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The difference between reality and rhetoric
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The difference between governing and petulant, partisan political complaining:
Two months after insisting that they would roll back broad eavesdropping powers won by the Bush administration, Democrats in Congress appear ready to make concessions that could extend some crucial powers given to the National Security Agency.

Administration officials say they are confident they will win approval of the broadened authority that they secured temporarily in August as Congress rushed toward recess. Some Democratic officials concede that they may not come up with enough votes to stop approval.

As the debate over the eavesdropping powers of the National Security Agency begins anew this week, the emerging measures reflect the reality confronting the Democrats.

Although willing to oppose the White House on the Iraq war, they remain nervous that they will be called soft on terrorism if they insist on strict curbs on gathering intelligence.

A Democratic bill to be proposed on Tuesday in the House would maintain for several years the type of broad, blanket authority for N.S.A. eavesdropping that the administration secured in August for six months.
Never, ever believe a politician when he or she says that their opposition to something is "principled". The only principle any politician operates under is doing that which maintains their power. This is twice the Democrats will go back on their word to revise the "overbroad powers" of the NSA because of the supposed threat to civil liberties they pose.

Either the threat doesn't really exist or they don't really care that much if opposing this bill would end up threatening their political power. I'll let you decide which is the case.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Well, practically speaking, it will be nice for ’their’ administration to have those powers come January 2009 won’t it?

Of course if they lose, well, than these ’unconstitutional powers and abuses by the current corrupt administration’ will be reviewed depending on the power available to them at that time in the legislature.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Montesquieu foresaw our future when he positied the troglodytes as a fictional example of what goes wrong with democracies (what he called Republican government). Namely, after freeing themselves from a despot, they had a short bit of unsustainable anarchy and then established self-rule based on virtue. Over time, people got selfish, lazy, and greedy. Ultimately they handed their power back to a king and the cycle was complete. He was looking at the Roman Empire and its slide to militarism and despotism after its period of dominance. While Republican governments work when virtue defines them, despotism (and Republican slides towards despotism) are driven by fear. Right now fear and greed mean we yield more power to government, demand more government control (in everything from health care to seat belt laws), and, weaken ourselves. Both parties use fear to rationalize militarism and expanded government power. Both don’t really mind that power, despite their rhetoric. And as long as the people aren’t inconvenienced (America clearly is not at war as a nation, even if the military is fighting — we’re shopping and having a grand time), they’ll shrug and ignore it.

Written By: Scott Erb
Both parties use fear to rationalize militarism

Yeah might want to check a definition of that and then examine nations that are ACTUALLY militaristic Dr. Erb.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Tsk tsk....the NYTimes and MoveOn must be awful glum over this
Written By: shark
URL: http://

Is that little sophomoric recitation something to do with NSA being able to listen in on al Qaeda telecons for the purpose of stopping terror attacks in the planning stage?

That is one of the few things that government is supposed to do.

And the theory behind such wiretaps is most tersely put: "The Constitution is not a suicide pact."

But you do look good in your "pragmatic libertarian" clown outfit, Boris. You’ll get the candy this Halloween.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Once again, you manage to criticize democrats for not overturning a bill PUSHED BY THE WHITE HOUSE while utterly failing to criticize THE WHITE HOUSE PUSHING THE BILL.

Not only is it impossible to tell that you (supposedly) don’t like warrantless wiretaps, it’s infinitely clear that you like bashing democrats a lot more than you care about protecting american liberties.

As far as defending american liberties, this kind of contribution is one hundred percent worthless.
Written By: glasnost
URL: http://

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