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Kos get’s Kossed (irony alert)
Posted by: McQ on Friday, July 20, 2007

Kos is whining about Jet Blue caving and pulling their sponsorship from YearlyKos.
As for my part, I'm cancelling my JetBlue American Express card and will be looking at alternative options for my future travel. Too bad. Unfortunately, JetBlue just told me (and the rest of us) that they accept O'Reilly's bullshit smears.

What's really interesting about this whole affair is that the most aggressive pushback is coming from Hillary Clinton's camp. JetBlue may have just exacerbated their PR problem, but at least we're seeing that the days when Democrats would've followed suit are behind us.

Update: Oh, and JetBlue advertises with Fox. You see, it's okay to support the likes of Ann Coulter.

Update II: JetBlue wants me to note that they didn't pull the tickets they donated to the event. So the sponsorship remains, but they are too afraid to let anyone know that they donated those tickets.

Doesn't this seem the worst of all worlds. Will right wingers be appeased considering that JetBlue is still giving yKos free tickets? Way to piss off everyone...

They had it right the first time, saying that they'd be happy to sponsor events from all ends of the ideological spectrum. That'd be more than fair enough.
Well yeah, except when Fox is involved in debates among Democrats and then it's not "fair enough" at all, is it?

It's called a "petard", Kos and you've just been hoist upon your own. How's it feel?

As usual, Kos completley misses the irony while playing the victim.

[Frankly, when referring to Kos, I prefer another definition of "petard". The French used pétard, to mean “a loud discharge of intestinal gas.” Seems ever more appropriate, doesn't it?]
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Previous Comments to this Post 

This keeps happening, anyone involved with kos ends up regretting it eventually.

So he has now become re-tarded.
Written By: jows
URL: http://
Suffocated with their own petard?
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
It’s all so very stupid. JetBlue is stupid for aligning themselves with this moonbat and risking (and looks like succeeding in) making a significant portion of their potential customers angry. That’s just not good business sense.

And Kos is a whiny b*tch.

Written By: shark
URL: http://
So lemme get this straight...

Their own tactics are used against them, and they get mad, have their feelings hurt, and bitch and moan about it?

Ok, so where’s the shocking revelation?
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
By the end of the week the moonbats will have settled on an explanation: It’s Bush’s fault.
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
You see, it’s okay to support the likes of Ann Coulter.
Yes, of the two I would consider Ann Coulter to be preferable.
Written By: Bithead
The Daily Kos has had its idiotic protests against FOX News hosting a democratic debate by an equally stupid conservative snarling at JetBlue for sponsoring the Yearly Kos, so perhaps the scales of asininity have been balanced, thus this sort of petty nonsense can be put to an end.

I doubt that they will be put to an end. In fact of I’m sure of it. The factions involved are too bloody-minded and foolish to give it up.
Written By: Paludicola

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