last month. Her defense? She blamed everyone but herself, and even at this last court proceeding, wanted to appear only by telephone. The judge had to order her brought to court.
Got that? So while she could have gotten 3 years, she got 45 days for violating her probation. She got a break the first time she drove without a license when the judge simply gave her a warning. She then went right out and defied him and the court again.

So can we get off this poor little Paris jag and understand that what she did has landed other people in jail for the full amount of their probation period, not just 45 days?
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See a satirical tongue-in-cheek graphic titled “The Big-Attitudes” which updates the Biblical Beatitudes to fit the Paris Hilton fiasco…here:
Written By: Daniel DiRito
One in particular is Gerry Rivers (er, Geraldo Rivera) who is all over the place claiming it was only a DWI and no one is put in jail for a DWI unless they injure someone
Gee, that sounds like the words of a man who probably thinks nothing of climbing into his car after a few rounds of cocktails most evenings...
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Great post, McQ. I agree with every word. See? Miracles can happen. :-)

And I even got your name right. :-))
Written By: Kathy
I guess I haven’t been paying attention ... I assumed everyone (the general populace, talking heads, etc.) shared the same view I hold — that 45 days for even a single DUI conviction is outrageous, but because it’s too small a punishment — not too big!

2004 alcohol related traffic fatalities: 16,919.

Makes the Iraq War U.S. military deaths (3,500 over 3 1/4 years) look pretty measly...
Written By: kazoolist

Got that? So while she could have gotten 3 years, she got 45 days for violating her probation.

Are you sure about the 3 years? (I’m unsure about Cali law... but I don’t think they’re that much different than Ohio)

While that was the length of her probation term, the absolute maximum penalty for a "first-time" OVI*(Ohio’s term- "Operating a Vehicle while Impaired") is usually 6 months— which is also the max sentence one can receive solely due to a violation of her probation on that charge...

For instance, I was convicted for OVI here in Ohio on Feb 28, 2007— My sentence was a "three day program", a six month liscense suspension, and a probation term of three years (does that sound sort of familiar?)

But the actual sentence was:

180 days in jail(with 177 days "suspended" based upon fulfillment of all the other requirements)— and a ’threat’ that any "probation violation" can re-instate the 177 days that were suspended...(and BTW, if you don’t kill anybody, further minor charges over and above the probation charge will almost always be served "concurrently").

From the numerous days spent watching other people’s trials, crimes like Ms. Hilton’s (multiple "driving under suspension" and not "doing the program")— she would likely get sentenced to 30-60 days in jail (with no "good behavior clause" as in California...) and an extended liscense suspension(1-3 years)— but the Franklin County Corrections Facility is currently about 40% "overbooked".

This situation is "remedied" by allowing ’non-violent’ offenders to petition to serve under "house arrest"(including a "leg monitor") for a period of twice the time of their actual jail sentence.

Thus, I see nothing especially outrageous(in either direction) about the treatment she has received...

* "OVI" used to be called "OMVI"(Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated)— Now, you can be charged even if you’re riding a bicycle or a horse!

Written By: fletch
URL: http://
That whole Gerry Rivers thing is debunked here:
Written By: Ed
URL: http://
If we reduced Paris’ taxes she would be more responsible...It is unfair that she goes to jail for breaking the law and she pays taxes on her income in a disproportionate amount.
Oh wait, I forgot, there is no relationship between being wealthy, whiny, and responsible for your own actions. She has earned her every nickel she has and she should not be taxed for it. We need to create more of her kind.
Oh, never mind. Senility and attitude have set in. I am going back to the TV now. I already know that Paris has too much money and not enough responsiblity.
Written By: kindlingman
URL: http://
i dont know where you got the 3 year number from. under california law the judge could have sent her for 90 days max since it was a misdeamenor and a first violation. she also blew a .08 which is the minumum to be arrested. your 3 year figure is probably for felony charges and if you blow a .15 or higher.
Written By: rob
URL: http://

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