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Where’s Fred?
Posted by: McQ on Monday, October 15, 2007

That's what New Hampshire voters are asking:
Mitt Romney was in Michigan, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada and then went back to Michigan. Rudy Giuliani visited Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, Alabama, Washington and New Hampshire. John McCain went from Michigan to Iowa to New Hampshire.

But where was Fred, as in Fred Thompson?

Besides participating in his first presidential debate in Michigan last Tuesday, Thompson was missing from the campaign trail. The former Tennessee senator and star of NBC's "Law & Order" was scheduled to be in New Hampshire this weekend, but canceled.

New Hampshire voters noticed.

"He's a late entry. That will probably hurt him," said Geri Gormley, of Bow, who visited with McCain but remains uncommitted. "We're grass roots. Candidates come up and pick our brains, one on one. We had (Barack) Obama's staff come to our door today. That's good strategy."

Thompson was supposed to visit a fundraising breakfast for Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta on Friday. But on Thursday afternoon, Guinta's campaign e-mailed guests to let them know it wasn't happening. The note cited "scheduling conflicts for the senator."
You know, I think the "late entry" excuse is beginning to wear a little thin. It is one thing to be a late entry, but it is another not to be prepared for the race you've decided to enter, whether late or early.

This isn't aimed specifically at Fred Thompson, but at his whole campaign. Things like this, when they end up in the media, don't help the candidate. They reinforce the negative conventional wisdom which continues to grow around Thompson's candidacy.

When you enter a race late, you better enter hitting on all cylinders and moving at top speed. Because you're faced with candidates who are already there and to whom you are going to be compared. And you don't blow off constituents in early primary states if you can avoid it.

I have to admit that while I like a lot of what Fred Thompson has said, I am anything but impressed by his campaign or the start it has had. Fred and staff need to realize that the electorate, especially in a primary, isn't going to conform to the way Thompson would prefer to do business. It is up to Thompson to meet their expectations. And so far, that's not happening.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

This isn’t aimed specifically at Fred Thompson, but at his whole campaign. Things like this, when they end up in the media, don’t help the candidate. They reinforce the negative conventional wisdom which continues to grow around Thompson’s candidacy.
Then again, The CW hasn’t been proven all that wise, of late.
Negative CW about anyone not a liberal, particularly. I suspect here’s enough anger at the press and the left, left, to at least partially overcome what negatives the CW the press coughs up. And the press enters into this because they’re the ones invoking CW about Fred, as we saw on Fox News Sunday, over the weekend.

I doubt, in fairness, it will be much greater than ’partially’ overcome, however. SOME movement on this will have to occur before the end of the year, I should think.

Written By: Bithead
I agree with the point of your post, but I was left marvelling at this line:

Candidates come up and pick our brains, one on one.

It must be nice to have that much access and influence simply by virtue of living in a tiny, otherwise insignificant, Northeastern state.
Written By: Aldo
URL: http://
Where’s Fred?
It’s just confirming that the fabled Fred Thompson is indeed merely a myth.

Once every 28 years, a magical creature comes along and hides Federalism eggs in the garden. And on a cool November morning, conservatives and libertarians scramble eagerly looking for them.
Written By: PogueMahone
URL: http://
New Hampshire: Don’t take it for granite.
Written By: kevin r
URL: http://
I’m with Aldo. I’m tired of New Hampshire and Iowa running the country.
Written By: Phelps

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