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Right of self-defense
Posted by: mcq on Thursday, November 08, 2007

It was exercised in Orlando yesterday:
Two holders of concealed-weapons permits surprised armed thugs who approached them in west Orlando this week.

Both men opened fire rather than surrender their wallets. The robbers beat it.

"They left with broken egos. They didn't get nothing from us," Juan Amezaga said Tuesday. "If more people stood up for themselves, a lot of crime could be prevented. And the concealed-weapons permit, that's great."

The men say they exercised their constitutional right to own guns, carried them legally and defended themselves within the state's deadly force law.

"If it's appropriate, people have to defend themselves," said Sgt. Barbara Jones, Orlando police spokeswoman. "It's no different from us using a gun. It has to be justified, and we will, of course, investigate what happened."
Key phrase: "armed thugs". When you attempt armed robbery, retaliation by like means in the name of self-defense is warranted. And apparently now those armed thugs have something else to worry about as they think about approaching their next victims. I remember a story in the late '80s in which Orlando was undergoing a outbreak of rapes. Police made it easier for women to get concealed carry permits and also used the media to make visible women shooting their pistols at ranges. Rapes dropped dramatically. It may be cliche, but it sure seems true: "An armed society is a polite society", even if the politeness is forced by the 2nd Amendment.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

And why did these so-called "armed thugs" approach these gentlement? I’d say it was because of pervasive racism and the consequent lack of economic opportunities for those residing in America. That and the lack of affordable health care. Rather than celebrating this horrid event we sould mourn and hope to create a more socially just America..
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
"They left with broken egos."

That’s all? Someone needs to spend more time at the range.

" And why did these so-called "armed thugs" approach these gentlement?"

Written By: timactual
URL: http://
"And why did these so-called "armed thugs" approach these gentlement?"
Quite possibly...much akin to the "Perjury Trap" this might have been the "Armed Robbery Trap". The supposed victim is wandering aimlessly down the street waving a Tequila bottle whilst flashing 100 dollar bills...No one is going to pass up that "chance’ and then voy-lah a chance to pot some People of Colour for fun and profit, to support the Police-Industrial Complex, to scare voters into giving up more of their Civil Liberties, to justify a greater police "presence"-all as the run-up to Shrub McHaliburton’s Declaration of Emergency-allowing he and his Rich 1% Friends to plunder the Nation!

SHEEPLE LOOK UP! This is a part of the PLAN!
Written By: Joe
URL: http://

I sincerely hope you are kidding, for your sake. To be honest, I cant tell due to the downright stupidity of some folks.

Written By: retired military
URL: http://
Of course you have only the word of the ’thugs’ intended victims that it was in fact an attempted mugging.......

Here’s another scenario : The two pistol-packing dudes were actually on a job to whack the ’muggers’, and at the critical moment they realised they had been seen, and that the police were likely to be arriving any moment. The ’muggers’ make themselves scarce....and cue the huff-and-puff about self defence.

"People kill people but monkeys kill people too.....if they have guns" - Eddie Izzard
Written By: Blewyn
URL: http://
So if some armed thug(color of skin who cares) shoots you while taking your purse, will your last thoughts be...Well they must have been less fortunate...they needed my the fact that they took my life as well...that’s ok. Sheeple indeed. Is that a new term for extreme liberal.

I really hope you can last that 5 to 10 minutes beating, shooting or stabbing until the cops get there. I also hope the white chalk outline they draw and the 50/50 chance that they catch your attacker, make you feel all warm and fuzzy at night. We do need to teach all of our children how to handle money, so it doesn’t handle them. More time teaching people how to make money work for them. Less time teaching them how to get dead end jobs. That would help close the divide between rich and poor. However
being poor doesn’t give you the right to take another mans life or liberty.

It’s not a race issue.
It’s not an economic issue. It’s about whether or not you think a person has the right to use deadly force to stop rape, robbery, or murder in their own homes or on the street. I think it’s a right that comes with being human. Make laws against it and some of us silly people are still going to stop attackers by all means!
Written By: Dave
URL: http://

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