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Posted by: Jon Henke on Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ezra Klein* writes something with which I agree...
It's part of the problem with our modern political discourse that it's somehow become anti-corporate, or anti-capitalist, to say that we should not force corporations to become mini-welfare states and regulatory agencies unto themselves. They should not be responsible for the financing and provision of health care...
However, I wish Democrats believed that before they...

  • ...advocated laws forcing companies with more than 50 employees to offer health insurance to all employees.
  • ...opposed legislation giving individuals a tax break for buying their own health insurance.

I could go on. Our health care system is a pastiche of bad ideas, onerous regulations and legalized cartels, and many of those have been imposed on businesses by Democratic busybodies who apparently weren't considering the unintended consequences which Ezra now wants to do away with. Unfortunately, he wants to replace those problems with...a new government structure. Perhaps it will be better in some ways, but I don't see much reason to believe we won't be having this same conversation 20 years hence.

* I don't mean to pick on Ezra, who I like. But I find him consistently interesting, and our areas of disagreement stimulating.
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Yes, that is exactly what we need a government run health care system. Since, we all know that the Federal government is just so great at managing every other bureau of this or that. You are talking about the same government that overbloats the Social Security Agency with about $120 billion more than the D.O.D. so they can practice Suz Tzu style raiding of its trust funds to keep their pork barrel projects afloat. You are talking about the same government that has given us a $9+ trillion dollar national debt. The same government that keeps corporate taxes at 34% and drives out companies so they can make the Indians and Chinese richer. Yes, oh please, put my health into the hands of these inept boobs. I want to wait 20 years for a heart transplant when I need it in 3 months. I want to jump the border of Mexico, so I can get health care from their system cause it will better than ours. I want to pay 60% of my gross earnings to fund a system that will be taking care of a nation of 300 million people and growing. God, this sounds so smart, I wonder why no one thought of it before? SIGN ME UP!!!
Written By: Keith
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