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Iraqi Security status update in visual form
Posted by: McQ on Friday, July 13, 2007

Sometimes a picture is actually worth a thousand words:

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Thanks for posting this again! Do you have the link to the animated version?
Written By: Ronnie Gipper
From a social science perspective, this is meaningless. What does "in the lead" and "in control" mean? Does it say anything about their efficacy? When things are labeled this vaguely it is screaming out "warning, warning!"
Written By: Scott Erb
"What does "in the lead" and "in control" mean? Does it say anything about their efficacy?"

I’m sure that there are military people both active and retired that could explain it to you. Although it won’t fit Leftwing media narrative so it might cause your head to explode.
Written By: andrew
URL: http://
Andrew, you should read with a bit more cyncism. And you can’t really make judgements about it until you see the definition and data. That’s part of the problem: people believe what fits their bias, even without getting a hard look at the facts.
Written By: Scott Erb
Yep. Scott has unwittingly discovered why you’d do just as well to bang your head against a brick wall…Create a map that shows where the Iraqis are in charge and they simply shift to a semantics game…How Clintonian.
Written By: Epphan
URL: http://
people believe what fits their bias, even without getting a hard look at the facts
Of course, Erb doesn’t even see the irony of his statement.
Written By: JWG
URL: http://

The definition of "in control" and "in the lead" is clearly defined, if one follow the topic closely. General Petraus explained the different in detail a year ago during a press conference at the Pentagon. Please blame your own ignorant on the subject.

If you do why a planet "a red dwarf" and "a star." It is because you do not know astronomy. It does not mean that the terms are meaningless. I guess if you bother to educated yourself on the subject of counterinsurgency or military science, you would know. Which comes to my final point, why are people of a certain political leaning know so little about military subject.
Written By: Minh-Duc
URL: http://
Scott Erb -

This should help.
Written By: Bryan Pick
Well, sure if you guys are going to believe the lies, D@mned lies and statistics put out by the Running-Dog Lackeys of Chimpy McShruburton Monopoly Finance Capitalism, then you might gain something from those "purported" maps and statistics. If you’re smart and read them a bit more cynically, and I have found if you hold them upside down, front-side back, up to the black light and look thru the bong smoke, just right out of the corner of your eye, the whole nefarious plot that IS the so-called War in Iraq becomes QUITE clear...Ooops, bong’s out and Jimi Hendrix’s "Purple Haze "is coming on, gotta run.

And no I am NOT making fun of Dr. Erb....He’s a fine man, who sees further than many, because he has a step ladder...and a black light...and a bong.....and well any way, he’s a fine man!
-Dr. Erb’s Mother
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Bryan: Thanks for the link, that does give more information. I haven’t had a chance to read through it, but that’s the kind of detail I’m looking for.
Written By: Scott Erb
Hey McQ, read this post at gateway pundit. He shows another map, one put out by Al-Qaeda’s propaganda division! Gateway comments thusly:
Al Qaeda in Iraq itself considers the areas handed over to Iraqi control as areas NOT under their control. They admit this IN THEIR OWN PROPAGANDA.
If this is true, then it is imperitive that we continue to support the Iraqi military forces on the ground. Areas of Iraq are being handed over, slowly but surely, and Al Qaeda itself explicitly admits this is a defeat for them. The Iraqi security forces won’t be able to continue this progress on their own, or else they would have done it themselves by now.
Written By: Jimmy the Dhimmi
"From a social science perspective, this is meaningless."

Ah, yes, social Science. That exacting intellectual discipline (or group of disciplines) of precision and exactitude, of mathematical and statistical certitude to at least eight decimal places. Where every practitioner agrees on every definition and every theory.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://

Thanks for the link. Is that sort of stuff ever in the MSM in the States? I get my news from Yahoo and they rarely have any information beside the drip drip drip story.

"In September 2004, there were only 96,000 trained and equipped Iraqi Security Forces. By November 2005, there were more than 212,000. As of May 30th, there were nearly 350,000 trained and equipped Iraqi Security Forces."

69 -> 95 battalions from 2006->2007

This is the information that matters the most. If the Iraqi army can keep building up, the chances for the Iraqi state to keep functioning more or less after we leave go up.

Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Harun -
Thanks for the link. Is that sort of stuff ever in the MSM in the States? I get my news from Yahoo and they rarely have any information beside the drip drip drip story.
Well, the link is to DefenseLINK, the US Department of Defense official website. They do have a lot of basic information that provides the kind of context that’s missing from a lot of mainstream news and opinion, but even if you look at their own press releases, it’s easy to see why the news goes drip.

If you’re looking for the DoD’s take on the WoT, you can always read this, and if you’re specifically looking for the DoD’s profiles in heroism along the lines of what McQ highlights, you can read this and this.

The truth is, if you follow the links, the DoD is publishing an awful lot of the "good news" you don’t see in the newspapers. Disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, mine removal, etc.

And there are other sources out there—scattered, perhaps—that report good news that helps to keep the real, depressing bad news in context. It’s just not the kind of thing that major news sources are usually selling. It requires some digging, and it requires that you actually want to learn about these things. A huge number of people who feel confident criticizing the war/surge strategy never even take the time to read things like FM 3-24, the Counterinsurgency manual coauthored by Gen. Petraeus (PDF here, also available in hard copy at Barnes & Noble, so it’s not hard to get your hands on it), and it shows in their writing.

Once upon a time, a blogger called Chrenkoff went digging for good news from all kinds of sources and put them together every couple of weeks in a few series called "Good News from Iraq," "Good News from Afghanistan," and "Good News from the Islamic World" (look down the right-side column). The volume of material he dug up was incredible. It was supposed to be continued through, but I haven’t seen much of it since then.

... man, I miss it.
Written By: Bryan Pick
Bryan, it is telling that back years ago people could find a lot of good news from Iraq and Afghanistan, but over four years later things look bleak in Iraq overall, and in Afghanistan there is fear that the Taliban and al qaeda are becoming stronger and more of a threat. There is always good news and bad. If one focuses on only the bad, that leads to errors, and many people do that. But focusing on the good leads to similar errors. To integrate them and also figure out which news is most likely to affect the strategic situation is tricky. I try — even if I’m not always successful — to view this issue objectively. I’m sure you do too. But bias always seeps in, and the best way to avoid that is to engage with those who think differently — which is a major reason why I read this blog.
Written By: Scott Erb

Nice work on getting this information out there. We won’t lose any wars that we don’t lose interest in. Sadly, keeping dems more interested in national defense rather than selfish political gain is beyond anyone.


Written By: JD Brooks

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