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Al Gore Running for President? Office denies, but...
Posted by: Jon Henke on Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Taipei Times story alleges that Al Gore is clearing his schedule to consider "a presidential bid."
Former US vice president Al Gore will not be able to make it to Taiwan this September to address the issue of global warming, Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Tien Chiu-chin (???) said yesterday. Tien, who invited Gore to visit Taiwan to promote awareness on global warming, told reporters yesterday that she received an e-mail from the Harry Walker Agency, which has the exclusive right to arrange Gore's speeches, saying that Gore had canceled all his scheduled events in the next six months. The visit to Taiwan had been postponed to next year, she added. Tien said the reason for the cancelation was that Gore was considering a presidential bid.
However, Lowell at Raising Kaine contacted Gore's office and was told that "It is completely and utterly false."
1. He never accepted an event in Taiwan
2. We have loads of events on the schedule in the next six months

  • That's exactly what you would expect his office to say.
  • It was reported in May that the Democratic Progressive Party had "invited Al Gore to speak in Taiwan".
  • It was separately reported that the "DPP Legislator Tien Chiu-chin" from our current allegation was claiming to have "been in contact with the Harry Walker Agency since last November" and that Gore was "expected to deliver three lectures in Taiwan between September 13 and September 20..."

Somebody is being had. Very curious...

[Disclosure: I'm with Fred]
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Previous Comments to this Post 

My wife keeps asking me who the Democrats will nominate. I keep telling her Gore. She says I’m wrong because he says he absolutely doesn’t want it and has fallen "out of love" with politics. I say that’s exactly what he should be saying if he wants it. We’ll see. I find it interesting that Republican students I know find Obama the only interesting Democrat — one told me her favorite Republican was Huckabee (she was with a number of students who went to that conservative conference where Coulter made headlines calling Edwards a name), and she thought Mitt Romney was like a Republican Clinton. But she also likes Obama. That says something to me about what voters might be looking for: someone who has integrity and isn’t a normal politician matters more than experience or even stance on the issues. I have to agree. Honesty and integrity are more important than stance on issues or experience. I have no real clue yet about Fred Thompson’s character — Huckabee does seem like the real deal in terms of sincerity. Is Thompson?
Written By: Scott Erb
Wouldn’t it be weird if Fred Thompson and Al Gore wound up the nominees? Two senators that held the very same Senate seat. And Gore would lose again, ha.
Written By: peter jackson
Let me posit another don’t want Gore to go to Taiwan for some reason and need to make an excuse...why, just say he’s running for President.

Taiwan often has trouble with celebrity visits that get cancelled or changed.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Professor Erb attempts to plant a seed of doubt about Senator Fred Thompson’s integrity:
"Huckabee does seem like the real deal in terms of sincerity. Is Thompson?"
And, parenthetically, in his bid to establish his credentials as a fair-minded arbiter, how many times has he reminded us that he voted for RINO Senators?

Let’s get real crazy here and posit that the folks behind the LN have done a deal with Vice President Gore. They have decided that they can make "integrity" the main issue in the 2008 Presidential race. They plan an initial viral marketing campaign intended to create a "draft Gore" movement. First step, say around the 4th of July 2007, is to get all operatives to begin pumping on Vice President Gore’s "integrity":
"I keep telling her Gore. She says I’m wrong because he says he absolutely doesn’t want it and has fallen "out of love" with politics."
Me? I’d start with some "negative" stuff: "Gore doesn’t have "enough" integrity (although, when you look closely, he does have an awful lot of it, doesn’t he?) to be President. Then argue with myself, as I explore the issue in depth; finally concluding that, yes, by golly, he does have enough integrity to be President!

But then, I’m not an academically-trained propagandist, so my idea is probably not the best way to get the job done. Oh, wait...

Crazy? Watch the NYT over the 4th.

Written By: Robert Fulton
URL: http://
Robert, you’re conspiracy theories, posted in a kind of left vs. right mythical view of American politics, are amusing. Silly, but amusing.
Written By: Scott Erb
Hmmmm. There is another arrow in the Gore movement quiver:
”As a political figure, Gore may be more palatable as a possible dark horse than an actual candidate—precisely because he seems incapable of turning his passions into sound bites. ...I have not ruled out the possibility of getting into politics sometime in the future," he says, "but I don’t expect to. Because I don’t expect things to change. If they did change, then I would feel differently."”
This puff piece strengthens the proposition that Vice President Gore is running – ala Senator Thompson – for the Presidency.
Written By: Robert Fulton
URL: http://
I’m dreaming of a Gore run. Think of all the entertainment that would bring!
Written By: Paul
URL: http://
If Gore runs it will be a GREEN. That way he is assured as the nominee. Doesn’t have to fight the established Hillary Machine.

He can run against both sides. Say what ever he wants. HUGE crowds of Gories at every speech with BIG BIG signs. It will be the Great Gore Revival Show 24/7

The press will love it. So will his ego.
Written By: Jay Evans
URL: http://
But she also likes Obama. That says something to me about what voters might be looking for: someone who has integrity and isn’t a normal politician
Silly, but not amusing. Racists wanting to represent the whole of the US are inherently short on integrity, and he’s used all the normal political tricks in both his elections.
Written By: Ted
URL: http://
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Written By: oqceytfva

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