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Haditha Marines
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I had the opportunity to talk with Darryl Sharratt, father of LCpl Jason Sharratt, one of the Haditha Marines, last week on Pundit Review Radio.

As you recall, Rep. John Murtha peremptorily declared these Marines to be cold-blooded murderers who snapped under the pressure of multiple deployments and killed a number of civilians. This was politically expedient since at the time, he was arguing that the military was "broken", and he had no qualms at all about using the incident politically and throwing the Marines under the bus of public opinion.

The irony, as it happens, is Darryl Sharratt's congressional representative happens to be the very same John Murtha.

Darryl Sharratt tried 53 times over 18 months to talk with Murtha about what he'd said and done concerning the incident all to no avail. However since the Article 32 investigation found that the forensic evidence completely supported Jason Sharratt's story and doesn't at all support the government charges (and Murtha's story), and recommended they be dropped, it seems Murtha found the wherewithal to actually talk with him on the phone.

You can listen here to that conversation. I can't imagine the agony that family has gone through as this has wended its way through the military's legal process, but you can get an idea by listening to the emotion in Darryl's voice as he describes the ordeal.

As an aside, the Someone You Should Know segment is up and it is about a young soldier who, alone, wounded and armed only with a pistol, charged insurgents who had ambushed him and for that heroic action, was awarded the Silver Star. Worth the listen, even if I say so myself. ;)
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Worth the listen, even if I say so myself.
And, as luck would have it, you do! :)
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
Well, that’s certainly some must-listen radio. Unbelievable. Given what Murtha has put him and his family through, Mr. Sharratt’s self-control is really impressive, as is his clarity about just what he is dealing with:
I know that Congressman Murtha is a career politician and I honestly did not expect an apology from Mr. Murtha.
What really blew me away was that Murtha actually had the gall to try and make the case to Mr. Sharratt that he is in fact a friend and supporter of our men and women in arms:
[Murtha] sidestepped the issues that I was asking him and what he did was just to continue to, you know, banter about his visiting the injured marines and soldiers and that he supports our troops…
Incredible. Having callously turned aside 52 opportunities to apologize to and at least try to explain himself, Murtha finally deigns to return the call only so he can attempt some idiotic ham-handed damage control. I visit wounded soldiers and by the way I was a Marine. How about you? Yes! As McQ points out in the interview, Murtha actually asked Mr. Sharratt if he’d served. Lunatic!

I’m entirely disgusted.
Written By: Linda Morgan
URL: http://
I would have been less than civil with Senator Murtha...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
"Senator Murtha"?
Heaven forbid!
Written By: Greybeard
Ach! Again I have made an error.

Rep. Murtha...

I try to attach titles when I talk about "those people", because they love to DROP them for conservatives.

When was the last time they called Condi "Doctor"? She’s got the PhD... She’s earned it...

I like how in 2004 they often didn’t call Bush "President Bush". It’s astonishing.

So I try and get it right. Often, I mess up, especially where Rep. Murtha is concerned. He’s just so damned offensive, I keep thinking he’s a senator...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
A bunch of "Marines" pull an old man out of his house, shoot him in the head while he’s cringing or cowering or begging for his life or whatever, toss a gun at him after he’s dead (even though he was outnumbered they didn’t even toss him a gun to give him a chance to defend himself), then throw a shovel at him to make it look like he was planting "a roadside bomb," and you apes whine about how hard it is over there for your "Marines."

The fact that "Marines" would be so cowardly and sissified as to kill an old man and then try to make it look like self-defense should be enough for you to realize that these "Marines" aren’t really men, they’re half-assed pansies. And everyone who supports them are merely encouraging more half-assed pansy behavior. That means you. No wonder people want to kill us.

These guys murdered an old man, period. Snap the f—k out of it and be men for once. Murtha’s more man than any of you or any of the "Marines" involved.
Written By: fieldskoorpf
URL: http://
These guys murdered an old man, period. Snap the f—k out of it and be men for once. Murtha’s more man than any of you or any of the "Marines" involved.
If you’re going to come in here and rant like a demented toad, at least be talking about the proper incident. This one doesn’t involve and old man and an AK47.

And ABSCAM Murtha’s a blowhard piece of crap who hasn’t the integrity of a single one of the Haditha Marines.
Written By: McQ
I am just waiting for Rep. Murtha to apologize to the marines for judge jury and executioner.
Written By: Fred Hildebrand
URL: http://

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