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Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sounds like a politician with an eye on higher office to me:
Denver is gearing up to fight global warming, and residents may soon be asked to make personal sacrifices to help save the planet.

The new plan is aimed at making Denver a national leader in reducing gas emissions that have been linked to global warming, giving a major push to alternative energy, stepping up recycling and changing building codes to encourage energy conservation.

But the proposal also contains some ideas that may be unpopular, such as penalizing heavy users of electricity and natural gas and basing auto insurance premiums on the number of miles traveled.
Got that? Denver is going to charge heavy users of gas and electricity more (thus penalizing them) and is also trying to figure out a way to mess with your auto insurance premiums if you have a long commute.

Thus businesses which use large amounts of energy are on the block as are people living in the 'burbs.

Wonderful. The goal?
The ambitious goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.4 million metric tons by 2020, the equivalent of eliminating two small coal-fired power plants or taking 500,000 cars off the road.
Huh. Well here's a thought. Instead of chancing driving businesses and residents off, why not build a nuclear power plant and actually eliminate two small coal-fired plants (or more)?

Too simple I guess.
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Well it will be a nice microcosm of what would happen if we implimented this nation wide. Because businesses are just going to pick up and move to a city without this restricition.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
They will get their wish.

They will get rid of 500k cars since everyone will migrate OUT of Denver as the businesses leave, and they need to find new jobs.

Written By: Navtechie
URL: http://
Well, I can tell you the maroons on the Boulder County Commission aren’t any smarter. They’re looking to cap house sizes in unincorporated parts of the county.

I really don’t understand the no-growthers out here. I feel like Phil Hartman’s "Frozen Caveman" from old SNL skits. Thank god I live in Weld County...
Written By: A fine scotch
URL: http://
Actually, wouldn’t this encourage people to NOT live in Denver itself but further out in the outer burbs? I cannot think of a better way to increase the number of miles people drive, and, consequently, emissions.

But it will make the politicians "feel" good, which is what this is all about anyway.
Written By: Rich Horton
And here (I think) is the crux of what Dale is trying to get at in his Moral Questions for our Liberal Friends.

Who is to decide, what a large house, or average commute, or heavy energy user is? The government, who are basically going to enrich themselves with these decisions...

Now, those who currently use a lot of energy, are already penalized. First by paying more on energy, and subsequently in taxes for this energy. Every gallon of gas you use is taxed. The more you use, the more you are taxed. What they propose is some sort of progressive gasoline tax. How the think they can do this without monitoring peoples behavior is beyond me.

Of course, the solution to this is to vote out the mayor and vote one in with more business/people friendly policies.
Written By: Keith_Indy
The phrase “residents may soon be asked to make personal sacrifices to help save the planet” should be a reliable indicator of satire. The idea of a mayor brandishing a “climate action plan” – climate action plan – in his run for reelection should make us double over with laughter. So how can it be that the reporter, along with the mayor and “two dozen people from business and community groups” who’ve helped “city staff” come up with their municipal plan for planet salvation, are all wide-eyed, sober and sincere about this thing? It’s enough to make me wonder what freaking planet is this anymore that we’re supposed to up and save?

On Earth you can characterize the punitive manipulation – by a city government! – of automobile insurance premiums as – to quote Beth Conover of Greenprint Denver – “market signals”? “There’s some choice involved," she tells area drivers, who don’t necessarily have to stay home. Because, hey, if they get out there and drive, drive, drive it could generate enough insurance money to, uh, buy the planet a nice sweater or something. Yeah.

What’s worse than the hubris of these dumb-as-a-stump planet-savers and the mindless media that blare their inane plans and pronouncements into our faces is the docile acceptance – if not outright enthusiastic embrace – with which so many Earthlings in the Denver and larger planetary area will greet these proposed “personal sacrifices” and the rationale behind them.

I mean, it’s not as though we haven’t all been thoroughly schooled for this sort of mandated privation. Plus, you can’t argue, saving the planet is healthy for children and other living things.

Written By: Linda Morgan
URL: http://
"basing auto insurance premiums on the number of miles traveled."

I love it. I have an image of some eco-geek who never drives his Prius over the speed limit on his two hour daily commute, and looks both ways when the light turns green before he proceeds, paying through the nose for insurance while the sociopathic road-rage maniac whose battered, ten year old fume spewing SUV has low mileage because it is in the shop once a month for body work due to his pinball-like driving pays next to nothing.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
I’ll bet getting rid of illegal aliens would cut at least that much in CO2 emissions, but I don’t think anyone will be pushing that idea.

I’ll bet tne nuclear power plant idea goes nowhere as well.

Denver will be the next upstate NY. Industry and population will decline, and the tax burden will shift to those who remain. Of course, the number of civil servants won’t decline proportionally.

Written By: MarkD
URL: http://
Hmm...following up on the comment by AFS, I checked out the house sizes of the Boulder County Commissioners. I could not track down one of the three, but of the other two, one’s house is 3314 ft2 (2440 ft2 finished) and the other’s is 3247 ft2 (2551 ft2 finished).

I certainly hope the "offset thresholds" are larger than their own homes.
Written By: Liberty Dog
Uh, guys, I hate to break it to either you or the morons out in Denver, but your insurance premiums are already based at least partially on the miles you drive. Every year at renewal time I have to submit my vehicle’s current odometer reading as well as the estimated length of my daily commute.
Written By: SDN
URL: http://
Yes, it would make sense to me that no matter how good of a driver you are, time on the road would affect your chance of an accident.

Furthermore, by making Denver more "exclusive" it might actually help Denver. Cities in China now ban "low tech" industries (because they pollute) and the price of housing rises there as the elites move in.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
This is the time of year (when the thermometer gets up past 95°F) I usually start fantasizing about moving from central Texas to Colorado. It’s a little worse than usual because my oldest son is in CO right now having a great ol’ time with his Scout troop. But this post and comment thread has killed my fantasy real good.


Written By: peter jackson

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