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Ron Paul and Stormfront
Posted by: Dale Franks on Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well, I guess this is one of those cases where we are going to display one of our breaks in unity.

I've looked at Bruce's post on Ron Paul and the Stormfront whackjobs. I've watched the video. I've read through the comments. I honestly don't see what the purpose was of showcasing that particular video, or what, if any conclusions I'm supposed to draw about Ron Paul based on it.

Granted, Ron Paul does seem to attract some interesting supporters. And it might be interesting to look into why that might be. Off the top of my head, I suspect it might have more to do with loons transferring their odd ideas onto Mr. Paul, than with Mr. Paul's actual positions. That's the kind of things loons do. In any event, it would be fascinating, as an academic matter, to look into that.

But implying that Mr. Paul has some responsibility to track down and repudiate these whack-jobs, is to attempt to put a responsibility on him that he he simply doesn't have.

I certainly wouldn't do it. If I was asked about it, I'm sure I would have something suitably nasty to say about the endorsement, but I wouldn't feel a responsibility to go on a seek and destroy mission on them.

At the end of the day, neither Mr. Paul, nor anyone else, has any responsibility to seek out and repudiate endorsements from whackos. No matter what, whackos are gonna do what whackos do, and unless you are actually courting their endorsement, you have no responsibility for it.
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There you go being the voice of reason again.
Written By: Mithras
URL: http://
Should he have to reject the endorsement. Probably not.

Would other candidates be held to account for the association and have to publicly and loudly reject the endorsement. Yes they would, especially if they were Republicans other than Ron Paul.

I resent the free pass he is given because he’s against the Iraq War and flirts with 9/11 Trutherism.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Let’s face it .. Ron paul has all the attraction of an open primary .. both are a chance to scruw with the other party when you already got things sewn up at home.

Ron has the vote, at least the primary vote, of all the "bomb throwers" out there. For the Democrats, Ron Paul is Ross Perot on steroids, but ..

in their hearts .. they really know he’s .. a nut job.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
MORE than granted, that it’s not his responsibility to deny these whack jobs.

But it does strike me as reasonable to suggest that for him to identify such people as holding views he does not agree with, and rejecting unequivocally their endorsement, might be a net positive. At the least, It seems to me, it would be a principled act.

I suppose, it being a net positive depends on how many of his current supporters are Stormfronters, themselves. This sounds like an accusation, but it’s not; I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. That he does not reject the endorsement, is arguably an indication that he doesn’t know the answer to that question, either. If I thought he had a hope in hell of winning, I think I would find that troublesome.

Or, perhaps he doesn’t reject the endorsement is because he doesn’t substantially disagree with them. That, I know I would find troublesome.
Written By: Bithead
RP is definitely a threat to the "established order", so there’s the possibility that whoever made the endorsement was motivated to do so through the actions of another campaign or something similar. It’s also not the first time that unwanted endorsements (or even web links: ) have played a part in a smear campaign.
Written By: lone_wa_cko_dot_com_video_link
in their hearts .. they really know he’s .. a nut job.

Not so much Ron, but his louder supporters . . .

Ron does have lots of good ideas.
RP is definitely a threat to the "established order", . . .
Wishful thinking, perhaps?

I actually agree with Ron Paul on quite a few things, but I don’t see him as a serious presidental candidate. He doesn’t have executive experience, and I don’t see any serious leadership capabilities in the making.

For one thing, he’s just too much of an idealist. Politics is about compromise and achieving the possible, not holding out for the ideal.

Written By: Don
URL: http://
"That he does not reject the endorsement, is arguably an indication that he doesn’t know the answer to that question"

Are you sure he even knows about it? I doubt he is on their mailing list or frequents their web site. I doubt that most people, including Ron Paul, have even heard of Stormfront, much less what they stand for. Heck, a lot of people have never heard of Ron Paul.Issuing some sort of public renunciation would just give this thing more attention than it deserves.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
The amazing thing about Ron Paul is he has taken a die hard war supporter like me, and made me feel like an idiot who has been led around by propaganda. The dude is right on. Now I support him as the only guy with a brain left in Washington. Idealism CREATES realism.
Written By: hiimallen
URL: http://
Are you sure he even knows about it?
WE know about it... it’s all over the web today. If he’s that isolated from current events, that he doesn’t know of something that so directly affects him... particualrly when his campaqign has been sop net-savvy till now... what does this say as to his ability in the role of POTUS?

Written By: Bithead
Ronald Reagan suffered from similar issues. The Klan, or at least prominent members endorsed him. I could Google it, but I remember some grand wizard or something saying his policies were "pure Klan." Definitely not helpful.
Written By: Lance
"WE know about it... it’s all over the web today."

It may be, but I have only seen it here. Of course I don’t get around much, anymore. I think you overestimate how widespread this is, and how many people really care. I know people who never use the web, and I am sure there are a few million more I don’t know.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://

How many of those people that don’t use the web would possibly have been able to be convinced to vote for Ron Paul in any event? See, there’s the point. Whatever else can be said about Ron Paul and his supporters, it needs be said that these are a web savvy group. I will guarantee you that the vast majority of those supporters, now are aware of this endorsement.

Personally, I have always had a rule; when someone who is in just about every other way in direct opposition to everything you stand for, agrees with you, it’s time to seriously reevaluate your position on the issue at hand. I wonder how many Ron Paul supporters, on seen this endorsement, will apply the rule? Enough, I suspect, to make a dent. When you have as few supporters as Ron Paul has, however nutzoid they may be, you can’t afford that kind of loss.

As an aside, I have begun to regard Ron Paul as the Ralph Nader of the 2008 cycle. Of course, now I’ve started to hear that Nader is planning on running again, which crews up the comparison entirely. (Shrug)

Written By: Bithead
"When you have as few supporters as Ron Paul has, however nutzoid they may be, you can’t afford that kind of loss."

When you have as few supporters as he has, it really doesn’t matter if you lose a few. If you are at(to be generous) 20% in the polls, you ain’t gonna win anyway, so it really doesn’t matter if you lose half your support. And, if they are as web savvy as you claim, they will soon learn the fact that Ron Paul and Stormfront are not soulmates.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
When you have as few supporters as he has, it really doesn’t matter if you lose a few
From your POV and mine, that’s perhaps true.But think of voters like you would money... when you’re down to your last buck, those 100 cents get counted very closely indeed.

And if they were to learn Stormfront and Ron Paul are not soulmates, should we not expect them to say something to that effect at some point?

(Shrug)I dunno, but I have to say that it makes no sense that they would not, unless they consider the cost of rejecting the endorsement to be higher than simply saying nothing.

Written By: Bithead

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