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Glenn Beck’s tasteless commentary
Posted by: McQ on Monday, October 22, 2007

Wow. Mark this down. One of the few times I agree with Media Matters.

At best this is tasteless. Speaking of the California wildfires, Glenn Beck said:
I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today.
This after a monologue in which he said:
We come back to the center of the melting pot, that we're all one America, that just because I disagree with you doesn't mean you hate America, and I love America. We all love America. We just disagree on how we should function ...
Funny isn't it, after saying all that, he blew it completely away with his next comments.

You know its one thing to say generally that some people are anti-American. That's most likely true. And I even think it is okay to speculate some may populate the glitteratti of Hollywood. That's probably true as well. But geez, "a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today?"


That's just tasteless.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Of course, Glenn actually torched the houses himself to watch them burn down for his amusement.
Written By: dicentra
Yow indeed. Not only tasteless, but particularly stupid given that relatively conservative, solidly pro-American San Diego appears to be among the hardest hit areas.
Written By: Xrlq
I await independent confirmation that the quote is not lacking proper context.

Slightly related: I remember the last time the fires in Cali got out of control it was a few months after the left blasted Schwarzenegger and/or Bush for wanting to cut down trees (kill the environment) under the excuse of preventing wildfires. They want to destroy the forest to save it, they’re so evil!!!1111!!1
Written By: abw
One thing I am pretty tired of is how So Cal residents brag on and on about what a great place to live, and how great the climate is in So Cal. Well no, its not exactly a great climate, its a desert. If you didn’t drain the water resources of the entire west you could not have that big population. Besides, I have to put up with an occasional hurricane, but I don’t have to dodge, earthquakes, wildfires, and mudslides.
Written By: kyleN
I await independent confirmation that the quote is not lacking proper context.
You don’t have to wait. I provided a link that has both the transcript and the audio.
Written By: McQ
I don’t want to speak for ABW, but my thoughts were similar. How many times are we supposed to be outraged or embarassed only to find the offending comment was entirely removed from context? I guess I got so bored with these gotchas that this time I never really looked to see what the context was, even though I know it’s right in the post.

Written By: spongeworthy
URL: http://
Uh, yeah.

That’s why I read the transcript and listened to the audio before I posted this. I suggest you do the same if you have a question about context.

And btw, I don’t consider this a ’gotchya’. I consider it what I said it is - tasteless commentary. And I felt compelled to point it out and comment on it.
Written By: McQ
Oh dear.

My point is that MM has been dishonest about this in the past, removing quotes from context and basically redefining dishonesty in this campaign they’re undertaking. I am well aware that Beck did indeed cross the line here, but since I have good reason not to trust MM, I am going to stubbornly dismiss their accusation and pretend to believe they’ve just done the same damned thing.

It’s like a Cry Wolf thing mixed in with being willingly obtuse. After all, am I supposed to run over to MM every single time they cry Outrage? How am I to know that this time they have the goods? Is my time worth nothing?

Like that. Credibility has to count for something, right?
Written By: spongeworthy
URL: http://
That should read "willfully obtuse" and the gotcha I was referring to was MM’s, not your posting on it.
Written By: spongeworthy
URL: http://
My apologies but I hope you understand why I didn’t click on a link to MediaMatters.

Anyway, on my outrage meter this ranks about a 2 and my interest in anything Glenn Beck says is about a 1, so overall, meh. He’s wrong literally and figuratively but mostly it’s just a lame comment. If he had said "Fortunately" instead of "Unfortunately" maybe it’d bump my outrage a bit.
Written By: abw
I’d not heard that portion of his commentary. If it is indeed what it appears to be, then it is most assuredly not a kind or tasteful thing to say. The catastrophic loss of a lifetime’s worth of memories in a calamitous conflagration is not something I would even wish on the likes of (SHUDDER) Jane Fonda.

In Beck’s defense (and expanding on abw’s comment above), I did hear him lament the stupidity of idealistic and myopic ’environmentalists’ and their resistance to a sensible program of controlled burns to prevent just this sort of catastrophe. Having stupid ideas about America is every American’s right, and none deserve disaster for this. Insisting on the enforcement of stupid ideas about the environment and so bringing ruin on yourself and many innocent others, IMHO does entitle you to a measure of shadenfreude.

Still, not a cool thing to say.
Written By: Noocyte
URL: http://

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