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Oh Harry, where have ye gone?
Posted by: McQ on Monday, June 11, 2007

The weekly Rasmussen popularity polls are out and are good for a grin.

Who's doing well? Uh, not Harry Reid:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is now viewed favorably by 19% of American voters and unfavorably by 45%. Just 3% have a Very Favorable opinion while 22% hold a Very Unfavorable views.
I hate that but on the bright side ...
“I’m not going to get into a name-calling match with the administration’s chief attack dog (VP Cheney). … I’m not going to get into a name-calling match with somebody who has a 9 percent approval rating.” - Harry Reid
... now he can debate Dick Cheney ... for a while.
Vice President Dick Cheney’s numbers held steady—38% favorable and 58% unfavorable.
Chances are Cheney won't risk his popularity numbers debating someone with 19% though.

And Fred Thompson, the almost candidate?
Among Presidential hopefuls, it was a good week for Fred Thompson. He is now viewed favorably by 45% and unfavorably by 31% A month ago, 39% had a favorable opinion and 27% voiced the opposite view. Thompson moved into second place among those seeking the GOP Presidential Nomination and is competitive in general election match-ups with many leading Democrats.
On the other side of the political isle Edwards still leads but his numbers decline a bit. And Obama? Is the bloom coming off the rose?
Barack Obama and John Edwards both saw their numbers drop. Obama, a charismatic newcomer, is seen now favorably by 50% and unfavorably by 44%. That’s the highest level of unfavorables Rasmussen Reports has ever measured for Obama. Other polling out this week showed Obama falling behind Republican frontrunner Rudy Giuliani by double digits.

Edwards’ newest numbers are 52% favorable and 38% favorable. That’s just a slight decline from 55% favorable a month ago.
Back to Harry ... he shouldn't worry too much, he's at least as popular as Scooter Libby:
And, finally, there’s Scooter Libby, convicted to 30 months in prison during the week. He is now viewed favorably by just 19% of Americans, unfavorably by 57%.
Poor Harry.

For some added commentary on Mr. Reid, try this.

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Previous Comments to this Post 

Reid (per NumbersUSA) co-sponsored the first deep-immigration-reduction bill in Senate in 1994. The Reid Bill (S.1923) was the first comprehensive immigration reduction bill to be introduced in the Senate since the 1920s. It would have cut legal immigration in all categories from around one million to about 425,000 a year. He gave quite a good speech when he introduced the bill. Naturally, last year (in the 2006 go-round for immigration reform) he repudiated his 1994 speech (said his wife made him!). It was quite a story amongst blogs for awhile, in light of his contradictory comments on the 2006 immigration bill. See the following blog posts for a reminder:

What I am looking for is the full text of the speech Reid gave when he introduced his bill in 1994. Drudge linked it last year, but the link I found this week (in the newsblaze post listed above) is no longer working. I do not find a link on Thomas, but I am not very experienced in using all parts of that site. As I recall, the speech was most impressive in its command of fact and analysis. I could not believe it came from Reid, as I have never, ever heard him say anything intelligent, not even in the slightest degree on even the most lightweight subject (not that I’m biased or anything).

Does anyone know a current link to the full text of Reid’s 1994 speech, the version that preceded wee-wifey’s objections? Thanks for any help you can provide.
Written By: pa
URL: http://
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is now viewed favorably by 19% of American voters and unfavorably by 45%. Just 3% have a Very Favorable opinion while 22% hold a Very Unfavorable views.
Harder to actually govern as opposed to sit and snipe from the sidelines, isn’t it Senator b*tch?

Written By: shark
URL: http://
Nice Picture! My cat took off running when he got a look at that sour puss!
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://

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