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Talk Radio and Washington DC
Posted by: McQ on Friday, July 06, 2007

The Washington Post has a story out today about talk radio in Washington DC where it essentially says no one there really listens to it (well, with the exception of Limbaugh) and that included conservative talk. They then cover each of the stations in DC and talk about their ratings which pretty much mirror my findings here.

My favorite part of the article comes in the last paragraph:
Chris Berry, president and general manager of WMAL, says there's nothing particularly unusual about Washington and political talk radio, except that "people in D.C. are smarter" than talk audiences in other towns. "In Boston, Chicago, even L.A., it's more emotional," he says. "In D.C., people really do know the issues."
Yeow ... yeah, Chris, that was really evident with the immigration bill, wasn't it? And, of course, they've handled the issues so well over the years, haven't they?

Talk about attitudes. The real problem is he believes what he's saying. And I believe he reflects the prevailing attitude in that town. More than talk radio stats, that should bother you.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

"[A] story out today about talk radio in Washington DC where it essentially says no one there really listens to it . . . and that included conservative talk."

That’s a pretty generous summary of a story titled "Cool Reception for Conservative Radio."

You have relegated yourself to spraying perfume on turds. Here we have a story illustrating your beloved free markets in action. And what are they telling us? They’re saying that your ideology is waning, that it turns people off.

This story isn’t about talk radio in DC, it’s about the decline of conservative talk radio in DC.

And your immigration comment is a non sequitur.
Written By: Nicholas Rogers
URL: http:
It’s only declining IF you factor Rush out of the equation. That’s like saying that the market for MP3 players is soft as long as you don’t count the iPod.
Written By: SaveFarris
URL: http://
Nicholas, I’m not sure how poor ratings of conservative radio in a town that votes 90-plus percent Democrat shows that "ideology is waning, that it turns people off." Certainly, I wouldn’t get that impression from Arbitron ratings telling me rap isn’t popular in Salt Lake City.
Written By: James Joyner
You gotta forgive Chris. For him, the only people in Washington DC live in $750,000-$3.5 million homes in Cleveland Park, Georgetown or Cap Hill, they all shop at Politics & Prose, and they all have either XM or Sirius.

I lived in DC for 8 years. You get as many pig ignorant folks there as anywhere else.
Written By: Rich Horton
he says. "In D.C., people really do know the issues."
They know the issues so well, that they have already pre-spun a response. No need to listen to a radio host.
Written By: unaha-closp

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