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Why Kos is better off staying with activism
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Because as an analyist, eh, not so hot. From PBS's "Charlie Rose" show:
ROSE: You're here on the same day that Karl Rove resigns. Tell me what your impression of Karl Rove is as a political tactician, as a policymaker, as a political philosopher.

MOULITSAS: As a policymaker, there really isn't very much good I can possibly say about Karl Rove I think his legacy going to be Iraq, it's going to be Katrina, it's going to be crumbling infrastructure, bridges collapsing in Minneapolis. So from a policy standpoint, from a direction he's pushed George Bush and this Republican administration really has been an abject disaster for this country. As a tactician, it's mixed reviews. He did win the White House for bush in 2002 and 2004. He did....
Rose reminds him it was actually 2000, not 2002.

I'll give him Iraq, but the "policies" Rove pushed led to "Katrina" and the "crumbling infrastructure" like "bridges collapsing in Minneapolis?"

Good grief.

And you wondered who would finally politicize that.

Kos should certainly stick with trying to get Democrats elected, because he doesn't do himself any favors when he gets into areas of which he seems rather ignorant, so much so that even Rose can't stomach it:
ROSE: I want to talk more about you but crumbling infrastructure could be held... A lot of people you could hold responsible for that, probably not Karl Rove.

MOULITSAS: Well, he's somebody who was a chief driver of George Bush's tax cuts. And if you don't invest in this country, of course you're going to have crumbling infrastructure. You don't have money to pay for the nation's priorities, you're going to have massive deficits, massive debt and bridges collapses in places like Minneapolis.

ROSE: So the bridge would have failed if we had not been engaged in the war and didn't have the massive deficit? They would have rebuilt it and done these other things?

MOULITSAS: You invest the money in our nation's infrastructure, then you'll have a situation where these sort of incidents are going to happen less. Look at Katrina, the levies were supposed to be funded at a certain level and the Bush administration didn't fund the army corps of engineers to the level they had had requested to fix the levees and make sure they could withstand a Katrina hurricane.

ROSE: Are you convinced for sake of this conversation that the Clinton administration would have done that?

MOULITSAS: Absolutely.
Of course the levees were no more able to withstand a "Katrina" sized hurricane during the Clinton administration than they were during the Bush administration, and the Clinton administration had eight years to address that problems and didn't. In fact, it was acknowledged to be a problem of some 40 years standing.

The "crumbling infrastructure" didn't begin when George Bush took office nor is it an exclusively federal problem. It is primarily a problem for the states to address. But the pseudo logic is hilarious. Tax cuts, massive deficits, no investment in infrastructure and bridge collapses.

As Ed Morrisey has outlined in his series on the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, money, or lack there of, wasn't any part of the problem in that case.
It turns out that the Bush administration and Congress increased federal highway aid to Minnesota by 46% in 2005, for the four-year period through 2009
It is up to the states to prioritize that funding ... not Karl Rove.

An amazing example of both ignorance and spin. However I'd guess there are any number of Kossaks shaking their heads yes in agreement that the man responsible for that bridge collapse in Minneapolis is Karl Rove.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Amazing. Governors, State legislatures, City councils, mayors and various other local/state figures get off scott free for the bridge collapse?

But it is entirely Bush’s fault.

Some of these losers are better off dead than continuing to live with their brain damage. History began when Bush took office, nothing bad ever happened before that. Clinton era was the era of happiness and flowers!

BTW Kos, its laughable for you to dare sit there and try to pan Karl Rove. This is the guy whom you were so scared of for 6 years, who you blamed for every minor thing, put at the center of a jillion bogus black-helicopter paranoia scenarios, painted as a manaical evil genius and basically kicked your ass on the electoral map until the GOP proved they deserved to lose badly. And NOW you try to pass him off as no big deal? LOL pal, guess you feel it’s safe to pipe up now that he’s leaving. I hope he comes back soon so you cretins can go back to cowering in your holes at the mention of his name again.

PS- STILL not indicted!
Written By: Shark
URL: http://
Amazing. Governors, State legislatures, City councils, mayors and various other local/state figures get off scott free for the bridge collapse?

But it is entirely Bush’s fault.
In this case Kos is not even blaming Bush himself, but his political director, who was not even in a policy-making role in the administration.
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
Which....makes almost anything he has to say suspect. Why would his analysis be any better on any other subject, I mean, he’s lived, breathed and eaten in the BDS universe for these many years, and is still this clueless about how it all goes together.
I didn’t think it was possible for me to be less impressed with him than I already was.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Why should he let facts get in the way of his political statements...

His own side isn’t going to call him on it, it plays right into the "Republicans are mean/evil and the source of most of the worlds problems" meme.

And he gets to ignore critics and play the victim when called out on erroneous facts, also supporting the "Republicans are mean" meme...

It’s the ends they care about, not the means. Well, the only thing they care about in terms of means is that it isn’t Republicans doing it...
Written By: Keith_Indy
Reality based, uh huh!

Let’s see what sort of cerebral diarrhea Erb throw in in this.

Ayn Rand called them "concrete bound" (the inability to develop mental concepts, that which separates humans from lower animals), but I call them "cementheads".
Written By: Sharpshooter
URL: http://
Rand had a better turn of phrase :)
Written By: shark
URL: http://
You guys just don’t get it. Kos is responding with the Narrative, not the facts. Don’t understand that?

Neo-neocon explains the Liberal Narrative:
”Narratives” help people make sense of and order facts and put them in perspective and context. They give those facts meaning...”

Written By: &amp
URL: http://
Kos should certainly stick with trying to get Democrats elected

Just ask Senator Lamont.

Oh, wait ...
Written By: Achillea
URL: http://
That was my thought. Not only is Kos totally off his rocker on the facts here (along with everything else mentioned so far, is he really saying that George Bush hasn’t spent enough money?), but I’d question McQ’s assertion that Kos is better at getting Democrats elected.
Written By: Joe R.
URL: http://
...but I’d question McQ’s assertion that Kos is better at getting Democrats elected.
Just to be clear, I never said he was better at it, I just said he ought to stick to trying to get them elected and leave the political analysis to others.
Written By: McQ

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