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Embrace the tide
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Want peace and happiness in the world? Support the spread of global capitalism:
The planet is a happier place these days, at least in many parts of the world where incomes are low and life is tough ... but economies are improving. In particular, as economic growth has surged in much of Latin America, East Europe and Asia over the past five years, people are expressing greater satisfaction with their personal lives, family incomes and national conditions. The picture is considerably different in most advanced nations, where per capita GDP gains have been less robust and citizen satisfaction has changed little since 2002.
Funny how that works, eh?

And another interesting find in the Pew Global Attitudes survey:
Even as many people around the world express more positive views of their lives and countries than they did five years ago, opinions about regional issues and concerns are a mix of good and bad news.

Among the most striking trends in predominantly Muslim nations is the continuing decline in the number saying that suicide bombing and other forms of violence against civilians are justifiable in the defense of Islam.
And George Bush isn't the only one suffering from declining popularity ratings:
The decreasing acceptance of extremism among Muslims also is reflected in declining support for Osama bin Laden. Since 2003, Muslim confidence in bin Laden to do the right thing in world affairs has fallen; in Jordan, just 20% express a lot or some confidence in bin Laden, down from 56% four years ago. Yet confidence in bin Laden in the Palestinian territories, while lower than it was in 2003, remains relatively high (57%).
It is a "long war" folks, and these are all "good trends" whether you care to admit it or not.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Among the most striking trends in predominantly Muslim nations is the continuing decline in the number saying that suicide bombing and other forms of violence against civilians are justifiable in the defense of Islam.
I doubt this has anything to do with global capitalism. My theory is that since the study began, Israel finished building the wall and evacuated Jews from vulnerable areas in Gaza and the West Bank, and America has increased security to prevent more attacks on our soil.

Also, the violence in Iraq has shifted towards more sectarian conflict and there has been a resurgence of the Taliban inside Pakistan where bombings have occurred with more frequency.

In other words, terrorism is now more visibly affecting Muslims as victims, rather than Americans and Jews.
Written By: Jimmy the Dhimmi
I think the more Muslims learn about what the religous extremists really want, they see them as less defenders against foreign invaders/ideas and more cruel, bruttish fascists who want to destroy their hopes for the future. That is why Bin Laden and those of his ilk are doomed to fail. That’s also why it’s misguided to see this as some war between the West and Islam, or something akin to the Cold War. This is a less about us than the often violent process of change/modernization within the Islamic world, especially the Mideast.
Written By: Scott Erb
I agree with both posters. Its one thing to cheer on sucicide bombers killing Jews, its another when they kill Arabs going to market in Baghdad.

The fence in Israel is working marvelously - remember when there was a bomb a week if not more in Israel proper?

And, yeah, one good thing about our mis-management in Iraq is that we sort of gave the rope to Al Qaeda with which they hang themselves. Only when they took over areas and tried to Talibanize it did they start to anger the Sunnis...While AQ could claim some sort of Cold War clash of civilization pre-Iraq, now it pretty much looks more and more internal, with just the symptoms affecting the West.

Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Hmmmmm, I just realized that I am rather pleased not to have to read headlines about suicide bombers in Israel and am very content to let Hamas/Fatah have a civil war.

Is this what everyone hopes the pull-out of Iraq will be? Could it be like that? I think Israelis would be best placed to answer that - yes, for an American its pleasant to see no more headlines about bombs in Israel...but for Israelis has it really helped to withdraw?
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Harun, the difference is geopolitical —- neither Gaza nor the West Bank is as strategically located —- and geologic —- they don’t have a major percentage of an extremely valuable industrial commodity. Both of those mean that it will have to be fought over, and that outsiders have a vital interest in the conflict.
Written By: SDN
URL: http://

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