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New Orleans demonstrates the effect of the "Mendicant’s mentality"
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two years after hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans the city recovery remains "illusive". The primary complaint? Well, no one is doing it for New Orleans. They, it seems, expect that.

As their "recovery czar" says, the have a "mendicant's mentality". Not all of them, of course. Some understood immediately whose responsibility it was to take action and rebuild if they wanted to resume their lives. But unfortunately they are in the minority.
Meanwhile, most New Orleanians continue to suffer the hard lessons of what the city's recovery czar has dubbed a "mendicant's mentality" that played the victim long before Katrina hit. While a small number immediately went to work to rebuild—notably those in New Orleans East's all but submerged "Little Saigon" neighborhood, where 90 percent of its predominantly Vietnamese immigrants have returned and rebuilt—many more waited for help and money that is only now beginning to flow.
Why is it that "Little Saigon" is rebuilt but the rest of NO remains mostly devastated? A difference in culture. The Vietnamese immigrants are not long removed from a culture in which you didn't play victim nor wait on others to pick up the ball and the tab for what happened to you. Instead you picked yourself up, brushed yourself off, banded together with your neighbors and rebuilt and got on with your life.

That's how American's used to do it too, before this culture of "the victimTM" began to take root. That culture demands others recognize their victimhood and, dropping everything, return the victim's lives to normalcy. The role of the victim? To complain when it isn't done quickly enough or to their satisfaction. The role of the rest of us? To feel guilty and pour more money and resources into satisfying their complaints. It is everyone else's fault that NO isn't rebuilt.

Except in "Little Saigon" where life, it seems, is almost back to normal.
After two years of waiting, perhaps Nagin and other residents of the Big Easy will realize that to recover and rebuild their beloved New Orleans, they will ultimately need to pull themselves together and do the job themselves.
Why do the lessons of self-sufficiency and fortitude which helped build this nation seem to be increasingly lost while the cult of victimhood is both cultivated and encouraged? New Orleans has managed to teach us a number of lessons if we'll heed them. First, government can't and won't save you from disaster. Secondly, it isn't anyone else's job to rebuild your life but you. Lastly, playing the victim gets you the majority of NO today. Being self-sufficient gets you "Little Saigon" today. Where would you rather be today if you were in New Orleans?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Playing the victim led directly into NO residents being victims during and after Katrina (aided and abetted by government in the form of C. Babble-o Blanco and Willy Wonka Nagin.

If they couldn’t even get their acts together enough to save their bacon during the peak of the disaster, why would anyone think they were going to pull it together when order actually returned?

Easier to blame it on FEMA and GWB.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Victimhood and handouts go hand-in-hand. Calling someone a victim allows a placebo effect to get rid of any shame of taking a handout. According to liberals and democrats, just about everyone is a victim of one kind or another. Hence you can usher in more government handouts and get the socialist utopia they are looking to have one slice at a time.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Not to minimize just how much work without resources that entails, mind you.
Written By: Synova
While I agree that many (maybe most) of New Orleans residents are medicants (heavily medicated), I think you meant mendicants. Truth can be found even in typos.
Written By: Paden Cash
URL: http://
Although the self sufficiency of the Vietnamese community is commendable, I would choose to be anywhere within the precincts of NO considering that it is doomed to sink beneath the waves sometime in the future. They should have taken the hint and moved. And if they stubbornly refused, federal assistance should have been predicated on the re-siting of that town.
Written By: Metzger
URL: http://
While I agree that many (maybe most) of New Orleans residents are medicants (heavily medicated), I think you meant mendicants. Truth can be found even in typos.
Heh ... you’re right ... thanks for the head’s up. Edited.
Written By: McQ
Looker: "Playing the victim led directly into NO residents being victims during and after Katrina (aided and abetted by government in the form of C. Babble-o Blanco and Willy Wonka Nagin."

I have news for you...NO has been playing the victim for GENERATIONS. Willy Wonka and Blank Stare Blano are the RESULTS of several generations of CRIS (Cerebral Rectal Inversion Syndrome).

Imagine how different the LOCAL reaction(s) would have been had then been steeped in self-sufficiency rather than in hand-out mentality.

Written By: Sharpshooter
URL: http://
And those Vietnamese chumps that rebuild the city will be taxed to pay for the "mendicants" continued lifestyle.

Two cultures: one of self-sufficiency, responsibility and PRODUCTIVITY (western culture), another of laziness, irresponsibility, "victimhood", parasitism (ghetto culture)...

The RACE perspective explains virtually nothing; the CULTURAL perspective explains EVERYTHING.

Which of these folks were more "Westernized"?

(Note, too, the racial overlap in "culture")
Written By: Sharpshooter
URL: http://

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