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Kiss off white boys
Posted by: McQ on Monday, September 17, 2007

Interesting blurb over at Salon by Thomas Schaller. He's of the opinion that "white male voters" are no longer a priority to Democrats. He then describes them (us) as "down-home, blue-collar, white male voter", "NASCAR dad" and "Bubba".

Oh, he means the Southern white male.

I'm talking about the white male voter, or at least a certain long-coveted variety thereof. He is variously known as "NASCAR dad" — that shirt-sleeved, straight-talkin', these-colors-don't-run fella who votes his cultural values above all else — or "Bubba," as Steve Jarding and Dave "Mudcat" Saunders affectionately call him in their book, "Foxes in the Henhouse." Start looking on milk cartons for Bubba because he has vanished, and not a moment too soon: The Democratic obsession with the down-home, blue-collar, white male voter, that heartbreaker who crossed the aisle to the Republicans many decades ago, may finally be coming to a merciful end.

The simplest explanation for Bubba's absence to date is that none of the 2008 Democratic presidential contenders provides an obvious home for his vote. Despite accusations that Hillary Clinton is prone to dropping her "g's" when talking to rural or Southern audiences, it's difficult to imagine the former first lady making overt appeals to a group that regards her with something verging on rabid disgust. Barack Obama? The former Chicago street activist is not easily mistaken for a good ole boy. Ditto for Christopher Dodd, Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson.
Ah, got it.

What a load of stereotypes (was this guy with the Dean campaign formerly?). I sure hope he hooks on with one of the Dem presidential campaigns. He could be (cough, cough) invaluable.

Stanley Kurtz has a slightly different take on the declaration, more of a "why they're ready to write off Bubba":
First the Democrats alienated many white men by supporting discriminatory preferential treatment policies. When these men refused to accept this discrimination, many of them left the Democratic Party. This, in turn, enraged many Democrats, who began to think "invidiously" about white men. So it would appear that racial discrimination in law and policy breeds racial discrimination in culture. If the Democrats lose a large chunk of the "NASCAR Dad" vote in the upcoming elections, it might have something to do with the fact that the Dems richly deserve to lose it.
All of which really has little to do with just "Bubba" or "NASCAR dad". It has to do with a party that has become a collection of special interest groups of various liberal stripes all of whom have made every attempt possible to ensure "white males" are the least favored of all their constituencies (except for those metrosexual types, such as Kerry and Edwards, who they can still tolerate until a suitable replacement can be found and elected).

Apparently the strategy worked.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I should read the piece(s) first, but unions provide enough WM votes to take the Donks over the edge. I know union guys who would as soon run over a peacenik as join the parade and who resent the heck out of racial preferences. But they will be supporting the Dem candidate and that’s all the discussion there’s going to be on the subject.
Written By: spongeworthy
URL: http://
It explains why Dems are so fond of "open border" policies and express lines to citizenship for illegals. Got to build a voter base somehow.
Written By: the wolf
URL: http://
Is this the same guy who wrote last year ""Whistling Past Dixie "? I think it is. If so, what we have here is an attempt at self fulfilling prophecy. And the subtitle of the book in question is "How democrats can win without the south ".

Written By: Bithead
and, by the way, and less than point go unnoticed, the Democratic Party split I spoke of in another thread, is manifest here.
Written By: Bithead
isnt the south comprised of some of the poorest parts of the country?
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
I think the Dems have missed the point that the South is growing by leaps and bounds, precisely because Northerners are tired of the high taxes, corrupt governments, and lawlessness inherent in their States. There are some great areas in the North, but people are preferring to visit, not live, there.

During the next census, NC is expected to get one to two more House seats, and NJ should lose 2. And, while this all increase the number of Liberal voters, many of them learn the down home ways of the South, and vote GOP for federal positions. If the Democrat Party wants to ignore the South, where they keep losing anyhow, so be it.

And, josh, we may have some of the poorest parts, however, poor is better then violent. But do not forget about the massive poverty embeded in so many northern areas, or that the most violent places in the country tend to be in bastions of liberalism, such as Camden, Detroit, Newark, and LA, not to mention Southern liberal areas, such as Miami and New Orleans.
Written By: William Teach

I got the impression hat Josh’s point was that the Democrats are supposed to champions of the poor.

Written By: Bithead
The link no longer works, but here is an excerpt from a post-election analysis by the Los Angeles Times on 12/15/2004:
WASHINGTON — The generation-long political retreat of Democrats across the South is disintegrating into a rout.

President Bush dominated the South so completely in last month’s presidential election that he carried nearly 85% of all the counties across the region — and more than 90% of counties where whites are a majority of the population, according to a Times analysis of election results and census data.

The Times’ analysis, which provides the most detailed picture yet of the vote in Southern communities, shows that Bush’s victory was even more comprehensive than his sweep of the region’s 13 states would suggest.

His overwhelming performance left Sen. John F. Kerry clinging to a few scattered islands of support in a region that until the 1960s provided the foundation of the Democratic coalition in presidential politics. Kerry won fewer Southern counties than any Democratic nominee since the Depression except Walter F. Mondale in 1984 and George S. McGovern in 1972, according to data assembled by The Times and Polidata, a firm that specializes in political statistics.

In Southern counties without a substantial number of African American or Latino voters, Bush virtually obliterated Kerry. Across the 11 states of the old Confederacy, plus Kentucky and Oklahoma, whites constitute a majority of the population in 1,154 counties. Kerry won 90 of them.

By contrast, Bill Clinton won 510 white-majority counties in the South eight years ago.

"We are out of business in the South," said J.W. Brannen, the Democratic Party chairman in Russell County, Ala.
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
The link no longer works ...
Yeah it does, I just checked it ... but it now goes to a much longer work about the subject (the previous one was about 4 or 5 paragraphs long).
Written By: McQ
I’ll check it out. This is another intersting analysis by Brownstein:
WASHINGTON - The center of the Republican presidential coalition is moving toward the distant edges of suburbia.

In this month’s election, President Bush carried 97 of the nation’s 100 fastest-growing counties, most of them "exurban" communities that are rapidly transforming farmland into subdivisions and shopping malls on the periphery of major metropolitan areas.

Together, these fast-growing communities provided Bush a punishing 1.72 million vote advantage over Democrat John Kerry, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis of election results. That was almost half the president’s total margin of victory.
The enormous gains in just eight years underscore the potential value of these communities to the GOP. Almost all demographers believe these "edge"counties will continue to grow rapidly, which means they will pose a growing threat to Democrats if the party cannot improve its standing there.
Analysts in both parties also don’t rule out the possibility that the Democratic hold on the inner suburbs is solidifying because many conservative whites that used to live there have left for the fast-growing outer suburbs...

The problem for Democrats is that in almost all metropolitan areas the distant Republican strongholds are growing much faster than either the cities or the inner suburbs.
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
The left is nothing but a white hating racist movement, and this article seethes with open racist hatred (white boy, bubba, etc.). But the gist of it is correct - whites are declining under open borders policies expressly designed to bring that result about. It’s bio-political warfare. For decades conservatives and libertarians alike have supported the leftist program of open borders out of fear of being called racist, now the social/political chickens are coming home to roost. Every bus load makes it that less likely that any conservative or libertarian policy will be adopted. There’s no pretense here, so beloved of the modern conservative Step’n’Fetchit, that there’s no difference between ethnic groups when it comes to social and political beliefs, no "just like the Irish", this is the left openly gloating over the demise of their hated enemies and the success of what amounts to their policy of colonialism for political power, laying out the truth in stark racial terms.
Written By: JS
URL: http://
I got the impression hat Josh’s point was that the Democrats are supposed to champions of the poor.
exactly, i find it funny they would write off so many of their constituency. I agree with McQ, they arent writing off "bubbah" they are writing off white males.
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
If my comment came off as insulting to you, josh, I appologize. Was not meant to be.
Written By: William Teach
Unions, except for government employees, aren’t growing at all. The other dirty little secret is that many of their members, my wife included, are content to pay their dues, shut their mouths, and vote Republican.

Why not quit? Closed shop.

OK, how about those Beck rights? Well, lets just note that the previous union president and another officer were indicted on fraud charges. She’s certain those were the last two corrupt individuals in the union and there won’t be any reprisals, so sure we’ll fight this out for a few bucks a week. Sorry about those lost insurance payments Mrs. D. Kid’s scholarship application? That was lost in the mail. You want to retire? How amny years did you say you worked here?

Written By: MarkD
URL: http://

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